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2018-10-11 16:49:14 UTC


2018-10-11 16:49:17 UTC


2018-10-11 16:49:27 UTC

BAHAHAHA Eat it kikes

2018-10-11 16:49:32 UTC


2018-10-11 16:50:11 UTC
2018-10-11 16:50:16 UTC


2018-10-11 16:50:38 UTC



2018-10-11 16:51:13 UTC

Sumerian artifacts from different locations

@stedly look another bridge


2018-10-11 16:52:30 UTC

CERN - Shiva

>youtube videos

>fucking cancer

>read a fucking book

2018-10-11 16:53:32 UTC

Ha what up @8bit

>youtube videos are literal FUD

I just fucking showed you that india as we know it is the descendants of summeria. @Bukkakemon

2018-10-11 16:54:52 UTC


2018-10-11 16:57:37 UTC

Idk man, I still believe in previous civilization theory

2018-10-11 16:57:47 UTC

Where the previous one was wiped out by their own nukes

2018-10-11 16:58:06 UTC


2018-10-11 17:00:29 UTC


2018-10-11 17:01:32 UTC

So I'm related to street shitters then?

2018-10-11 17:02:08 UTC

The original street shitters


I sincerely hope that you kys

2018-10-11 17:04:17 UTC

Had forgot to turn off speaker and gave one of the ladies a drink I picked up at lunch. Got lucky...realized once among them that something ridiculous may be said over my phone ha. Missile diverted

2018-10-11 17:07:25 UTC

I missed my chance to scream nigger at pawns work

2018-10-11 17:07:27 UTC


2018-10-11 17:07:33 UTC


To my fucking shock @Bukkakemon is a flat earther that can't make a fucking meme

2018-10-11 17:09:09 UTC


2018-10-11 17:09:35 UTC


2018-10-11 17:11:28 UTC

Whatever it is, someone folded it.

2018-10-11 17:11:31 UTC

What a douchebag.

2018-10-11 17:11:44 UTC


2018-10-11 17:12:07 UTC

Oh jesus fuck, flat earth nonsense.

2018-10-11 17:12:19 UTC


2018-10-11 17:12:25 UTC


2018-10-11 17:12:28 UTC

Why you do this.

2018-10-11 17:12:49 UTC

get on chat stedly

2018-10-11 17:12:52 UTC


2018-10-11 17:13:03 UTC

And I see curvature in that photo, cause I'm not a blind fucking idiot.

2018-10-11 17:13:19 UTC


@Bukkakemon Why did the church say the earth was flat

2018-10-11 17:13:43 UTC

who knows my dude

2018-10-11 17:13:44 UTC

Cause reasons.

How can you see differrnet sides of the moon

2018-10-11 17:13:51 UTC

why do they say it's round now?

its just a disk

2018-10-11 17:15:11 UTC

in this channel rn


If the earth is flat then why do seasons happen @Bukkakemon

Here we were doing digs and you sidetrack the whole fucking convo

2018-10-11 17:16:20 UTC

helllllllllllllllllllll ya

2018-10-11 17:17:08 UTC

I sidetracked it too, gotta give me a little bit of credit.

2018-10-11 17:17:32 UTC

Awe, still butthurt that your digs can be so easily sidetracked.

2018-10-11 17:17:41 UTC

You KYS first.

2018-10-11 17:17:47 UTC

I'll watch, and you can show me how.

2018-10-11 17:17:49 UTC


2018-10-11 17:18:45 UTC

>clouds according to flat earthers are now apparently no longer transparent water vapors...

2018-10-11 17:19:06 UTC




god we are soo good at getting derailed

for actual digs

2018-10-11 17:21:47 UTC

I've been steadily dropping shit.... So I dunno what you're talking about

2018-10-11 17:22:21 UTC


2018-10-11 17:22:27 UTC


2018-10-11 17:23:11 UTC

400 BC dated stone dildo.

2018-10-11 17:23:23 UTC

With a swastika on it

@stedly They were Phoenicians who left lebanon to the north using these MARKERS to find the new land



2018-10-11 17:25:45 UTC

Sounds like @PenSHITLORD is triggered


2018-10-11 17:26:55 UTC

Oh yeah we're so derailed......

2018-10-11 17:27:32 UTC

Anyone watching the Kanye interview

2018-10-11 17:27:33 UTC

Fight fight fight fight

2018-10-11 17:28:31 UTC

Just like a movie montage

shit tier link

notice how all the shill fags join when I start dropping summarian shit

2018-10-11 17:29:41 UTC

"Gotta be playing 4D chess" "I serve at the pleasure of the President" 👀

2018-10-11 17:30:02 UTC

Suck my dick Ron you're the shill

2018-10-11 17:30:29 UTC

>using shitposting channel for research
>suprized its being "slid" by shitposting

2018-10-11 17:30:33 UTC

I'm on the shitter at work and that's the only link I could find

2018-10-11 17:30:48 UTC

Good point

If I was dropping all of this in Q-General you would be accusing me of the same shit @FastJack

"dont spam Q general"

2018-10-11 17:32:20 UTC

Love how all shills just drop youtube links

too lazy to drop sauce

follow the money


2018-10-11 17:40:48 UTC

fuck off sir woof

phoenicians were first ship builders

to leave the region

2018-10-11 17:43:13 UTC

Earlier this year Israel and Suads were gonna invade Leb

2018-10-11 17:43:24 UTC

>slide nigger slides

2018-10-11 17:43:32 UTC

>derail nigger derails

2018-10-11 17:43:47 UTC

>over the target

2018-10-11 17:43:48 UTC

see the dots

>try to pick more relevant topic

>flat earth didnt work

2018-10-11 17:43:56 UTC

They're in todays earlier picture

2018-10-11 17:43:59 UTC

>eat popcorn

2018-10-11 17:44:01 UTC

kys stedly

2018-10-11 17:44:14 UTC

>watch greentexts for 10 minutes straight

2018-10-11 17:44:23 UTC

Muh /pol/ golden goats about to get slaughtered

2018-10-11 17:44:52 UTC

>kys stedly

Who owns four seasons

Bill fucking gates

2018-10-11 17:45:55 UTC

It's a perfect match

2018-10-11 17:45:58 UTC

That's not a coincidence.

2018-10-11 17:47:40 UTC


2018-10-11 17:48:34 UTC


PDF is too big

larger than 8.0 mb

Ill drop it in symbolism thread

2018-10-11 17:52:47 UTC

Good shit

OH shit yea the 3 plusses

2018-10-11 17:53:35 UTC

less talking more link posting

2018-10-11 17:53:44 UTC


Basically this LA WADDLE nigger wrote for Encyclopedia Brittanica but has to leave out all this shit

hence all the separate books

somone scanned them all and uploaded them to scribed



"not protected by monuments act"

2018-10-11 18:00:39 UTC

They used the new emergence txt channel for hurricane Michael in Florida

How did the freemasons get to scotland from the temple of solomon?

Yes this is how I tihnk it happened

Knights of Malta are intertwined

Phoenician roots

2018-10-11 18:04:42 UTC

What about Switzerland

2018-10-11 18:05:39 UTC


No kiked universities

Military crosses

are the only ifs but nothing out of the ordinary for military insignia

his wiki says he's controversial and conspiratorial

```Laurence Austine Waddell.

British Army officers in Tibet during 1904, Laurence Waddell (center)
Lieutenant Colonel Laurence Austine Waddell,[1] CB, CIE, F.L.S., L.L.D, M.Ch., I.M.S. RAI, F.R.A.S (1854–1938) was a British explorer, Professor of Tibetan, Professor of Chemistry and Pathology, Indian Army surgeon,[2] collector in Tibet, and amateur archaeologist. Waddell also studied Sumerian and Sanskrit; he made various translations of seals and other inscriptions. His reputation as a Assyriologist gained little to no academic recognition and his books on the history of civilization have caused controversy. Some of his book publications however were popular with the public, and he is regarded by some today to have been a real-life precursor of the fictional character Indiana Jones.[3]```

No academic recognition

Cover him up with indiana jones

Sargon 2300 BC

Summerian Ruler

Of course he wasnt knighted

ima print dat shit

Wonder why a source would be removed eh?

Ok im gonna download the rest

2018-10-11 18:20:57 UTC

rip voice chat

2018-10-11 18:47:51 UTC


2018-10-11 18:59:09 UTC

F35s are grounded globally. They say it's a fuel line issue but I'm thinking it's the comped microchip

2018-10-11 19:01:13 UTC

Yeah I threw a link in articles about it

2018-10-11 19:02:14 UTC



2018-10-11 19:49:51 UTC

fuck ya Ye killin shit

2018-10-11 20:22:28 UTC

pregnancy uterus downtime vs penis uptime

2018-10-11 20:37:09 UTC

Rumple fugly...better find some support soon (assume we will at least get a bounce coming up, but looks sick). Broke thru 50 & 200 dma (day moving average) in 2 days.


Wow token sheckel is like my live ticker

2018-10-11 20:38:35 UTC


There's never a "steady" decline

2018-10-11 21:25:29 UTC


2018-10-11 21:29:22 UTC

<:trumpup:498239485377773581> <:trumpOK:498239491589537821>

2018-10-11 21:29:38 UTC
2018-10-11 21:40:00 UTC


2018-10-11 21:40:01 UTC


2018-10-11 21:42:57 UTC

10,000 BC

2018-10-11 21:47:35 UTC


2018-10-11 21:47:36 UTC


2018-10-11 21:48:26 UTC


2018-10-11 21:48:26 UTC


2018-10-11 21:51:13 UTC

Wow those are good pics, makes me think of this


2018-10-11 21:51:35 UTC

yeah they are them

2018-10-11 21:51:49 UTC

We found egyptianish and the cult shit at the same site in turkey

2018-10-11 21:55:34 UTC

>mfw gandalf predicted is ra el<:yung:499391632748052480>

2018-10-11 22:04:19 UTC


2018-10-11 22:24:53 UTC


2018-10-11 22:25:33 UTC

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