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2018-09-30 04:46:48 UTC

2018-09-30 04:46:52 UTC

ok @everyone I’m only doing this again once, so y’all niggas better use this channel.

2018-09-30 04:47:14 UTC

make me

2018-09-30 04:47:21 UTC


2018-09-30 04:47:24 UTC

You fucking bigot

2018-09-30 04:47:24 UTC

just did lmao

2018-09-30 04:47:25 UTC


2018-09-30 04:47:30 UTC


2018-09-30 04:47:34 UTC


2018-09-30 04:47:36 UTC

2018-09-30 04:47:36 UTC

U sum kinda (((nazi)))

2018-09-30 04:47:49 UTC

2018-09-30 04:47:55 UTC

2018-09-30 04:48:15 UTC

2018-09-30 04:48:55 UTC

2018-09-30 04:51:43 UTC
2018-09-30 04:59:44 UTC

I get pinged for a new channel and it wasn't even a thot patrol channel πŸ™„

2018-09-30 05:01:46 UTC

Can be a thot patrol channel

2018-09-30 05:08:49 UTC

Some dad rock to blast over antifa rallies

2018-09-30 05:13:30 UTC

That is indeed the origin of the term

2018-09-30 05:14:08 UTC

Needs some babymetal

2018-09-30 05:15:18 UTC

I listen to them occasionally

2018-09-30 05:15:37 UTC

I could get behind more of that sort of music, strange its just them

2018-09-30 05:16:03 UTC

I have Tidal which is a nog tier ripoff of Spotify, and unfortunately only a few of their tracks are licensed for streaming

2018-09-30 05:16:27 UTC

Where my metal gear bros at

2018-09-30 05:16:56 UTC


2018-09-30 05:20:12 UTC

Thats actually probably the best song to try of theirs

2018-09-30 05:20:57 UTC

Has a long ass intro before the girls even show up. Sometimes I just cant listen to their voices

2018-09-30 05:25:52 UTC

Old internet greats

2018-09-30 06:33:10 UTC

Really need a movie channel

2018-10-01 05:07:41 UTC

fuck is this nazi shit?

2018-10-01 05:11:55 UTC

@Deleted User nigga you are almost completely surrounded by them. Like half this server or better are Nazis

2018-10-01 05:12:09 UTC

fuck em

2018-10-01 05:13:30 UTC

@Deleted User Let me show you my version of Nazism.

2018-10-01 05:14:00 UTC

I'm not a Nazi, but I'm a hardcore nationalist.

2018-10-01 05:14:21 UTC

And the SS marching song Ragnarok shared has NOTHING to do with Nazism. It's about Drinking.

2018-10-01 05:14:33 UTC

Drinking **BEER** to be precise.

2018-10-01 05:14:46 UTC

And Erika is about a beautiful German woman.

2018-10-01 05:16:54 UTC

Marschiert in Feindesland is about beer? I thought it was about fighting communism

2018-10-01 05:19:22 UTC

I did a double check, I was mistaken. You're right.

2018-10-01 05:19:27 UTC

But fighting communism is good.

2018-10-01 05:20:03 UTC

This is a good song.

2018-10-01 05:20:11 UTC

Do you read a lot, Casimir?

2018-10-01 05:20:28 UTC

Used to.

2018-10-01 05:21:11 UTC
2018-10-01 05:21:25 UTC

I have a book you might want

2018-10-01 05:21:38 UTC

Autobiography of an SS man, mostly on the Eastern front

2018-10-01 05:21:52 UTC

Is it going to make me appreciate communism?

2018-10-01 05:22:20 UTC

Not at al

2018-10-01 05:22:29 UTC

Yeah, I'm interested. What's it about?

2018-10-01 05:22:53 UTC

The SS man's real experiences before, during, and after the war

2018-10-01 05:23:39 UTC

Fighting the Russians, why he joined, a bit about life in Germany, how the SS was disgraced by the Allies after the war

2018-10-01 05:24:31 UTC

How were the SS disgraced by the Allies?

2018-10-01 05:24:51 UTC

Because they were all painted with the same brush. What did they teach you about the SS in school?

2018-10-01 05:24:53 UTC

Keep note, Russia was Commintern, not Allies.

2018-10-01 05:24:56 UTC

they were their own faction.

2018-10-01 05:25:14 UTC

That they were criminals, killers, etc. But that is not true. Very few had anything to do with atrocities.

2018-10-01 05:25:26 UTC

No, they didn't. They lumped the Wehrmacht in with the SS and forgot to talk about the battle of Castle Itter

2018-10-01 05:25:52 UTC

For the most part the SS were elite soldiers, fighting to stop communism from invading their homeland.

2018-10-01 05:26:22 UTC

Not necessarily Nazis, maybe they didn't really agree with Hitler, but they knew what the red plague would mean for their families

2018-10-01 05:28:37 UTC

Given the choice between joining the red army and fighting for Hitler, I would fight for Hitler. (If I didn't know the outcome of the war).

I don't even think Hitler *wanted* the extermination of the Jews. His original plan was to deport them, and he was paying them to leave his country. The ones that **refused** to leave were locked up.

2018-10-01 05:28:45 UTC

Heinrich Himmler was a monster.

2018-10-01 05:28:59 UTC

Unfortunately, was best friends with Hitler.

2018-10-01 05:29:13 UTC

i tell you

2018-10-01 05:29:24 UTC

the germans were saviors of the white race

2018-10-01 05:29:39 UTC

and the commies were here just not letting the nazis liberate them of their land

2018-10-01 05:29:42 UTC


2018-10-01 05:29:57 UTC

There's some truth to that actually. The original plan was deportation. To Israel. In a weird way you could say Hitler was a Zionist.

2018-10-01 05:30:42 UTC

The major influence in stopping that was Hajj Amin al-Husseini, a mentor of the better-known Yasser Arafat

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