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His using modern terms to describe old shit

If he existed today he'd be considered a bigger terrorist than bin Laden

Lol,have you read das kapital?

He was part of a local detail under the command of the SS

Which was assigned to track,record and seize Jewish property

It's like saying the Indian legion served "in the SS" because they were under the command of the SS

No,not that questionable at all

@Degen Bergstein you don't have to be a Marxist to be a communist,the idea of communism existed before marx did

Nature fallacy

@Degen Bergstein why can there only be a single truth?

Also,that's one mighty assumption

There are multiple solutions to this perceived problem

So this doesn't make sense

What's the problem? Their actions or existence ?

You sound like a nazbol

> einsatzgruppen trial

> Josef mengele

This I disagree with

However I understand the logic tho

Like with the Armenian genocide

And other crimes

People biased towards the Soviets still claim that they did nothing wrong

Wrong, discord works with police forces in your locality

And will aid them in administering justice

So if you're in the EU then ur fucced

U live in a reservation?


"Besides that"

> when DNA tests don't confirm my pre-existing biases they're shit

"if you want to know who you are, just search more about your ancestors, make a family tree and calculate your percentages"

Are you mentally disabled or memeing?

Using modern science

I propose setting up your own lab and conducting the same tests

That these corporations do

See if you get the same result

it's pretty easy to set up one in your lab

Depending on what you're doing

This, I'd say get a shed

But if you don't wanna do all that

Then just take the fucking test and shut up kekekekek

Or take multip!e

And correlate the results

Why do you ask?

This server is probs full of them

Lol,nationalist female

๐Ÿ˜‚ <:YEET:583247407186182144>

question,are women property in your opinion?

Do you believe in the sharia?

God's law sent by the prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Are you a homosexual,masturbator or Jewish?

Are you sure?

You're a woman

How can god endow you with the ability to give orders?

@rory don't go to bed,

Unless you want women to control you

You're probs an edgy teen

Who likes national socialism

IIm 19 turning 20 and have 4 wives,3 kids a house and a car

What do you have?

How much?

Mine's 8 inches

That's disgusting

Also,u don't have 2k


You're parent let you drink it?

@Sultan IV is that you?

Send the link to vaush server

2019-06-18 04:12:34 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #race-issues]  

@Deleted User what is cultural marxism?

2019-06-19 03:24:33 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #race-issues]  

@Deleted User ok,but give a definition

2019-06-19 21:07:13 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #race-issues]  

Also,have you read any works from members of the Frankfurt school?

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