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he is a Nazi because he lives in Flint Michigan

it all makes sense

some other shit hole in this shitty country then?

chemical castration tbh

my god has hammer ok

let's work on getting back London or Stockholm first, baby steps...

I just dont like brown people.

nothing against Islam

Thailand was a French colony or at least they had a bunch of French people there and wherever Frenchie goes he breeds with the natives.

the inside looks great except for the squiggly lines


oh didnt realize it was a different one

still my point stands

it looks like someone just shitposted all over the walls tbh

doesnt even fit in with the architecture at all

like modern art

youre dumb then

you could probably have some democratic processes in a fascist society

think about Athenian democracy, only powerful men could vote

that is a sort of fascism

not really

well Republican Rome might be a good example of that, but it had its flaws

yes but the electoral college is being dismantled and rural people are going to have a lot less power going forward

idk what youre referring to, but Dems are really pushing for the abolition of the electoral college due to Trump's election

I'm talking about the party in general

she is a descendant of Pocahontas dont forget that

gang rape and population replacement are cool

child sex grooming is cool

have you ever heard of what happened in Rotherham England and many other towns across that country?

London, Paris, to name a few examples, are majority nonwhite

Mohammed had a 9 year bride, PBUH

@Useful Bard you are part of the problem

if you are not with us you are against us

I am a pagan so go ahead

I do hate christians

only the brown and black ones

race is everything

@Useful Bard you should read the Bhagavad Gita

I respect sufism

based youtube ads


makes the fake gas chambers seem more humane tbh


@TradChad siege doesnt promote satanism lmao

fucking retard

I like me too

I am 100% Neanderthal btw

the best whites

Pewdiepie is Swedish

I'm handsome af kys fags

Yeah I respecc Hitler, but I am leaning more towards NazBol tbh.

Hitler is the avatar Vishnu/Wotan

@Dronestruck have you read Carl Jung's article on the subject?

Read niggas

Nietzsche is fucking based af

Marx gay af

Allahuackbar death to women

feminism is anything that supports the existence of the weaker sex

Women are just parasite off men

I could destroy 6,000,000 women

fuck women


Stalin did good when he purged the army.

Stalin was a cryptojew

Hitler was a fan of Nietzsche

sup brΓΈder

the nigga wrote alot

so is Kanye West


if you are 90% white, you are still not white

Ive seen plenty of 100% European DNA tests

Jews started the slave trade

there is a book written by the Nation of Islam.guy

about Jews and Slavery

Farrakhan is the author

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews

Im leaving this server, but I want you all to know that the moon nazis and the hollow earth nazis are all working together now and everything is going to be fine.

101 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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