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are stirner fans welcome here

egoist anarchism

my dad

Not really into communist stuff

I'd favour something like mutualism

and indivdualism

I hate peterson

Agree on some stuff

I think most people are turning to libertarian nowadays


can you guys recommend any books

i like philosophy

how can you be idpol and anarchist

are there no roles in the server because they create hiererchy?

hm ill look into it


Why is this an nsfw channel

dont know why people get so upset around the word nigger

just a word

how do you go about overthrowing the government

just earisng them


no more


How do you guys feel abou immigrants and immigration

Neo nazis???

Alt right

Do you mean direct advocation for a genocide?

Not want firect genocide


Thinking a certain race is less valuable isn't direct genocide

Wanting to eliminate is


Nazis wanted to eliminate jews?

They killed 6million jews correct?

I'd say that makes sense

If they wanted to move them out

That's killing no?

If they were put to die there

They were still kept prison

Death or no death

I didn't say they were planning it

It lead to a genocide

Not really sure about that

I know germans hated other nations are races

I don't know about their prorities though

I'm yet to read mein kampf

It's hard to say they didn't genuinely hate other races

You can play around with words as what hate means

But the point is there

Their methods included genocide

So they had to have a point where they "advocated" it


You are telling me germans didn't volountarily kill one single jew?

Still a genocide though

Srebrenica genocide had around 5000 victims correect me if im wrong

Thats holocaust?

He read some stirner

Stirner rejected ideology


@PugSlugger you're not missing on anything

What isn't dumb?

To you

What is valuable

Do you like Nietzsche @Mr. X

Morals are for massmen smh

Do you believe in morals @Mr. X

Morals are dumb tho

People dont get laid cause everyone does

What the fuck are you on

Mr. E is some sort of a deluded egoist

I have a friend who has had his hearth broken, he thinks similar to mr e

Hates sex

Hates people

Any rand was a rational egoist

You said egoists are dumb

Might be something like a post left anarchist

Ancaps are libertarians

Just without government

Government creates massmen

Why not let it all bur

Private law duh


What the fuck is this convesration

5,757 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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