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2017-05-22 23:36:54 UTC  

I wouldn't bash IM too hard though, or AW. Toms take away that these are growing pains is wise. Unfortunately this is part of the risk you run when you've got fanatical guys without a ton of real world experience.

2017-05-22 23:37:46 UTC  

Yeah, I was gonna say I wish there was some older leadership

2017-05-22 23:38:28 UTC  

It stops being larping when the ATF picks you up for unregistered explosive devices. The upside is if Odin holds his mud he will come home in a position to offer some of that seasoned leadership.

2017-05-22 23:38:36 UTC  


2017-05-22 23:39:05 UTC  

Aryan strike force was being led by a blow job

2017-05-22 23:39:16 UTC  


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2017-05-22 23:39:41 UTC  

Blow job as an adjective makes me laugh

2017-05-22 23:40:19 UTC  

Yeah I heard asf was a joke

2017-05-22 23:41:02 UTC  

Which is too bad bc those were white men that could have been on the right path with better leadership

2017-05-22 23:41:10 UTC  

I don't know a lot about modern groups, but I can't help but notice most of the people in leadership seem to be getting younger and younger

2017-05-22 23:41:28 UTC  

Which is not necessarily a good thing

2017-05-22 23:41:42 UTC  

It's not good at all

2017-05-22 23:41:50 UTC  

Blind leading the blind

2017-05-22 23:42:26 UTC  

Hoping when the revamp is done we can have some good local chapters together with solid leaders

2017-05-22 23:42:54 UTC  

Dude, build it and they will come

2017-05-22 23:43:01 UTC  

sup cracker jacks?

2017-05-22 23:43:02 UTC  

Corny as that sounds

2017-05-22 23:43:12 UTC  

Hey Matt

2017-05-22 23:43:25 UTC  

IM/AW drama

2017-05-22 23:43:31 UTC  

Well, its been a helluva day

2017-05-22 23:43:54 UTC  

between the guy stabbing the literal black guy who was in college and in college, to the thing in FL... helluva few days

2017-05-22 23:44:20 UTC  

Inspiring words, Fearless

2017-05-22 23:44:41 UTC  

Yes. Expect increased interest by the (((powers that be))) in all WN activity

2017-05-22 23:45:06 UTC  

Matt, pin that snitch guide to the channel please.

2017-05-22 23:45:16 UTC  

Your people will need it

2017-05-22 23:45:22 UTC  

the 10 signs one?

2017-05-22 23:45:29 UTC  


2017-05-22 23:46:17 UTC  

Everyone be on the lookout for attempts to disrupt our organizing

2017-05-22 23:46:27 UTC  

2017-05-22 23:47:21 UTC  

Do those guides talk about paying attention to your childhood best friend ☹

2017-05-22 23:47:30 UTC  

Nice! What's the next event Matt? I need another Pikeville!

2017-05-22 23:47:49 UTC  
2017-05-22 23:47:51 UTC  

that too

2017-05-22 23:47:59 UTC  

Well, we want to hold a protest against Purdue Pharma, who makes oxy, who has poisoned our people and caused thousands of deaths

2017-05-22 23:47:59 UTC  

if you don't mind

2017-05-22 23:48:05 UTC  

more info the better

2017-05-22 23:48:12 UTC  

ill be in florida for the FL league of the south conference in 2 weeks

2017-05-22 23:48:43 UTC  

2017-05-22 23:48:44 UTC  

@MatthewHeimbach yes!! Purdue

2017-05-22 23:49:00 UTC  

Owned by the (((shaklers)))