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Tito is the best

2017-09-10 01:30:54 UTC [/leftypol/ International #chinese]  

Sort of

2017-09-10 15:50:40 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

Is anyone here actually a Stalinist?

2017-09-10 15:50:45 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

or a tankie?

2017-09-10 18:25:21 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

I am Market Socialist

I think I'm supposed to follow Bratstvo i Mir

I was not aware "allah" was edible

EU is filthy Western Neo-Liberal institution

they seek to destroy all that is good and right

along with their degenerate mercenary ally NATO


Obama is neo-liberal facist

May the EU be burned by the flame of the 7 united peoples

Trump is better

we need him to destroy NATO

so we can advance our global marxist plot

This guy is clearly an enemy troll

People's Republic of China

Long Live Chairman Mao


No it isn't

gender is a social construct


it really does

I live the United States right now

Jiang Zemin ruined everything

I support Market Socialism with Democratic Planning

Long Live Comrade Sankara

10/10 send @Deleted User to Goli Otok


We should use organized military violence against all gangs

and crush organized crime

then black males will have an incentive to do productive work

@Lee wha?

@olev He's a troll

I dunno

Its dumb

we need soldiers

Are you guys NazBols?

I invented by own detailed political ideaology

He probably won't

assuming someone vaguely competant is on the Democratic side

Hillary Clinton was just too weak


If the Democrats get rekt in 2018

they might just collapse

Communist Party USA?

Whats wrong with Jews>

Jews aren't some sort of hive mind

that all conspire to destroy everything

and why?!

Do you have any evidence of this?!

*pulls up Alex Jones vid*

see, those Jews are what are called "Super Orthodox Jews"

They're actually anti-Israel

there are very few of them

less than 4% of the Jewish population

Netanyahu is just a Zionist asshole

No they didn't

Zionists didn't exist until the at earlied the 18th Century


There are two kinds of Bad Jews

The Ultra-Orthodox

and the Zionists

They are mutually exclusive

The Ultra-Orthodox consider most other Jews as gentiles

similar to how Salafi Islam considers Shiites as non-believers

Thats like saying all Muslims are evil because Salafis exists

I support Zionism




he killed himself

greedy bastard

we should have skinned him alive


I got banned from r/FULLCOMMUNISM

The subreddit

So the discord by default


where did you learn about this global conspiracy?

What sources?

Do I just look up Zionist plot?


its some bullshit that a high dude made up back in the B.C.s

What server is it?

Yeah sure

Ted Turner is not a Jew

In my self-invented brand of market Socialism

the elected manager can fire people but may be vetoed by the worker's council

2017-09-14 20:57:10 UTC [/leftypol/ International #serbian]  

Where is the Great Marshal in that picture above?

Since when was being insane a political view?

We should abolish gender

Transgender people aren't real

Transsexual people are


starting with you


filthy pleb

you have to really weak to need testosterone to fight me

It worked in China

in the Gulag

Whats with the West's obession with testosterone

This guy is the greatest General in Chinese history



So woke

Did God roast you by making you?

2017-09-16 00:03:13 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

Far away across the ocean

2017-09-16 00:03:21 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

Far beyond the sea's Eastern rim

2017-09-16 00:03:53 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

there lives a man who is the father of the Indo-Chinese people

2017-09-16 00:04:02 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

and his name is Ho Chi Minh

2017-09-16 00:04:08 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh

2017-09-16 00:04:15 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

Its a nice song

from a scientific point of view

if we turn a Princess into energy, we can extract more than a rock

Oh shoot

we have a philoshiper here



go back to doing whatever philoshiphers do......

2017-09-17 18:42:31 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

Ban ples

leftypol is dead

It gets raided a lot

GETchan is better


fuck you

GULAG or Wall




I live in the U.S. for education

but I'm going home ASAP

I'm a mainlander born in HK that lives in the U.S. that pretends to be Vietnamese because I'm so embarassed by the patheticness of my own Communist movement

Anime is Japanese

Anyone wanna join my Communist Party

its better than the CPUSA

Try my new type of Socialism

Did anyone here actually live under Yugoslavia?

I get conflicting info all the time

most of my Yugoslav friends tell me how great Tito is

including the Croatians

and Serbs, and a lot of the Slovenes

sometimes the Bosniaks get salty

Well they *are* culturally distinct

just like the Hui Muslims in China

the Hui are genetically almost the same as the Han

but they're basically segregated by land and religion

Its best represented by the Grecco-Madeconian conflict

Its the most degenerate thing ever

It worked in Yugoslavia

and that weird Islamic Splinter Cult thing

It worked in NEP

Tito didn't plan on crazy people blowing up all the infrastructure

It worked in PRC

boosted the GDP

and GDP per Capita

and HDI

and lowered the Gini

and freed the women

and the Tibetan serfs from their theocratic masters

Maoism would have worked

if Mao only took biology

The Uyghurs should be assimilated by the Zhong Hua Minzu

How many people were Stalin or Mao actually trying to kill

Hitler ordered 11 million deaths

Like leaders being actually retarded

China should just reunify

I want the old China back

when people were more equal

under the Old Empire

like the Great Han and the Great Tang

Our Empire used to stretch from Central Asia to Korea

now its just pathetic

Venezuela is just a failure


you're more like




Why so?

Do you have any facts that support your conclusion?

Please give me one

You say that there are many, but where is one

and I mean actual Communism

not simply crazy hippies

Macedonians are cool

Greece is Macedonia

Bulgaria is Macedonia

What *makes* them bad?

Is it their name?


Globalism is right-wing

We built the best wall

Shut up

Internationalism is different from modern globalism

Internationalism is actually this international workers' solidarity thing

with the idea that everyone should have the same kind of socialist type government

Cuba is actually okay


I don't see the problem

do they though?

What about Yugoslavia?

It was market socialist

then the USSR was capitalist too

Goli Otok


That was real socialism

It worked for a long time

I'm not an Orthodox Marxist

Anarchist server doesn't work

This page is really funny

He's like a Communist Donald Trump

Fascism is just weird

The modern middle class is the proletariat

the middle/lower class proletariat worker is the majority in America

2017-09-20 23:56:19 UTC [/leftypol/ International #dutch]  

Why kill a Nazi

2017-09-20 23:56:51 UTC [/leftypol/ International #dutch]  

Nazism is a brain virus, just like capitalism

2017-09-20 23:56:59 UTC [/leftypol/ International #dutch]  

the people themselves are not evil usually

2017-09-20 23:58:20 UTC [/leftypol/ International #dutch]  

I'm not actually a Communist

2017-09-24 12:43:44 UTC [/leftypol/ International #serbian]  

How did Serbian become a hentai server?

2017-09-24 12:43:54 UTC [/leftypol/ International #serbian]  

We must bring back Tito to purify it

2017-10-09 00:48:36 UTC [/leftypol/ International #japanese]  

Big Ounce is a homosexual!

2017-10-11 21:03:52 UTC [/leftypol/ International #korean]  

Big Ounce is gay

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