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2017-05-31 13:34:09 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Morning all

2017-05-31 13:35:28 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-05-31 13:35:34 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Always loved this one

2017-05-31 16:46:10 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

@everyone about a week one of you suggested hiding propaganda in videos that appeared to be porn. Was that here or in another region, I forget who suggested it

2017-05-31 16:47:20 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Because it can be uploaded to porn sites as a mental circuit breaker

2017-05-31 16:47:32 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I liked the idea. Porn is a plague

2017-05-31 16:48:40 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

No there'd be no real porn

2017-05-31 16:48:49 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Just a video thumb

2017-05-31 16:48:56 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Thank you

2017-05-31 17:29:03 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Hey, lunch here too

2017-05-31 18:40:51 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Take video, makes good propaganda

2017-06-10 02:42:05 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

We're proud of you boys in Houston, I second the periscope request! Let us live through you front liners!

2017-06-10 02:42:26 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Give those leftist shits hell tomorrow

2017-06-14 00:26:53 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

evening brothers

2017-06-14 00:28:06 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

@Tedium I like the idea of bonding through self improvement

2017-06-14 00:29:14 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I plan to start doing BJJ here in the next few months, I expect the kind of guys you find doing that kind of shit in the modern world are at least suceptible to our way of thinking

2017-06-14 00:29:25 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

facism is strength, among other things

2017-06-14 00:30:34 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

well I can feel people out pretty well, one of my strengths

2017-06-14 00:30:41 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I hoping to find at least one more for SC

2017-06-14 00:34:30 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

looks like a rune

2017-06-14 00:34:40 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

we have a few germanic pagans here maybe they know

2017-06-14 00:37:05 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

My brothers live up that way, one is 1488 all the way but he needs some work personally before I'd want him associating here

2017-06-14 00:37:48 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

TN is beautiful country, spent part of my life there

2017-06-14 00:39:07 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Nashville, therabouts

2017-06-14 00:39:35 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

you're ever out this way again hit me up, always glad to link up with VanAm guys

2017-06-14 00:40:13 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

ah, congrats

2017-06-14 00:40:18 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

in advance haha

2017-06-14 00:40:35 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

still it's an achievement these days

2017-06-14 00:42:22 UTC [Southern Front #general]  
2017-06-14 00:43:40 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I'm in favor of anything keeping us more coordinated

2017-06-14 01:53:47 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I dont, but I'm curious what you're thinking of getting

2017-06-14 01:54:41 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

could be funny trying to sneak a Black Sun by him tho

2017-06-14 01:55:06 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

"I want a sort of tribal looking citrus fruit on my shoulder. Here let me show you a sketch"

2017-06-14 01:58:50 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I've always liked werewolf imagery, I think it fits a lot of men in our movement keeping our thoughts hidden until the iron is hot enough to strike

2017-06-14 01:59:32 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-14 02:00:45 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Fasces is always a winner

2017-06-14 02:02:21 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

yeah that's the strength of our logo, it's accesible to the uninitiated

2017-06-14 02:02:30 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

it doesn't carry the baggage of the Black Sun or swastika

2017-06-14 02:02:45 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

nothing more American than the eagle

2017-06-14 02:03:56 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I also have a fascination with the Roman Empire

2017-06-14 02:04:05 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I want a Roman Eagle and SPQR on my shoulder

2017-06-14 02:04:20 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I may work a fasces into a talon

2017-06-14 02:06:18 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Rome had shit right, assimilate what is useful, erase what isn't

2017-06-14 02:06:24 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

at least when they were culturally intact

2017-06-14 02:06:39 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

losing sight of that is when the fall began to snowball

2017-06-14 02:07:09 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

no comic sans

2017-06-14 02:11:28 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

its good to be vigilant, a lot of leftists gravitate towards that job

2017-06-14 02:11:46 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

artists comfortable with right-wing tats are almost a niche

2017-06-14 02:11:54 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

hard right ones anyway

2017-06-19 23:45:53 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

evening gentlemen

2017-06-19 23:46:47 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

cheers to you, I need to get my bitcoin wallet sorted so I can do the same

2017-06-19 23:48:03 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

was going to ask you guys, I want to order a batch of one of our posters in sticker form, something roughly fist-sized I can carry around and slap on the odd lamp post, stall or case of beer in the grocery store

2017-06-19 23:48:13 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

anyone know of a printing company that will fill those orders?

2017-06-19 23:50:17 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I knew I could count on you guys

2017-06-19 23:50:19 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

thank you

2017-06-19 23:51:35 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I'd rather give my money to someone who's an ally anyway

2017-06-19 23:52:28 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I like him already

2017-06-19 23:54:46 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

He's VanAm?

2017-06-19 23:55:23 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

glorious, I'll be throwing a lot of business his way

2017-06-19 23:55:48 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

a lot of young college men nearby, I'm hoping we can get some site hits if I do a little legwork

2017-06-20 00:16:30 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-20 00:40:34 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

@Kevin FL Welcome, you're part of a family now

2017-06-20 00:40:41 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

let me know if I can help you out

2017-06-20 01:37:03 UTC [Southern Front #updates]  

putting in a donation tonight, those boys need a fucking hand if anyone does

2017-06-20 02:05:25 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-20 02:06:01 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

IMO much younger than 18 and we run the risk of hard chargers doing shit in violation of our tenets

2017-06-20 02:06:07 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Overeagerness is real

2017-06-20 02:06:33 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-20 02:06:48 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

It will never end, Hyde is our executioner

2017-06-20 02:07:32 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

The supidity of people never ceases to amaze me

2017-06-20 02:07:47 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

in the rush to be the first to scoop a story they fall for the Sam Hyde shit over and over again

2017-06-20 02:15:34 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

they always look like this don't they?

2017-06-20 02:17:45 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I mean, when they aren't Jews, they're weaklings with that lamb's smile and willingness to go quietly to extinction

2017-06-20 02:18:08 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

content that they at least condemned us

2017-06-20 02:19:20 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

"beards of my forefathers" sounds like a Tolkein dwarf curse

2017-06-20 02:19:22 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-21 00:30:49 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

evening brothers

2017-06-21 00:31:57 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-21 00:32:04 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

That's the saddest thing, once you realize it

2017-06-21 00:32:30 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

for it's flaws, to have the wrong blood on your hands when all is said and done is fucking tragic

2017-06-21 00:32:57 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

black pills are hard to swallow but one eye on the past always

2017-06-21 00:33:01 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

and one eye on the future

2017-06-21 00:34:15 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

that implies we're just an inconvenience. It's worse than wanting us gone

2017-06-21 00:34:30 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

media coverage in recent years proves it. They fucking hate us

2017-06-21 00:35:29 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-21 00:35:40 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-21 00:38:24 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

The Greatest Story Never Told was something I watched all at once when I was bedridden with the worst fly of my life

2017-06-21 00:38:38 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

it was so bad it lowered by heart rate significantly

2017-06-21 00:38:49 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

but it was an experience I'll never trade

2017-06-21 00:39:00 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

just me in that room, burning up with fever, watching all hours

2017-06-21 00:39:04 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

6 hours*

2017-06-21 00:39:49 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I have two friends of mine who are prospects, each one I'm easing closer to the JQ

2017-06-21 00:40:03 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

that documentary will be the coup de gras

2017-06-21 00:40:21 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

both are military history buffs so it's an easy transition

2017-06-21 00:42:47 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

that's great, bring him around to us when he's ready

2017-06-21 00:42:58 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

one of my buddies is ready to be a father

2017-06-21 00:43:05 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

it's changing his outlook on the state of things

2017-06-21 00:43:15 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

2 months and his son his here

2017-06-21 00:44:22 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I already bought his kid a children's version of Beowulf, and was glad to learn it'll be paired with a children's King Arthur book my friend already bought

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