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2019-08-13 06:21:18 UTC [domek #general-english]  

2019-08-13 06:21:58 UTC [domek #general-english]  

so no opulent welcome?

Not really

1 all powerful word

Makes them chimp out

Nogs make up violent crime I thought

I think it's rap music uwu

@AETA 😡 ban it anyway

Wtf jazz is based

And blues

It still is

I use jazz to lure women into my scheme of pre marital sex

Apologize now

I'm asian

You're being a bigot @🍌 banana daily

Jk I'm white actually

Yeah basically

As a guy who uses it often

It's only useful when it's effective

Mines just a silly haha meme server

I browse the server while eating food

Last thing I wanna see is a monkey being smashed with a sledgehammer

I don't even say I'm fascist

It basically has none of my politics

Except when my mod insults America

I think women are worse with discord

Some black people are fine but like 90% of females are annoying

They like politics so they can virtue signal

@Nero yeah they use tons of adjectives.

I support him as a step in an end goal

@CEOCreator bro I worked at Walmart in the hood. That job lowkey made me racist.

So ya got the numbers backwards

Ya dislike darky

It ruins the sanctity of sex

I'm Atheist

@Nero ok heathen

People who binge porn are yuck

China hates blacks

More than any nation

I'd rather china dictate our morals

At least we'd be poor but homogeneous

Since darkies represent higher crime average

But china likes the round eye man

@Hentai Cmoon to keep the brown down

How do I get color roles

That dude has gold

@Mihaly i hope not

Looks too brown for any of that.

@Soviet that's so pseudo.yes you can. Man is not pre disposed to madness only pushed to madness.

guys is simping okay if she has big tiddies and is based and redpilled?

what if I said she's also racist 😳

well she's a white supremacist I think

ikr she's 5ft11 so she won't give me manlet kids

Is val even white then

@val white girls and horses :(

@E boy sorry we aren't dumb like you

I bet you stink like fart and must

Fart Must man

or is it Musst?

I dunno whatever that old person smell is

like your mom

@E boy I'm about to

Reminder; 13 but 50.

@AETA yeah but crime is ultimately a choice and the cycle isn't 1 to 1. My dad dealt drugs and was in medium security prison. My record is clean. It's the glorification of crime that fuels the cycle.

@TormentDubz mine was a political server now it's just for fun

we're too racist and not serious for coherent politics

and I don't wanna swear in front of the girl I like 😔

i like art

and pretty girls with cute smiles that dislike brown people


92 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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