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Hey guys.

My name is Hitler, and I love animals.


Something we can relate to.

@Anglican Of course I'm a Jew.

I just got on. You guys seem pretty chill.

At least Marxist understand that government is needed for the well being of the nation.

Anyone got any chicken tendies?

I consider myself a bit of a social libertarian.

You guys don't mind if I'm a right wing nationalist, right?

Just putting it out there.

I'm not a white nationalist, I'm just a civic nationalist.

@Qaysar Could you explain how it is gay?

Yes, indeed, I care for my nation.

If the world was one country it would certainly be boring.

No culture.

Free helicopter rides for all

*mask falls of revealing large Jew nose*

Dats pwetty wedpilled

Bluepill me on the wage gap.

Thanks. I'll fact check this quick.

Serious question. What do you think about MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN?

In other words, the MSM.


Dailystormer is cancer. /Pol/ is eternal.

Breitbart is kinda autistic but I'm fond of their old head writer Milo.


I don't care much for the vice president.

I don't consider myself convservative but I like him.

Jeb 2020

John Locke's works is pretty good. I'm planning on reading the Bell Curve because I'm a bit curious.

Really makes you think.

You just blew my mind.

What if they oppose Communism in their country without killing people?

Simply oppose by means of speech rather than action.

@Deleted User Anything I don't like is gay.

Why not simply use the term spook? Ex. Religion is a spook.

I unironically think that jet fuel can't melt steal beams.

I unironically respect woman.

@Deleted User Richard Spencer is a sperg but not a faggot.

The Day of The Rake

You are gay

Donate to my patreon.

@comrademongol Bernie can still win!

@Deleted User Because they like big booty traps.

@Deleted User I personally don't care if anyone is gay. They have the right to do as they please.

@Hawk#2673 Why are you spamming?

I'm not alt right but I have sympathy with much of the movement.

Hawk, just stop. Your sperging out.

Nice meme

Jeb Bush 2020

Were all looking forward to Jeb

@Deleted User Pagan is a religion.

And Paganism is autistic.

I haven't done any of that since I've been on this server.

^ nice meme

@Sorghagtani Beki Asperger's syndrome is a spook.

@Deleted User Nice Sonichu.

I haven't heard much about Chris-Chan. How's he doing?

So, how's everyones day been?

I have a good political server if you want an inv.

@Sorghagtani Beki So is a refugee who just transfered to school an idiot for getting slightly lower grades?

I am. I'm from Germanistan.

Please, I only want to enjoy your American way of life.

Am not really German. Just autist.


I'm not really a Nazi! This is bullshit!

@Christopher I don't mind them, goyim

Everything is gay, and everything is a spook.

Hey, anons. How's it going?

Thanks, anon. This really made my day.


Mods, mods, mods!

Oswald Mosley was an interesting character in British politics.

Yeah. Fascism can not exist in the US. I'm not a Fascist but some ideas of Fascism are decent.

@Deleted User He's just an autist, don't worry about him.

He voted for Jeb.

I've never read those publications.

What's it about?

@nss I'd like it back so I could see it full apart.

Jeb Bush 2020

Forget Drumpf or Ted "Zodiac Killer" Cruz.

That's weird.

I believe that Holocaust happened but not to the extend which people think. Also, the Holodomor was real in my view.

My mind isn't made up on those things.

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