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The ira did nothing wrong except failing to kill margret thatcher

Sorry I don't speak I want to say Gaelic

Just a sympathizer and a person who knows who the world would have been better without

Hey guys have you seen Ba'ath chan she is good waifu

Yes I'm a weeb look at my picture

I'm referring to a cute internet drawing

We need a PLO or pflp chan

Anyone know a drawer

Fuck no

I like woman irl but everyone has there niches

@RainOnStone are you a socialist

I believe the ira only problem was they didn't kill enough British soldiers

That's how I view violence

Germans used to inhabit all the way into Russia

Celts all the way to turkey

Should we give them back there land to

I have a question what's everyone's view on the Moro conflict

Wow this place is as cancerous as I heard

Yeah I like anime so what

Fuck off mate

You can say that about socialism but never about anime

How many have you watched

What's your opinion based on

I enjoyed elfen lied

Better than being a slave to men

Yeah I agree with him they aren't real

No response I was here for serious intellectual debate about socialism

35 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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