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Jesus Christ that's depressing. I scrolled up and read some lines and @Ondsinet are you 16?

But you do understand that you can't pay in exposure, right?


And this is supposed to be one branch of the resistance...

I'm fucking done

I don't even know where to start tbh

Just carry on

Yeah, exactly.

F u c k g a y p e o p l e


Some real Einsteins in here are we?

Or just real life autism?

P = NP or P =/= NP ?

Fucking NPC

Håll käften ist

Nej snela

I just see colours.

Could you do me a favour tho?

Ctrl+shift+i and then I need some info from the right side

Tell me when you're ready


When you lvl up, can you use your emotes from other servers?

And you where on phone, right?


_hacking in progress_

_backtracing as we speak_

Pretty lit server tbh

You don't cry

Don't worry

It's just some devtools for discord

I wish I could post memes

I'm pretty edgy tbh


I'm on my way tho

I actually talked to the dev of MEE6

Real talk.

He was cool, we chatted about our PhD:s

I can fucking screen cap and shit

But cant post img

SO you know

His name is Jet if you care

I actually did.

Was a little star stuck since he and his team built the biggest bot on discord.

Yeah, imagine all the information he has on all the servers.


Actually sending nudes

Dankula is cool.

He earned my respect when he sat down with that (((guy))) and chatted for a couple of hours.

I wouldn't do that

Wow, that was some serious AIDS.

Real talk

inb4 mk ultra flashbacks

How the fuck do you know?

Context please

I have real life autism to a degree


No fucking way

Maybe the same, but not whiter.

I have a fucking CS bachelor.

That makes you white as fuck

Black people become white when they code for that long.

Oh, I thought you meant that you where albino.

I would be like: fuck, he's actually whiter than me.

I didn't ask to be fair.

He wouldn't have given it to me anyways.

Why would he?

No need to lie.

You only get so far in life with charm darling.

The revolution or whatever.

I saw a video about patreon and I have seen some of sargons videos before. So I thought it might be time to join his server and se what all the fuss was about.

Did not get disappointed.

Are you a drug user @Den Röda Smurfen?

I would think I am @Ondsinet

I own some great tucking books.

Thank God for block

I unblocked him because of pier pressure...

Man I really really enjoy this chat.

Jokes actually don't go over your heads.

>Emotes causes cramp in legs

I see, that's fair.

The fucking current state of affairs, that's who.

Who made you a fool @DiscordantFool ?

That's probably also fair and true.

Education requires some kind of thinking outside of the box.

No, if you're thinking inside the box you do everything they tell you and end up a fool. If you're thinking outside the box you pass everything and learn the real deal on your spare time.

It's not like uni thought me to write code. I did that myself.

Did you major in Economics?

I would probably kill for your stats knowledge atm..

Selective memory is such a good thing these days.

Stole it from the Internet, so blame that person.

Yeah and some cornerstones.

Fucking learn to read

Dude I'll count to potato if you don't stap

I'm white, I'm just grey here for the moment @galesteppes

nigga < nigger

English please fuckface

Jag la mig röst på AFS (läs kastade den i ån) och vid omval får SD den. Hur fan är jag neger?

I guess that's fair

Serious tho, why so many swedes in here?

>kompis med rumäner

I have seen some German here and there.

Mostly just catch phrases tbh


Not the real ones



>a with two dots over is banned

*looks at @Den Röda Smurfen s username*

Only Mussolini

He was an ok Mr.

Has some highscores to this day

Who the fuck eats pizza

I'll let that one slide since Christians are ok in my book.

Home made is never pizza, it's Godtier sandwich.

@Den Röda Smurfen Thanks for grammar nazing me.

Don't call me that.

Dindu nuffin

ooga booga Sverige

How are you guys with (((them)))?

You like?


Fuck man, I have been here for less than an hour but I love you more than I love my toothbrush.

I change once a month tho. So don't get any ideas.


_looks right into the camera_

Or am I? <:think_hitlerdidnothingwrong:378717099952177162>

There are some good cops.

Like there are some good nigg...Who am I trying to kid.

I would vote for to let the shoot on sight if I could.

Fucking tasers are not gonna fix our problems.

Just ban Islam. Done.

Then remove (((them))) from the sheckels making machine.

We would have peace tomorrow.


I thought we were just trolling/talking tbh

I can tone it down if you want me to?

I'm genuine. I can do date stamped pic that shows it too.

Going for a PhD in AI

I know many many syntaxes and have written 2 papers in the CS field.

Not doxxing myself tho

I mostly do Logic, that's like the only branch of math I know good.

Stuff like the Cook–Levin theorem and shit

Currently writing about the P versus NP problem. Shit sucks horsedick. It's so hard.

Hardest stuff I have ever tried to get around to

I'll stop with the dick references. <:zucc:433402362447527936>

I'm currently living it, so yeah. You might have flashbacks and I'm in nam atm.

Ofc I will

That's why I didn't post there haha, I know jack shit about electronics.

I have mostly done Arduino and stuff like that. I can build a PC from scratch too. But actually calculating current and stuff, nah..

Tentamen is waaay worse

Oral tentamens are the absolute worst. We had to do that in Discrete math. Almost cried when I was asked to define infinity.

My definition: It's so big that you can take the entire infinity and put two of the in it.

He passed me.

Really makes you think tho.

That's big.

Infinity is actually existing between 0 and 1.

And between those number is another one.

And so on.

My head is starting to hurt again. 😦

I hate infinity.

Can barley grasp what it actually means. Just mumbo jumbo about it.

Philosophy is life.

One of my hobbies is collection books. And Philosophical ones are the best.

I can't even

They're wrapped in plastic

Kids are way better than anything I currently have, right?

Let's talk about kids instead.

@Ondsinet not like that...

@turtwig Did you cry when turtkid was born?

Manly ofc

I'm going to be a father in 4 months. And I think I will faggot cry tbh.

@turtwig No, We decided that we don't want to know so my wifey can have a surprise after she has given birth.

Two genders

To be fair, her sister and brother has 4 kids in total. (Not with each other) so we can get whatever we want from them until the 1 year mark. They grow to fast to even care about what they wear from what I understand.

Fucking life changing stuff tbh..

I'm just happy that me and wife are on the same page on everything.

So whatever comes, comes.

I knew she was the one when I saw Mein Kampf standing among her books almost a decade ago. <:ohsargon:451135765368274954>

_moves Sargon server to the top of the server list._

Can I drop my OC memes in creative or is it just for drawing and stuff?

Don't have perms there. Just in creative.

I should have know that.

Some of them are. <:makes_you_think:382980749780844554>

I'll just wait

I have stuff I have done creatively anyway.

I don't want to disappoint you. 😦

And most of them are aimed towards swedes

Took a long time to draw

What did I miss


So what are you up to @Den Röda Smurfen

Thinking about trying how creation kit stands against Unreal Engine

Thing is, I really like Godot

So I'm doing that on and off when I have time over

Which is not much.

So you can't build standalone stuff?

I can teach you to code instead

So you can make your own game

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