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2019-02-11 12:53:15 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

Gotta put denom

2019-03-28 01:13:12 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

It's racialism

2019-03-28 01:13:13 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

not racism

2019-03-28 01:13:19 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

Racism is a Trotskyist term

2019-03-28 02:09:41 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]

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2019-05-27 00:27:55 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

You heard the gamer

2019-05-29 13:46:56 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #quotes]  

From what I remember, Hitler hated the weak Protestant churches. He still disliked Catholicism, but not as strongly as Protestantism.

2019-05-29 13:53:44 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #quotes]  

That’s something new to me. Never knew he liked Lutherans

2019-05-29 15:42:09 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #quotes]  

Tbh Hungarians and Romanians should unite to fight against the Jews. Both have been royally fucked over by them

Gonna head out so I can watch Jojo with my dad

One last thing tho

I’m going to trigger Nam flashbacks

Okay I will

Just remember


I'm unfortunately a

>tfw too intelligent

INTP is a masterrace of

I have a bunch of cool ideas but I'm too fucking lazy to do them


Islam ain't shit compared to


Hell, one could consider it a distraction

Actually, if you interpret things just right

>angels are literally 2d
>ascending to heaven is going past 3d
>you get to be away from 3d foids in heaven

Why the fuck haven't more people converted


Cringe can go both ways

It can make you gain AND lose subscriber

>People here think mutilating your dick is alright even if it's purely because "UNCIRCUMSIZED LOOKS GROSS"
I understand why you guys hate americans

I'm hating most of them now, too

It isn't JUST being able to seize it. It's if you EARNED it

Israel didn't earn SHIT, it was just given that land by America and Britain

Why the fuck do atheists exist when this is proof of god

>literally white genetically and phenotypically

>apparently we go by the definition of white where Germanics and *nglos are considered the baseline of white SOME FUCKING HOW

Because they’re all soy tier

I just did

This is proof alchemy exists

It’s how soyboys have survived

They simply took the bath water from gamer girls and turned it into an elixir of immortality




This is some amazing hentai


i'm sorry

I truly am


If you start bants with me about being Christian, I won't give a shit

I've reached peak memehood with Nationstates

All I need to do is make Stands canon

Yeah, sounds about right

fuck u rite

>Worldview of truth
>implying fascism would work in a period outside of the post-industrial era

>caring about what works and what doesn't in different eras
>"haha lmao materialist"



>people would probably unironically believe this

>fascism has literally been invented as an ideology first and some wishy washy mumbo jumbo second


Same principle

Bruh it's Monkyman

me and the boys giving each other good night kisses


>friends? What even are those?

dude, the grecia was a joke

It's kind of cringe to assume someone who has shown time and time again that they're interested in this sort of shit

doesn't know what the fuck greeks call themselves

whatever you say

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