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You need an excuse to say nigger?



Khazar milkers


Make it a pcc then itd be worth it

That was john adams

And John Adams is based

Commies are of the chain

Same. The assumption they have of the auth right is laid out here.

Like 2% do 40%

Or 13% do 90%

Or 2% are 40%

Ben "burn the coal pay the toll" Garrison


Adolf Hitler, Mother Mary with the Holy Child Jesus Christ, 1913

You too homie

Tfw you lose the clutch

Not a pc gaymer. Did get asked if i was a smurf tho

Wrong tho. Ulfric wasnt in collusion

He wasnt controlled opposition just mutual oppostion

I prefer John Adams take on equality

He is based

Adolf Hitler, Weissenkirchen in the Wachau, (year unknown)

Was it good

Ok yankee scum

And look what came of it yankee

Its cuz yall freed em

And just the debt you yankees took was also for your souls

Not gonna take shit from yankees who sold their people to the banks with debt

Wouldnt be an issue if the south rose again

Sure you will yankee lmao

*laughs in huge civilian gun ownership*

Urbanites are a cancer

But hes no Mel Gibson

You cant get a surplus berreta in 32. Acp for less

There are quite a few poorfag options

32.acp is the smallest i would trust my life too

Yes i am

Its a joke about alt rightists being non white yet still preaching white pride

The joke to me is the alt right is a joke




Nah. Its just nigger

Bruh. Y'all are manlets.

Anyone under 6" is a manlet bois.


Still dont love it

Ah yes. Still cant afford it

The boog that probably wont happen

449 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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