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thank you kanye, very cool

@valeriaa im reporting you


so i cant wear my skull mask?

whats even atom waffen

its not illegal. sorry.

its not though. everyone has one.


pelth votes were 4-1 for two. 2-2 on the other 2

i didnt get banned, i got disabled


who was?



if my vote still counts, he should stay until he does something.. shelby material

cause i got disabled right when the brits were banned :c


youre dead to me :c

yeah but, im a close second tho pomp

i dont think you were in the gc long enough to see me and them butt heads

oh hey im back

@JesusHand nice try, i linked my steam and battlenet account so doolittle knows its me :c

he left

oh yeah he did. just checked

rip him

okay yank

just wanted to see what happens :C

which one? they were all pretty annoying

everyong press F for gary

Too late now

Already on my way to getting a Gov job

Right wing authoritarian

Slipknot has 9 members


That's a nice opinion you have there. Mind if I shit all over it?

-warn @Deleted User being a rapist


You're breath taking



so much sweat

if shes a gamer girl uwu


change your name to thrax instead :<

your daddy

which one, they're all annoying <:lol:583236542580129825>

alexei drama was months ago

-mute @John Brook 20m here, take a break <:lol:583236542580129825>

yeah but dms are dms. not the server retard <:lol:583236542580129825>

if you cared about being nice, you would've shut your cockholster a long time ago.


not in africa

you will be soon after we deport you

he acts like he is :c


send pp pics


@Pennywise do you support rhodesia, though?

that looks mexican

john. add me on snapchat






i dont have snap chat either i just felt like annoying you :c

john get on facebook so we can play farmville together uwu

-warn @lowkey take up your own offer

-warn @pompompiggy being fake jap

bye emo kid

speak english retard

@lowkey down the river for results, across the stream for attention

@lowkey IM WALKIN' HERE!

yall them kids in the background of shit. you having a stroke there, bud?

-warn @lowkey for being black

-mute @lowkey 20m no kys you toxic juggalo

@lowkey get fisted by val, you jackanape.

We definitely fist around here

hi dad.

imagine thinking chatkiller gives a shit about what happens in here tho


Hi chat daddy.

oof. get sniped.

ping him to get results

no. i am the owner

sounds like a good company to work for ngl

"can i have 15 paid weeks off sir?" "*hic* I don't care.."

you're not american

nvm i like val more now. cause she STAYED in america

then get your thicc ass back here.

wow val you have a hard on for john brook :c

why not unmute god, since he got an 1h ya thicc juicy mexican salsa dancer

did noodle finally change his ways?

we voted noodle

then doolittle had a referendum

then noodle didnt get voted

that was pretty good. ngl

15,964 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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