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Germany would control Europe under some kind of economic union

oh wait...


I still dislike them tho

no eastern germany

or a very small eastern germany

more parts of german to poland

austria-hungary might reform into a **danubian federation**

or it might just fall apart

like it did in our timeline

but I doubt they would take any land

it was falling apart

that's one reaosn why it's army was less effective than even the russian army

but they didnt fight that much either

and mso of their wins are atributated to poor leadership by the entente


that's more ww2

it wasnt really great

but not bad either

I mena they only fought in the mountains with austria

so there wasnt much change in the frontline

that was almsot 20 years before ww1 started

and ethiopia was supported by france and russia

no not really

I just watch anime

If you were to stop Marx from writing his book

Someone else would write it

Or you'd make everything worse

I wanna be a cyborg

sounds cool

death is a preferable alternative to communism

"Communism is the very definition of failure."

why is liberty prime so **W O K E**

<:poggers:583775485620781087> **POG**

I hope he is

lmao you smoke I just eat the cigarette

I am enjoying watching this trainwreck of a conversation unfold

keep going

social welfare is just a political standpoint not really social engineering

this conversation is like a train that derailed caught on fire but it was carrying a nuke then the nuke exploded and then a mass murdering mutant killed a bunch of kids

if this is fallout where the hecc is my railgun

flat earth is so stupid even people in the late medival age were smarter

all those french words

dont make me bring my Panzer IV


it's not *wrong* it's *fallacious*

its not *shit* it's *excrement*

yo simply peasentry

I see that as an affront

this is outrageous

we should make special camps for them

concentrated camps

not concentration camps

concentrated camps

now this is some 4D chess

you lobotomites!

**IT'S MAM**

<:ahegao:462286952335671296> this is not ahegao

This is what I keep saying we need another world war


If you produce something

And you get loan for it

It is basically your boss paying you for what you produce

But feudalism is build on someone being a higher class than other people

It's literally counter libertarian

Communism is funnily enough outdated

Cause it only applied to factories when Marx wrote it

And today not that many people work in factories

And it always got corrupt

And partially led to the downfall of yet another Chinese empire

Liberal feudalism now we are reaching wacky levels

But idk if it can top socialist monarchism

So basically early constitutional monarchy

So basically England since ever

Airstrip England

Tbh can we just restore the holy Roman empire

Catholic English monarchs

Say that again please

Funnily enough the catholic monarch weren't that bad


I am not biased at all btw


Give me a few Serbs and I'll push the turks back to central asia

Just slap some wings on a tank smh

Delete africa

Delete every Islamic country

11,589 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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