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So they wouldn't remove their group

But instant death for us

I had a great idea today

It's a covert operation

We get MAGA hats, gift them to minorities, explain through a proxy, to have minorities wear said hat into liberal establishments and cause a fuss

Others record it

Sue said liberal establishments for racism

Helps minorities out of poverty and fucks over those fucking us

Or if it doesn't work, liberals have to use restraint about their Trump hate cause they don't want to be racist

Maybe causing self reflection

White guys have been neutered, not all of us but many

I hear covfefe


Can we get a section for Brazil and Tropical Trump?

Didnt Albert have some music, he made?

Jesus was a righteous jew though

And the talmudic Jews lost 75% of their people to conversion after Christ

Look at this bullshit

Sure...weird flex but ok

83 thousand followers, if a trump group gets that big, zuccced

Someone shared this in the group

Robert Sepher the anthropologist

Khazar hebrews and communism is the topic

Can we use alt accounts to post infowars to pages and get them banned along with the alts?

<iframe width="640" height="360" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border: none;" src=""></iframe>

Mmm Italy will get help
The bad man tries to humanize himself?

Noel ingateiv says all the west must die now days. Same bolshevik little hat as Theodore Kaufman in 1941. Not saying all but the commie ones really have a lot of hate in their minds it seems, that superiority complex or something

Sell ur shit and get a sword

Bob clendentin is a cucky commie

Sorry broseph but that shit ain't gonna work and communists came to America via their failure, so yea, no thanks.

Peep the comments on the video

Some comrades pulling their pubes out.

Wheres the group?

Ghei I got the boot from the main group and the Emperor strikes back too, wtf.

Guess I have no reason to keep a fb if I'm banned

My usual shit. Only unusual thing was something about Jayz being a devil worshiper

I'm pretty pg13 and

I like the group so the spicy boi stuff I avoid

Other than that I dunno whatd it be

And I'm back in

Lol I hit the screenshot for him too

Bolshevik bullshit

Reverse psychology and Austrian freudian vocal inflections to say "I'm smart" listen to me

*Alex yelling at Eddie Bravo*

Remember comey and brennan are open communists and the heads of two organizations to protect America

So how many commie sleepers are in the FBI and CIA now

Left overs from those two assholes

Eh if the globalists have the intelligence communities, along with Hollywood, porn, media, education and trying to grip the internet...the manorial system of the post modern dystopia is gonna ass fxck us. Stupid bolshevik bullshit.

2,449 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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