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Yeah unless it's literally Hitler and an SS division pol will counter signal it...hell they'd probably even counter signal literally Hitler as being controlled opposition

I feel like someone on pol has ACTUALLY said that

I was just gonna ask where my Hoosiers at. :')

Essentially they'd package it like cable from my understanding

The gist of it is that your ISP provides you equal access to all websites. You connect to the internet and everything you can publicly access is available to you. They are "neutral" in terms of the content you can access.

If they were not neutral, the internet would be more like cable TV. You'd have a "basic" subscription that allows you to access a bunch of sites, then would have to pay for expanded access to sites that use more bandwidth, like youtube. And companies could pay websites for exclusive access, like Time-Warner could angle for exclusive access to tumblr, or CenturyLink offering exclusive access to Amazon services, etc. Net access would no longer be "neutral", but tiered and gated according to what ISP want to provide and charge.

It's a lot more complicated than that, but that's the basics.

Essentially yes

Net neutrality is imperative for these circles


the only emoji that matters

The bowlcut of St. Dylann Roof


I could see that happening as well

The internet is the wild fucking west and I aim to keep it that way

Yeah highly doubtful

Realistically if they tried it the UN would piss and moan but nothing would happen because the UN generally can't or won't do dick

I'll believe it when I see it

they already do they call 'em libertarians

libertarians love their net neutrality because muh free market

Oh bro I go to county Republican meetings when I cann

They fucking love me

It won't happen any time soon. I got $50 on it

I mean if you're wrong you're wrong if we're wrong we're sense getting upset about it

I will fight for net neutrality nonetheless

I need a link to add an Indiana goy to the server

I have an old friend in Ft Wayne interested in going

Waiting to get him an add to the channel

I have a buddy in Ft Wayne, IN interested in going just waiting for him to get added to the discord

Realize midwest isnt the entire midwest and I should be posting in great lakes. My apologies.

@Father Coughlin is a Ft Wayne goy who can help a fellow Hoosier out?

Yeah I'm renting a 15 passenger van but all things considered it's gonna seat 10 to 12 after luggage and even then it's gonna be a tight fit

Ahhhh okay then yeah we can cram more at that point

Need an invite for an Ohio goy

If any mods are around

Need an invite for an Ohio goy

My hoosiers!

some quality bowl posting going on right now

my mic won't work

lemme fix this gay shit

is that the unibomber?

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