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qtChan tried to get crafty, but they accidentally cut themselves with the scissors.:scissors:

Krelan eviscerates Krelan with a rusty butter knife. Ouch!

Willy pressed delete. It deleted Dick Daddy Foster

u got 2 wait 0 secunds!!!1!

Trini Amora Yverrah died while playing hopscotch on *seemingly* deactivated land mines.

Krelan tried to get famous on YouTube by live-streaming something dumb. Skydiving while chained to a fridge.

Trini Amora Yverrah fell into a pit of angry feminists.

Trini Amora Yverrah straps Krelan to an ICBM and sends them to North Korea along with it.

Our lord and savior Gaben strikes Trini Amora Yverrah with a lighting bolt.

A Centrist Gamer fell down a cliff while playing Pokemon Go. Good job on keeping your nose in that puny phone. :iphone:

Krelan died from eating too much ass.

Krelan blew his ear drums out listening to music too hard.

A Petch Sentry ripped their own heart out to show their love for Krelan.

Krelan died due to eating WAY too many hotdogs in preparation for their date Friday night.

Krelan slips bleach into A Petch Sentry's lemonade.

A Petch Sentry shoots in Krelan mouth with rainbow laser, causing Krelan head to explode with rainbows and Krelan is reborn as unicorn. :unicorn:

@Dick Daddy Foster, `pls vent "what you want to vent to me about"

454,354 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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