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2018-05-15 16:04:49 UTC

2018-05-16 21:22:46 UTC

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2018-05-19 12:01:35 UTC

If it acts like an animal it is an animal

2018-05-19 12:01:43 UTC


2018-05-20 17:43:24 UTC

I'm voting Ford for that reason alone. I'm in a lower middle class family and these taxes are draining up dry

2018-05-21 03:17:07 UTC

I thought you were supposed to hide the fact that you wanted a carbon tax, not OPENLY CAMPAIGN FOR IT!!

2018-05-21 03:17:15 UTC

Jesus Christ Canada!!!

2018-05-21 13:56:25 UTC

2018-05-21 13:56:29 UTC


2018-05-21 17:58:15 UTC

When you rig an election epic style

2018-05-21 18:00:35 UTC

Nah lad the Venezuelan people realise that they need REAL socialism

2018-05-22 00:50:39 UTC

@Deleted User Spoke to a friend, Girl, Who lives in Venezuela. She's absolutely dumbfounded that Liberals here want Socialism

2018-05-22 00:51:44 UTC

liberals here don't listen to people that are actually from marxist countries

2018-05-22 00:53:26 UTC

Yeah because it'd shatter their beliefs. They're afraid of realizing that it's really a bad idea because then in turn everything they were taught growing up would be a lie

2018-05-22 00:54:10 UTC

Youy have to live in a constant state of denial to think socialism is a good idea "hurr durr, not real marxism"

2018-05-22 01:02:52 UTC

It’s not real socialism it was the capitalists who sabotaged them!

2018-05-22 07:09:18 UTC

2018-05-24 21:27:27 UTC

Literally bought up by Muslim backers just to shit on the west

2018-05-24 22:58:22 UTC


2018-05-24 22:58:26 UTC

sounds like china

2018-05-24 22:58:59 UTC

well except it isn't really to shit on the western nations but to provide cheap ass goods and get rich as fuck

2018-05-27 06:52:08 UTC

2018-05-27 06:53:29 UTC

2018-05-27 07:01:16 UTC

πŸ’¦ πŸ’¦ πŸ’¦ πŸ’¦ πŸ’¦ πŸ’¦ πŸ’¦ πŸ’¦

2018-05-27 12:13:58 UTC

Proves the point as to why women should not be allowed to vote

2018-05-27 19:30:23 UTC

White men in Vermont and Massechusetts are cucks

2018-05-27 19:32:38 UTC

Well those are fucked areas!

2018-05-27 19:33:05 UTC

Verrmont n massachusetts need to be bombed

2018-06-08 20:41:18 UTC

Only 7 mosques while keeping the rest?

2018-06-08 20:41:21 UTC

2018-06-08 20:52:40 UTC

It's a start

2018-06-08 21:02:14 UTC

Yeah. I quite like Sebastian Kurz

2018-06-08 21:02:20 UTC

Not the ideal, but quite based

2018-06-08 21:10:12 UTC

@Jirka Be better if it was a mass deportation

2018-06-08 21:11:26 UTC

It's a good start compared to cucked government in Germany/Sweden/UK

2018-06-08 21:11:32 UTC

and I like the new government in Italy

2018-06-10 06:03:57 UTC

@Jirka oh yes! The mass deportations! Lookin great

2018-06-10 06:04:01 UTC

Im def going to italy

2018-06-10 11:29:35 UTC

I have great idea
Self sustaining prison system
Prisoners are forced to work depending on their crime. Small thieves can help in kitchen murderers/rapists will work in quarry/coal mine
They won't get paid, but the money they earn from their work will go to prison director who will use it to finance the prison
after they served their sentence they could get like 1000-2000 bucks so they have something to start again

2018-06-10 11:40:35 UTC

<@&444627642285555722> What about bringing this topic up for next week live call-ins? Thoughts? Sorry for tag

2018-06-10 11:46:30 UTC

it could be done without via call in. If Tom was interested in this topic he could pick it up and talk about it and how realistic it is

2018-06-10 16:05:19 UTC

My idea is simple: State owned big prison that has even like a factory/bakery/coffee shop (no alcohol/drugs there)/mini sports stadium fields

2018-06-10 16:06:04 UTC

And prisoners are forced to work there for no pay, but once they leave prison they will get like 1000-2000 bucks profit. Use the money made from prisoners labor to finance the prison and excess money can fund schools for example

2018-06-10 16:06:31 UTC

would be nice if anyone said anything, I don't care if you say that's genius or that's fucking retarded.

2018-06-10 16:56:01 UTC

It's a good plan actually, making prisoners bear the costs of the criminal justice system

2018-06-10 16:56:21 UTC

I think Louisiana has a prisoner maintained golf course

2018-06-10 16:56:58 UTC

My state has prisoner fire departments that respond to calls in town, they also do all the manual labor at the police academies

2018-06-10 17:10:37 UTC

well you can use prisoners to do menial jobs like cleaning streets

2018-06-10 17:10:52 UTC

but if you will keep it in 1 complex which has like factory bakery grocery store

2018-06-10 17:11:01 UTC

so almost not like prison, but still big walls and guards

2018-06-10 17:21:32 UTC

We kinda have that

2018-06-10 17:21:42 UTC

You can get a job in prison here, and buy stuff

2018-06-10 17:21:57 UTC

It's not quite like what you're describing. The pay is like 15 cents an hour

2018-06-10 17:22:24 UTC

Federal prisoners don't get paid, they have to work though

2018-06-10 17:25:12 UTC

My dept's jail has a metalworking shop, tailor, small engine repair, dog shelter and obedience training, welding etc

2018-06-10 17:35:15 UTC

and the things they create with their work who will get the money?

2018-06-10 17:35:19 UTC

Prison? State?

2018-06-10 17:35:47 UTC

my idea would be self-sustaining, that profit from criminal labor would go to funding prison and keeping it working

2018-06-10 17:37:43 UTC


2018-06-10 17:38:06 UTC

Each county elects a sheriff who is responsible for policing, court security, and the jail

2018-06-10 17:38:24 UTC

Jail is before conviction, or if you are sentenced less than a year

2018-06-10 17:38:37 UTC

Over a year, you go to state prison

2018-06-10 17:38:59 UTC

It does offset the cost a good bit

2018-06-10 17:39:11 UTC

Work crews clean the roads etc

2018-06-10 17:39:27 UTC

We have our own farm as well

2018-06-10 17:39:55 UTC

And convicted prisoners get a bill for the cost of investigation and court costs. They never pay it though

2018-06-10 17:40:36 UTC

Big time drug trafficking, we can take your house and car

2018-06-10 17:43:07 UTC

hmmm. So it's state by state in US?

2018-06-10 17:43:35 UTC

County by county

2018-06-10 17:43:47 UTC

Some jails even have TV

2018-06-10 17:44:04 UTC

The prisons belong to State and federal

2018-06-10 17:44:10 UTC

why not have TV in jail

2018-06-10 17:44:12 UTC

if you pay for it

2018-06-10 17:44:18 UTC's jail

2018-06-10 17:44:22 UTC


2018-06-10 17:44:39 UTC

but EZ money if you allow TV for lot of money for example 2000 dollars

2018-06-10 17:44:53 UTC

Family can send you money though

2018-06-10 17:45:03 UTC

It disadvantages the rich and poor

2018-06-10 17:45:14 UTC

And the other prisoners

2018-06-10 17:45:22 UTC

There's fights etc over that shit

2018-06-10 17:45:50 UTC

Fighting over food, a photo of a girl, who goes next for a payphone

2018-06-10 17:46:37 UTC

Of course a lot of prisoners just wanna do their time in peace and go on with their lives, but a minority (haha) wants to make shit hard for everyone else

2018-06-10 17:47:59 UTC

13% of our population is black. 40% of our prisons are black.

2018-06-10 17:53:04 UTC

And the laws vary by state. Some states don't execute. Some have longer prison time than others. In the southeast it can be particularly harsh, death penalty is handed out a lot as well as life in prison

2018-06-10 17:56:26 UTC

2018-06-10 17:58:33 UTC

Illinois Senate passed a bill requiring fag history to be taught in schools

2018-06-10 17:59:07 UTC

The only fags I can think of that have any historic significance are Freddie Mercury and Alan Turing

2018-06-10 21:08:53 UTC

abraham lincoln

2018-06-10 21:08:56 UTC

he was a fag

2018-06-10 21:27:26 UTC

I think that's just fag propaganda to co-opt famous people. Like how blacks say the pharaoh was black

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