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2018-01-17 18:14:10 UTC [Meme Warfare #meme-batter]  

@here If we have any creative types here, I've been recording the action! You can chop it up or do whatever and put it in your own videos! https://my.mixtape.moe/cyepqz.mp4

2018-03-27 00:13:38 UTC [Canadian Patriots #welcome]  

Canadians are faggots.

2018-03-27 01:10:20 UTC [Canadian Patriots #welcome]  

Kidding. I am a leaf.

2018-03-27 01:12:51 UTC [Canadian Patriots #welcome]  

Im also the board owner of QResearch. We are all very rude.

2018-05-25 08:22:00 UTC [Canadian Patriots #q-reasearch]  

@everyone Maintenance taking place on /qresearch/ . Spread the word. We are not shut down.

2018-10-07 17:02:23 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

2018-10-24 23:05:56 UTC [Outer Heaven #nsfw-shitposting]  


2018-10-25 18:10:53 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

It'll kill itself with it's own diabeetus

2018-10-25 18:14:43 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

What the hell made them think these would be recieved well?

2018-10-25 23:30:44 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

Wait is that true?

2018-10-25 23:30:52 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  


2018-10-25 23:31:21 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  


2018-10-25 23:31:54 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

Little faggots like to kick balls around, they have the gay!!!!

2018-10-25 23:43:28 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  


2018-10-25 23:43:44 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  


2018-10-25 23:44:17 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  


2018-10-25 23:44:36 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  


2018-10-25 23:45:23 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

Ohh shiiiit

2018-10-25 23:47:25 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

Is someone throwing a tennis ball at her?

2018-10-25 23:48:18 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

Did you just assume our fucking genders?

2018-10-25 23:49:24 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

I identify as a Steam Sale.
Gibs me money pls

2018-10-25 23:59:43 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

no u

2018-10-26 04:17:03 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

I are smart cookie

2018-10-26 05:19:52 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

That seemed accurate

2018-10-30 20:59:32 UTC [Infinity Dark #dank-posting]  

2018-11-01 06:07:18 UTC [Outer Heaven #vc-general]  

Come take a look in vc

2018-11-01 06:07:23 UTC [Outer Heaven #vc-general]  

It lets you screenshare

2018-11-01 06:07:33 UTC [Outer Heaven #vc-general]  

I thought it was bs at first too

2018-11-01 06:08:10 UTC [Outer Heaven #vc-general]  

Screenshot does nothing, you can see for yourself I am sharing my desktop

2018-11-01 06:08:13 UTC [Outer Heaven #vc-general]  


2018-11-01 06:20:09 UTC [Outer Heaven #vc-general]  

He doesn't know if it does. I don't see why it would.

Ha ha

Buncha shills in here too

2019-02-05 06:07:57 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #border-checkpoint]  

2020-01-30 05:35:25 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

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