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New account

@DA GOMMIE JOO Did you know child porn is legal in saudi arabia

Wait did i say child porn i meant child sex

pretty bad nation

"fellow communists"

He knows you dont have to larp to be here right?

@DA GOMMIE JOO The only difference is a paycheck

@Donitz Were you always communist

you remind me of someone

Baptist america when

@Donitz What were you before that

I use to be a liberal

After that i was somewhat socialistic

than i became libertarian

than i just became a nationalist and slowly became more and more authoritarian

None now


I want a semi theocracy

with corporatist economics

No i dont

@PugSlugger This was over the course of 5 years

not 1 month like nikist

Chad fascists virgin national socialists

chad 4 chan

Only america is good

I mean italy use to be cool

Hitler was shit.

Mussolini should have stayed neutral

Italy was not yet ready for war

germany was just going off invading random nations

G e r m a n y k n e w t h a t but did it anyways

mussolini said he could be ready by 1942

hitler started shit in 1939

Mussolini was one of the greatest men to ever live if hes shit lets be real we all are.

m y o p i n i o n i s o b v i o u s l y f a c t u a l.

m y n a m e i s g l o r i a b o r g e r

a n d y o u r w a t c h i n g p e w n e w s

no im a troll

There is a slight difference

But i am actually a classical fascist.

what are you?

Next level banter

>When you take trolling to far

Me 2040 because every country is americas enemy in reality

@Offender that is based

its called forced assimilation

I have a theory

Can we create fascism in america.

Hot take: the borg did absolutely nothing wrong in star treck and we must emulate that society as the ideal one.

Kill those who wont assimilate into the borg

i live in a small town in the middle of the desert

not sure if metropolitan or not

@J'ville The desert is in new mexico

Jesus akbar


not sure if your trying to get me to doxx myself

>When you live in new mexico but you hate cactus

>when your a hispanic trump supporter and everyone is laughing at you

>when your currently greentexting your own life

No shit sherlock.

>be half hispanic half white
>be liberal
>become a nationalist

I dont hate mexico cuz its catholic you have no proof

damned papists

F saddam

Fascists and commies agree saddam was a good guy

Should be malcolm x

Wait is those white bois catholic

baptist man beats catholic

Prots v Caths

Austria is italian clay

lets do a poll

is nikist a fed

@Overpaid Are you actually vietnamese

if so based

Were at war

gas the discord staff

Invite me to it im gonna raid it

on second thought nevermind might get banned

this is my second one

Bet it would still be up if i sold child porn.

1,263 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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