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Where are you getting that from? @Deleted User

Also, have you read MK?

I'm a furry, but I care more about my race than $3,000 digitigrade fur suits

Like there's a lot of gays in the alt-right

or they accept them at least

okay, this is epic

I was just being ironic

i hate richard spencer and the alt-right

now that's cringe

I want to get more redpilled

and also redpill people

I SIEGE the system erryday @Deleted User

You should unironically get gassed in the voting booth

for thinking voting actually matters

stop the infighting

we know zuckerberg is who we're after

if we fight (((zuck))) wins

I'm am very woke and redpilled

I've read lots of esoteric books

and listen to podcast

I give a large portion of my paycheck to Belle Delphine's patreon every week

but she hasn't noticed me yet


Through struggle the species becomes stronger


Anarchy is the only thing that makes sense right now

Defending yourself in Big Brother's court room is not resistance

you're fucked if it goes to jury trial

better to plea out

sucks but the lemmings will rape anything to do with nazis


civic nationalist

reactionaries don't carry the spirit with them at alll times

They don't live it

That sounds like a form of cancer tbh

coffee stains your teeth

tea can be wholesome

nigga just get some gas

and pour it on a rag

how did this guy get past vetting



2,297 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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