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2018-12-31 05:40:31 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

There are lots of real ancaps

2018-12-31 05:41:18 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2018-12-31 05:42:37 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

But it's all supported by governance

2018-12-31 05:44:29 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

You're taking the behavior of people who live in orderly, governed societies, and saying that behavior would be replicated in societies without orderly government

2018-12-31 05:45:50 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Which civilization occurred without a central power

2018-12-31 05:46:13 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Such as

2018-12-31 05:46:19 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Google some if you want

2018-12-31 05:46:25 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Then how do you know they exist

2018-12-31 05:46:38 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Nothing is impossible

2018-12-31 05:46:44 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Just very improbable

2018-12-31 05:47:32 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

I'm just curious about examples here

2018-12-31 05:47:47 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

I can think of some societies off the top of my head that lacked central government

2018-12-31 05:47:50 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Medieval Ireland

2018-12-31 05:47:55 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

The Icelandic Commonwealth

2018-12-31 05:48:13 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Some pre-Roman Germanic tribes

2018-12-31 05:52:45 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

I would say precedent is a very solid determinant of if something will work or not, but fine, we can avoid that topic for now

2018-12-31 05:52:49 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

How would you accomplish your ultimate goal

2018-12-31 05:54:07 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2018-12-31 05:55:24 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

I think that something like Bittorent which allows people to share files is different from the exercise of power

2018-12-31 05:56:28 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2018-12-31 05:56:37 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

It's also used for sharing terrible content like child porn

2018-12-31 05:57:33 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

As far as I'm concerned, giving up certain freedoms in exchange for other freedoms is a worthy trade

2018-12-31 05:59:38 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Yes, but we still use encryption because it makes it harder for hackers

2018-12-31 05:59:54 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

We still put locks on our doors even though it takes one rock to smash a window

2018-12-31 06:00:10 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

We have security not because it'll stop every single criminal

2018-12-31 06:00:22 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

It's a means of deterrence

2018-12-31 06:00:31 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

It's the same reason we punish criminals

2018-12-31 06:00:41 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

We want people to not want to commit crimes

2018-12-31 06:01:16 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

"Most of the time"

2018-12-31 06:01:22 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

The majority of people don't use illegal drugs

2018-12-31 06:02:14 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

No, I stay away from drugs because I'm deeply uncomfortable with intoxication

2018-12-31 06:02:40 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

The point of the law isn't to catch every criminal

2018-12-31 06:02:48 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

It's to make those who would otherwise do it consequence-free think again

2018-12-31 06:05:59 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

The set of reciprocal responsibilities each citizen obliges to another in a state

2018-12-31 06:06:09 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

"I will not murder you if you don't murder me"

2018-12-31 06:06:15 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

And then, the "right to life" is created

2018-12-31 06:06:21 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

You didn't voluntarily

2018-12-31 06:08:45 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

`where does the authority of the government come from?`

2018-12-31 06:08:47 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2018-12-31 06:09:02 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

The authority of government is derived from the fact that they maintain a functioning social order

2018-12-31 06:09:05 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

It's the Mandate of Heaven

2018-12-31 06:09:15 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2018-12-31 06:12:00 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

The supermarket?

2018-12-31 06:12:01 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Let's see

2018-12-31 06:12:18 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

The food that arrives there travels by trade routes secured by the American military and navy

2018-12-31 06:12:29 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

The government built the highways which carry the food to my supermarket

2018-12-31 06:12:55 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

The supermarket stays in business because it knows that even if it is robbed it can go to the proper authorities

2018-12-31 06:13:24 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

I don't think that international trade routes can exist without government

2018-12-31 06:14:54 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

The fact hthat violence has always been a part of human civilization suggests it will probably always continue to be so

2018-12-31 06:15:44 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

You can't compare "technological innovation" to "social order"

2018-12-31 06:15:46 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

They're not the same thing

2018-12-31 06:17:16 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Of course it's possible

2018-12-31 06:17:26 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Who would deny that it's possible

2018-12-31 06:17:38 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

What I'm denying is that you can ever get to that point

2018-12-31 06:18:27 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Container ships are amazing

2018-12-31 06:18:52 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

All pay respect to the inventor of the shipping container

2018-12-31 06:19:22 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

All I asked for was one example

2018-12-31 06:20:14 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2018-12-31 06:20:20 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Technology != social order

2018-12-31 06:20:30 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

You can change our material conditions

2018-12-31 06:20:32 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Not our human nature

2018-12-31 06:21:08 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

About two thousand years, yeah

2018-12-31 06:21:19 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

And what was the Romans' most important contribution to the West?

2018-12-31 06:21:21 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

The state

2018-12-31 06:23:07 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

`the change ancom would make would be equivalent to the fall of the roman empire`

2018-12-31 06:23:13 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

So ancom would make life drastically worse

2018-12-31 06:25:10 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Well, it wasn't stable

2018-12-31 06:25:11 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

It changed a lot

2018-12-31 06:25:16 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Went through periods of instability

2018-12-31 06:33:54 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2018-12-31 06:34:36 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

If they're disciplined, well-behaved children

2018-12-31 06:34:41 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Lots of kids won't do it if you ask nicely

2018-12-31 06:37:15 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

`and ive seen opposite` as have I

2018-12-31 06:37:39 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Lots of anarchists and libertarians essentially believe in the idea of the "better angels of our nature"

2018-12-31 06:37:45 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

That there truly is a real moral sentiment in humans

2018-12-31 06:37:47 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

But there isn't

2018-12-31 06:37:50 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

We're just animals

2018-12-31 06:38:32 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Spontaneous order does exist

2018-12-31 06:38:36 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

That's true

2018-12-31 06:39:06 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Some people do

2018-12-31 06:39:14 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

And some don't

2018-12-31 06:39:19 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Some become more violent

2018-12-31 06:39:29 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Some use the opportunity to rob others or to commit violence

2018-12-31 06:39:39 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Absolutely not

2018-12-31 06:40:02 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

But what about all the crimes that happen during disasters

2018-12-31 06:42:20 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Precedent is a great way to establish an argument

2018-12-31 06:46:13 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

One example does not prove something true

2018-12-31 06:46:36 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

I can also list plenty of examples of disasters which spawned crime

2018-12-31 06:47:33 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Not all people are actually violent, but there is a portion of the population which will behave in anti-social ways

2018-12-31 06:48:40 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

The threat of violence isn't necessary in family and friendships but is necessary to bring together peoples who have no natural connection

2018-12-31 06:52:07 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Oh, joy

2018-12-31 06:57:38 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #voice-related]  

This sounds very utopian CL

2018-12-31 06:58:03 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #voice-related]  

You're basically stating that your technolical utopia is inevitable, but you know it can't come about except through more specialized labor in the near future

2018-12-31 07:01:32 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #voice-related]  

Yeah, it was a good show

2018-12-31 07:01:50 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2018-12-31 07:01:58 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

My mic is broken

2018-12-31 07:02:28 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

But like Lyoko my folks and sister are asleep and it's a small house, so I can't go on my phone

2018-12-31 07:04:07 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2018-12-31 07:06:06 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Wasn't the last episode just a clip show

2018-12-31 07:06:09 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2018-12-31 07:07:26 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

What a nice story

2018-12-31 07:13:47 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

No, finish

2018-12-31 07:13:51 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

I want to hear the rest of this

2018-12-31 07:14:07 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

I will compel you with violence to tell me

2018-12-31 07:14:11 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

As we do in a civilized order

2018-12-31 07:15:18 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2018-12-31 07:15:36 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

@do Hey

2018-12-31 07:15:39 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Where's the rest of the story

2018-12-31 07:16:00 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2018-12-31 07:16:03 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

I wanna know now

2018-12-31 07:16:13 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2018-12-31 07:16:29 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2018-12-31 07:16:31 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2018-12-31 07:16:58 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2018-12-31 07:17:02 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2018-12-31 07:17:53 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

What is it

2018-12-31 07:18:02 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

You keep not finishing your stories

2018-12-31 07:18:52 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Okay, what are these twelve things

2018-12-31 07:19:40 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

*taps own shoulder*

2018-12-31 07:25:53 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

This is the monomyth

2018-12-31 07:26:02 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

I also took sixth grade English

2018-12-31 07:27:03 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

I liked that scene in Homecoming

2018-12-31 07:28:24 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

There it is

2018-12-31 07:28:34 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Steel Man

2018-12-31 07:33:48 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2018-12-31 07:33:58 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

But nice meeting yall

2018-12-31 07:35:55 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2018-12-31 19:18:28 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2019-01-02 01:09:34 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Because socialists don't implement socialist reforms

2019-01-02 01:09:39 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

They just give themselves government privileges

2019-01-02 01:10:05 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

>Well THIS CORRUPTION WAS OKAY! Because there was corruption BEFORE!

2019-01-02 01:10:06 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2019-01-02 01:10:59 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

I don't even care about Brazil, I just wanted to shit on socialists

2019-01-02 01:12:00 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Yeah yuh socialism

2019-01-02 01:12:28 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Get this Jacobin shit out of my face

2019-01-02 01:14:04 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Funny how big cities have problems with gun violence and then hate on the rural, well-to-do folk who use their firearms responsibly

2019-01-02 01:14:31 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

This though

2019-01-02 16:04:17 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

To describe something as being substantial, you say "fat __"

2019-01-02 16:04:27 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

For example, "a long time" translates to "a fat minute"

2019-01-02 16:04:42 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

This does not apply to people

2019-01-02 16:26:02 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

I've heard the term "fat A" used before on an exam

2019-01-02 16:26:06 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

It's not always negative

2019-01-21 03:50:47 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Everyone lied about those students

2019-01-21 04:03:54 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

The Native American who approached them

2019-01-21 04:25:03 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

@Taihei Man walks up to you drumming in your face and mocking him is totally unacceptable?

2019-01-21 04:25:41 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Mocking someone on the street is not a cause for concern

2019-01-21 05:38:03 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

That's an extremely different case than what was reported

2019-01-21 14:43:14 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Cursed image

2019-01-21 19:08:27 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Liberals be like: stop worshipping veterans! They're not gods!

2019-01-25 00:24:13 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

2019-01-25 00:24:51 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-25 00:25:02 UTC [Nationalist Union #bot-commands]  


2019-01-25 00:25:06 UTC [Nationalist Union #bot-commands]  

?rank Right

2019-01-25 00:25:12 UTC [Nationalist Union #bot-commands]  

?rank North American

2019-01-25 00:25:22 UTC [Nationalist Union #bot-commands]  

?rank Cultural Nationalist

2019-01-25 00:25:30 UTC [Nationalist Union #bot-commands]  

?rank Culture Nationalist

2019-01-25 00:25:36 UTC [Nationalist Union #bot-commands]  

?rank Market Interventionist

2019-01-25 19:42:33 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

But will he lose to Warren

2019-01-25 19:43:15 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-26 01:03:46 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

It's my business if they threaten me

2019-01-26 02:20:20 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Good Lord

2019-01-26 03:08:39 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Red on yellow, kill the fellow

2019-01-26 04:08:45 UTC [Nationalist Union #serious-only]  

The problem really seems to be representative democracy

2019-01-26 04:09:31 UTC [Nationalist Union #serious-only]  

@Scipio Americanus It just encourages politicians to pander to people

2019-01-26 04:09:41 UTC [Nationalist Union #serious-only]  

I think a direct democracy (for a small community, obviously) would be better

2019-01-26 04:10:04 UTC [Nationalist Union #serious-only]  

Of course not

2019-01-26 04:10:17 UTC [Nationalist Union #serious-only]  

Representative democracy on a mass scale encourages pandering

2019-01-26 04:42:12 UTC [Nationalist Union #serious-only]  

Freedom does not exist in the absence of order

2019-01-26 17:58:06 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

It's pretty simple how they're going to do it

2019-01-26 17:58:20 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Progressives are opposed to the entire idea of sovereignty

2019-01-26 17:59:02 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Sovereignty of the individual to make decisions for himself, or of property rights, or of the rights of a nation, because property (over yourself, country, house, etc.) creates inequalities

2019-01-26 17:59:28 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

To them, America doesn't have sovereignty, it's an illegitimate state built on violence and oppression and has no *right* to maintain its borders against aliens

2019-01-26 18:02:09 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

They want the freedom to be hedonists and be supported by the state

2019-01-26 18:03:44 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

They have a moral system, it's just alien to us

2019-01-26 18:03:52 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Their moral system is pleasure/pain, ours is more good/evil

2019-01-26 18:04:33 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Their "good" is pleasure, care, comfort, support, inclusivity, and their "evil" is pain, exclusion, inequality, oppression

2019-01-26 18:04:37 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

They're very moralistic

2019-01-26 18:05:17 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

The right-wing moral axis aligns goodness with nobility, not care, and its evil is vice, not pain

2019-01-26 18:08:30 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

I don't know what you mean

2019-01-26 18:08:40 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

I think you're ignoring the fact that the neoprogressives are extremely moralistic

2019-01-26 18:08:54 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

It's just that they have their own moral system different from ours

2019-01-26 18:44:40 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-26 18:48:50 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-26 21:33:47 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-27 02:58:34 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2019-01-27 18:04:10 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  

Then you hate diversity

2019-01-28 02:14:57 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


2019-01-29 22:19:02 UTC [Rhetoricā„¢ #general]  


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