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What are you fuckers arguing about?


You don't buy food because you need it so you will get it


so you're saying food isn't produced in that area?


actually as far as I'm aware the amount of labour vouchers you get is based on how much you work and how hard you work

I never heard anyone say you get it based on hours


it's hard to say how many labour vouchers someone gets because there are many factors that come into the decision

if you don't work you get nothing

sry no

if you don't work you get basic needs

if you work you get more

well tbf automation comes in a lot

no it's just making people work less to focus on other stuff like leisure, culture or science

Automation is bote inevitable and needed

both sry

It's not that nobody does anything. People need to make the machines in the first place.

Not everything can be automated anyways

there's always a stop button boi

maybe the moment the robots revolt we stop everything and go to anarcho-primitivism xD

altough we have memories of the past so we will try to get back to where we were

the robots die but books are still there to read

ffs leftypol really is as memeious as I imagined it to be

You don't buy or sell them. You just get them.

Needs are given to you. Commodities that are not needs you buy.

it's not a state

it's communism

it's a stateless society

I don't see how that's hard to understand

do you want to disprove our argument that hard that you try to look like you don't get it?

it's not that hard you know?


k so what are we doing now?



private is land and personal is objects as far as I'm aware

objects that don't produce something also

that are not a mean of production

I sense a tad bit of racism here

But yeah I like it too

Communism hasn't killed anyone as communism has never been achieved πŸ˜‰


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You're fucking state capitalism

Not the best place to post this but he's on need of help


Can someone fucking try to help the dude?

nazbols ain't socialist smh

What's up

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@Rest Of The Skeleton stop pinging people randomly you moron

you're gay

Your momma lol

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