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Greetings comrades!

@Veraic Ah this shit

You guys have any opinion about Immanuel Kant?

@Hotzendorf Do you have any opinion about Immanuel Kant

nah i'm not

@Bow You forgot delete the message

that he share my pic

@Bow ah fine very thank you

@sabrinaisheresometime ss look your dm, i am trying talk with you if possible, thanks

Here in brazil it's worse still

very hot indeed

@Deleted User are you there mate, it's me pyro

have you disbled your notiifcations or what? i am trying talk with you comrade

are you retard

it was a drama

People create those lies

to stay in my server

after i banned they

they wanted to ruin my reputation in all discord servers, but i dont care anyways

How you guys got the news ?

so why everyone

know about that?

i had make a agreement to stop with this drama

and those idiots dont spend it

only spend bad things about my life

the one is about givoanni right ?

This thing about pedophilie, i was being pervert and incel

i won't be more like that

i was just acting like a degenerante, that's it

Btw you guys knows sassaki too?

you two knows him ?

i mean if you two know who is sassaki

a dude from malaysia

nothing, just other drama unnecessary

he too do shit and nobody talks him, only me sometimes


i'd agree quebec should be independent as well, they have their own culture and thing

@Soldatu' You play age of empires ii ?

ah i ask by cause your profile pic tho

still one of best games ever

But too dont need blame everyone else

who did this shit was the shitty zionists, globalists, communists and freemasons

honestly in my opinion who are worse are the freemasons

Yeah sadly i know that

not only responsible for america, but for all world

traveler, i'm talking with you in DM check out

@Traveler what's with you retarded idiot

i dont like toxic idiots as you

i just offer if you were interested, Not need to disrespect me in a aggresive way

i really hate that

Who thinks you are? You isn't nothing

alright forgot that shit

why you had left then

yeah this server is dead, but still has potential

i see owner of server is always offline - mostly busy right ?

or he didn't care anymore

my server too lol

but kinda all so ''inactives'' i guess

but it's on partnership

i am partner with this server

Yeah sometimes servers

it's sometimes complicated to deal on

lmao i dont think this server is cringe

i think its still cool

taking some toxic shit and retards

@Dr. WaveZey the good thing is that i note this server is pretty old and lucky got not banned/deleted

sometimes not all ''fascist'' or nationalist servers keep alive

cuz discord keep banning they for any silly ''report''

i remember other fascist server named ''Thule''

400 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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