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2019-12-28 21:31:50 UTC [Athens #the-long-walls_immigrants]  

Howdy friends.

2019-12-28 21:42:22 UTC [Athens #the-long-walls_immigrants]  

I'm just waiting for breathing to be considered a racist action.

2019-12-28 21:43:12 UTC [Athens #the-long-walls_immigrants]  

I'm sure that's a bit of a stretch. ...knock on wood

2019-12-29 00:06:32 UTC [Athens #the-long-walls_immigrants]  

Off of mega consumers?

2019-12-29 00:20:32 UTC [Athens #the-long-walls_immigrants]  

Trying to figure out if that icon is a girl or a guy that looks like a girl

2019-12-31 04:58:15 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Just goofing off when I made this....

Ahoy Friends. I hope things are well or atleast moderately okay.

Shadow.... I love that your name is upside down but I have no idea how to tag you. since you asked, i had to work christmas and spend what time i could making sure my one year old and wife could rest from having the flu

@SPOOKY Phil, Ruler of Heck lol glad you aren't worse. That's a horrible thing to see I know. Had to deal with those people before I left twitter permanently.

Cant say I know what that is @livid_scrooge

@livid_scrooge Well I cant say thats a very nice thing to be but youre free to be whatever you like I suppose as long as its not physically harming anyone lol

Okay. I think I like this discord alot.

@livid_scrooge youre mixed too?

Hey Tubby!

I know Sargon does the D&D thing... But I hope Rifts becomes an option someday.

Oh? Im a bit out of the loop. Thankyou

Is d20 just the system?

Oh! That makes more sense. Palladium books Rifts is d20.

So sad... I gotta go. Have a great night if I dont stop in again!

@Laucivol think so? Is that because of the mega damage concept or ?

Funny enough, I can understand it better than D&D.

2020-01-01 08:23:00 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Commission piece Im working on.

2020-01-01 10:14:13 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Its for a post apoc rpg. @Zephyr Blackfish. Its my specialty

2020-01-01 10:42:07 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Too much?

2020-01-01 21:37:17 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Thats gorgeous ❤

2020-01-02 07:14:09 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]

2020-01-02 07:14:10 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

I made a thing

2020-01-02 07:17:03 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Thought it would make a decent metal album cover

2020-01-02 10:20:37 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Gen x*

2020-01-03 01:14:02 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Thats pretty interesting. Tell your affiliates I like it.

2020-01-03 07:26:13 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]

2020-01-03 07:26:14 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Working on a Bestiary. This is a land salmon

2020-01-03 21:50:33 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Love the new guy lol. To hell with his coworker

2020-01-06 16:44:52 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]

2020-01-06 16:45:08 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Made after watching John Carpenter's the Thing

2020-01-08 06:20:44 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]

2020-01-08 06:20:44 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Just messing around with this one. I may improve upon it

2020-01-09 00:03:55 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]

2020-01-09 00:03:57 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Some book work

2020-01-09 02:13:34 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Well done sir. Biden is terrifying

2020-01-13 18:07:45 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]

2020-01-13 18:08:05 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Experimenting with shading

2020-01-13 18:10:17 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Character belongs to one of my patrons

2020-01-13 18:11:35 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

That's not very nice

2020-01-13 20:01:34 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Thats weird

2020-01-13 22:05:00 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

@SufferBuddy i do. You can dm/pm me

2020-01-14 18:53:57 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Sketched up a witch

2020-01-14 22:52:38 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  


2020-01-15 02:41:14 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

That doesnt explain much

2020-01-15 23:16:01 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Only when drunk

2020-01-24 07:49:37 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Drawing out a dnd long-term villain

2020-01-24 19:36:04 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Thanks! My intention is that his anti-paladin will go around causing a massive plague. I'll use lighting techniques to make it look as if he's casting a curse.

2020-01-28 21:21:02 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  
2020-01-29 02:15:08 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Not sure if i posted this earlier. Im really happy about how this came out

2020-01-29 02:15:54 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

@killsode-slugcat sorry sir. Ill try to post more

2020-01-29 02:18:41 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Trying to make majority posts not furry

2020-01-29 02:20:10 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

NES pallet Jason Vorhees

2020-01-29 02:21:47 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Oh. I see. Funny that my best customers are furries

2020-01-29 02:30:49 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Robolady eating robopeach

2020-01-29 02:31:48 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Never played that one

2020-01-29 02:32:29 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

I was doin an all robot month and this was one of my pieces for it

2020-01-29 02:33:42 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Jonny-5 doodle

2020-01-29 05:15:33 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]

2020-01-29 05:15:39 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

One of my faves

2020-01-29 05:16:17 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]

2020-01-29 05:16:34 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Edward Skurr from the X-Files

2020-01-31 10:31:26 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]

The panic has hit my city. What do?

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