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2019-05-23 23:17:36 UTC

and the 'cold fusion' myth

2019-05-23 23:17:57 UTC

briggs & stratton flatheads are easier to work with, less parts, and it has more power than a typical 2 stroke kit

2019-05-23 23:17:57 UTC

2019-05-23 23:17:59 UTC

using lasers to heat up hydrogen to make it fuse

2019-05-23 23:18:29 UTC

lasers shift the electron orbits wider than normal by photon charging

2019-05-23 23:19:13 UTC

@SirW00f theres also muon catalyzed fusion and "bubble fusion"

2019-05-23 23:19:19 UTC

need massive amounts of pressure to allow such actions to cause hydrogen to fuse into helium or some other material

2019-05-23 23:19:45 UTC

ya but neutron fusion is easiest

2019-05-23 23:20:04 UTC

well there is pyroelectric fusion as well

2019-05-23 23:20:42 UTC

can make deuterium and tritium from hydrogen via neutron fusion

2019-05-23 23:21:03 UTC

without needing a few megawatts to be wasted

2019-05-23 23:21:32 UTC

a laser could theoretically do the trick if it is a nuclear pumped laser or a gamma ray laser

2019-05-23 23:21:56 UTC

maybe a good compromise is using an X-Ray laser?

2019-05-23 23:22:26 UTC

was working on a nacer while i was investigated by the gov before got approved for the navy

2019-05-23 23:22:44 UTC

things i do in my hobby times

2019-05-23 23:23:09 UTC

a nacer is the neutron version of a laser

2019-05-23 23:23:31 UTC

i was trying to make a phaser actually

2019-05-23 23:23:48 UTC

i had a theory that maybe theres a possibility of using tesla coils to trigger fusion reactions?

2019-05-23 23:23:50 UTC

source material was radium

2019-05-23 23:24:24 UTC

well tesla coils can create ozone from oxygen

2019-05-23 23:24:43 UTC

anything is possible

2019-05-23 23:26:27 UTC

anyway...i'm keeping any research to my self for now since over the decades since i left the navy to even attempt at making a nacer based phaser either met with disappointment or somebody in my family turning my projects into trash or scrap materials while i'm working

2019-05-23 23:26:39 UTC

What size Briggs engine are you thinking of running?

2019-05-23 23:26:42 UTC

what about quantum fusion? using quantum forces to initiate nuclear fusion

2019-05-23 23:27:21 UTC

the thought of it came to mind when i realized spontaneous fission only ocurrs due to quantum tunneling

2019-05-23 23:27:22 UTC

quantum is alot harder since we don't really know enough about how to control it or even work in those realms apart from marvel movies

2019-05-23 23:27:53 UTC

I think Nasa has made a phaser that is capable of hand held untethered, but there are those I know that saw first hand . But you guy's are getting beyond me

2019-05-23 23:28:10 UTC

@Bucko a single cylinder engine that makes 4 to 6 horsepower, the type people put on their bikes

2019-05-23 23:28:41 UTC

@John of Arc sorry for all the talk above the normal realms of man

2019-05-23 23:29:28 UTC

u thinking of rigging up a lawn mower to a car?.....well maybe for hybrid it might work

2019-05-23 23:29:35 UTC


2019-05-23 23:29:45 UTC

something like that

2019-05-23 23:30:14 UTC

that the rig your going to change over?

2019-05-23 23:30:19 UTC

wish i still had the bike i had in jhs..it got stolen

2019-05-23 23:30:37 UTC

It's ok , I enjoy this shtuff

2019-05-23 23:30:47 UTC

no motor but was nice chopper style...even with banana seat and sissy bar

2019-05-23 23:31:00 UTC

and 5 speed stick shifter

2019-05-23 23:31:14 UTC

It was called the banana peeler

2019-05-23 23:31:23 UTC

and rocket launchers(no, i'm not kidding)

2019-05-23 23:31:35 UTC

i own one of these


2019-05-23 23:32:04 UTC

so u want to make a motor bike from that frame..

2019-05-23 23:32:16 UTC

as you can see theres plenty of room in the center for the engine and fuel tank to be mounted adjecent to eachother

2019-05-23 23:32:57 UTC

it's a single speed bike so all i require is decent brakes and a freewheeling clutch

2019-05-23 23:32:57 UTC

2019-05-23 23:33:36 UTC

easier to convert a 10-speed to it..the wide sprocket on the back wheel could handle the torque better

2019-05-23 23:34:24 UTC

i bought mine straight from columbia bikes, they still make the older models,

2019-05-23 23:34:39 UTC

theres a 1936 model they sell as well

2019-05-23 23:34:52 UTC

all authentic period correct designs

2019-05-23 23:34:52 UTC

@John of Arc the back support bar was 6ft high on mine

2019-05-23 23:36:20 UTC

Dang, so the hood thots wouldn't fall off, lol

2019-05-23 23:37:05 UTC


2019-05-23 23:37:08 UTC

they are really damn expensive though, the 52 i got i think was almost 200 maybe 300 bucks

2019-05-23 23:37:20 UTC

and the rockets kept the other players at bay

2019-05-23 23:37:31 UTC

some states have a 50cc limit. over has to be titled and tagged

2019-05-23 23:37:53 UTC

yeah, i'm planning to get a class M liscense

2019-05-23 23:37:59 UTC

it's the whole kit

2019-05-23 23:38:39 UTC

under 49cc you don't need a license

2019-05-23 23:38:39 UTC

a briggs and stratton motor will give the bike the power and experience i want in a motorized bike

2019-05-23 23:39:05 UTC

and most certainly exceeds the guidelines in missouri law

2019-05-23 23:39:22 UTC

here in missouri limit is 50 cc

2019-05-23 23:39:27 UTC

it used to be 80 cc

2019-05-23 23:39:51 UTC

in my opinion modified bikes should be exempt

2019-05-23 23:40:23 UTC

if you are gonna build one then you obviously already know how you are gonna ride it

2019-05-23 23:40:41 UTC

The problem is Carburation, there is no power circuit on brigs engines. they are designed to run constant rpm

2019-05-23 23:42:09 UTC

so i need a carburetor? ok, those are fairly easy to work with,

2019-05-23 23:42:43 UTC

it's the sprag clutch most of those bikes use

2019-05-23 23:43:02 UTC

yeah, i figured i'd need to get a new clutch

2019-05-23 23:43:15 UTC

no idle circuit, no power circuit on the carb

2019-05-23 23:43:36 UTC

which is why i tlought about a freewheeling clutch

2019-05-23 23:44:17 UTC

freewheeling clutch, how does it engage?

2019-05-23 23:44:35 UTC

by pedalling

2019-05-23 23:44:50 UTC

that is the sprag design clutch

2019-05-23 23:44:53 UTC

when you put on the brakes it disengages from the pedals

2019-05-23 23:44:53 UTC

2019-05-23 23:45:25 UTC

but i need an adittional clutch to disengage from the power train as well

2019-05-23 23:45:44 UTC

that is why i pointed you to the kits

2019-05-23 23:45:57 UTC

so that when i brake it not only disengages from the pedals but from the chainbelt too

2019-05-23 23:47:45 UTC

are there flathead 4 stroke engine kits then? @Bucko

2019-05-23 23:48:00 UTC

ya the link i sent you

2019-05-23 23:48:12 UTC

i like the simplicity and visual appeal of vintage flatheads

2019-05-23 23:50:43 UTC

oh yeah i've seen these 4 stroke kits before, although the only issue i have is that they'll look fugly as heck on my vintage bike.

2019-05-23 23:50:56 UTC

the 2 stroke kits are a maybe

2019-05-23 23:51:25 UTC

the only beef i have with them is lack of power/speed, but their vintage appear is a definite 10/10

2019-05-23 23:53:10 UTC

ya 2 stroke is a pain. 4 stroke is better

2019-05-23 23:55:08 UTC

this is neat

2019-05-23 23:55:22 UTC

this might be a thing i can do with my dad

2019-05-23 23:57:12 UTC

most of those engines use babbit bearings. once they wear out. some of the better engines use castiron sleeves

2019-05-23 23:58:47 UTC

i'll keep that in mind

2019-05-23 23:59:51 UTC

another possibility is putting a torque converter on my bike

2019-05-24 00:00:38 UTC

since it is a single speed and has no "reverse" setting

2019-05-24 00:11:29 UTC

plus i'd like to do a build like this


2019-05-24 00:11:44 UTC


2019-05-24 00:11:44 UTC

2019-05-24 00:11:58 UTC

a vintage type look

2019-05-24 00:12:09 UTC

@ᶜʳᶦᵗᵗᶻ ok I found it, I'll thinkI have to DM you cause it goes against sever rules

2019-05-24 00:12:35 UTC

the briggs engines overall have the same architecture as the ones from the 20s through 50s

2019-05-24 00:13:26 UTC

i hate to interrupt this conversation but - https://twitter.com/MAGAGwen/status/1131582461702475776?s=19

2019-05-24 00:13:39 UTC

oh thats going to backfire on them dems greatly ...by passing laws on keeping ppl on the ballot by putting up their tax returns
the interesting thing is ...who's really in charge of the irs now...is it the nwo or somebody favorable to the real maga agenda of actually finding out the truth?

2019-05-24 00:14:04 UTC

this one is from the 40s i believe


2019-05-24 00:14:11 UTC


2019-05-24 00:14:42 UTC

@SirW00f fuck california

2019-05-24 00:14:42 UTC

funny how the designs haven't really changed much in 50-75yrs

2019-05-24 00:15:02 UTC

@Indigo Lucifer it's several states actually

2019-05-24 00:15:13 UTC

they're just the latest one

2019-05-24 00:15:27 UTC

@SirW00f because flatheads are reliable as fuck thats why, the french kept using them through to the 90s

2019-05-24 00:15:41 UTC

plus plenty of aftermarket parts

2019-05-24 00:16:02 UTC

makes them cheap to operate and repair

2019-05-24 00:16:28 UTC

plus many of them are undersquare making them torque monsters

2019-05-24 00:16:44 UTC

so theres still many industrial uses for flatheads

2019-05-24 00:27:17 UTC

it's declass time

2019-05-24 00:27:20 UTC

ya it was California that came out with the CARB compliant regulations. 2 stroke disapeared. chokes on small engines disappeared as well.

2019-05-24 00:27:49 UTC

luckily i live in missouri

2019-05-24 00:28:02 UTC

a red state

2019-05-24 00:28:20 UTC

still wont use a 2 stroke tho

2019-05-24 00:34:23 UTC


2019-05-24 00:35:39 UTC


2019-05-24 00:40:47 UTC

this is my favorite of the briggs builds i've seen


2019-05-24 01:10:26 UTC

POTUS just lit the fuse

2019-05-24 01:20:42 UTC


2019-05-24 01:25:07 UTC

@Bucko heres an interesting idea, would the use of a hand brake mechanism for motor accelleration work?

2019-05-24 01:25:25 UTC

fuse was a timer, and the dems were the ticks and tocks of it

2019-05-24 01:25:58 UTC

so pedals used to crank it in startup and use some sort of handle mounted acceleration mechanism to drive it

2019-05-24 01:25:59 UTC

2019-05-24 01:26:02 UTC

stuff was printed and ready for release long before most of the world knew

2019-05-24 01:28:23 UTC

Yep was clear they are only going to dig into everything they can get to find some dirt, they aren't interested in getting anything done. That's why Pelosi was hush hush about her real intent.

2019-05-24 01:31:49 UTC

new Q

2019-05-24 01:43:06 UTC

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: a67511 No.2825004 📁
Aug 31 2018 20:29:12 (EST)
Special Approval
[LL]>paper trail>special entry
[Natalia Veselnitskaya]>Manafort
FISA warrant issued / approved>Manafort
FISA warrant issued / approved>Papadopoulos
FISA warrant issued / approved>Page
FISA warrant issued / approved>FLYNN
[SEC 702]
P talks to X
X talks to Y
Y talks to Z

2019-05-24 02:28:21 UTC

Q said Assange is key to DNC ‘source’ ‘hack’ ‘187’ I hope he is safe.

2019-05-24 04:03:59 UTC

Watch "Sean Hannity / Bongino : Trump grants full Authority to #AGBarr to Declassify key FISA Documents 5/23/19 [FULL| | Fox #News Today May 23, 2019" https://youtu.be/j0E65BcOtEE

2019-05-24 04:15:11 UTC


2019-05-24 06:18:47 UTC

@Indigo Lucifer Yes it would work. However, it will be a non-standard design. Meaning, that you will have difficulty transiting from the Bicycle and Motor bike.

2019-05-24 06:21:48 UTC


2019-05-24 06:21:53 UTC


2019-05-24 06:56:17 UTC

@Bucko the reason i asked was because i never really operated a moped before so i wanna know how it could work best for me to understand

2019-05-24 06:57:07 UTC

if im gonna build something like this, i wanna make sure i know how it will work

2019-05-24 06:58:01 UTC

i've never worked on bike engines before which is why i specifically was looking at flathead designs

2019-05-24 06:58:14 UTC

less parts

2019-05-24 06:58:43 UTC

cheap and simple

2019-05-24 06:59:35 UTC

plus its a 4 stroke engine which i am more familiar with than 2 stroke

2019-05-24 07:00:45 UTC

the main issue is how do i set it up best for simplicity in use and operation without drastically aftering the bike itself

2019-05-24 07:02:30 UTC

like for instance how do i set it up to idle, because if i dont then everytime i put on the brakes i'd have to start up the engine again

2019-05-24 07:04:43 UTC

which is why i thought of pedals being used to start the engine and put on brakes without stalling the engine everytime i stop at a traffic intersection

2019-05-24 07:05:02 UTC

hence the "hand accelerator"

2019-05-24 07:05:44 UTC

the controls for motor bikes is left clutch, right front brake and throttle

2019-05-24 07:05:58 UTC

look at electric clutches

2019-05-24 07:06:31 UTC

Hint, Junk yard and air conditioner pump

2019-05-24 07:07:04 UTC

grab the serpintine belt and idler as well

2019-05-24 07:07:31 UTC

ok? but i'm not really making a motorcycle, i'm trying to convert a 1950s bike into a beefed up moped really

2019-05-24 07:07:45 UTC

like those old boardtrack bikes

2019-05-24 07:07:46 UTC

controls should be same same

2019-05-24 07:08:01 UTC

ok... again i'm not too familiar

2019-05-24 07:08:18 UTC

yup easier transition to a big bike

2019-05-24 07:09:22 UTC

i ran my 70cc moped honda in the a neighbors fence. it had a centrifical clutch

2019-05-24 07:09:32 UTC

does the clutch work the same as on a car basically?

2019-05-24 07:09:38 UTC

is it foot operated?

2019-05-24 07:10:04 UTC

how does it disengage from the engine?

2019-05-24 07:10:04 UTC

2019-05-24 07:10:23 UTC

electric on the air conditioner, you can modify a micro switch and a bicyle break lever

2019-05-24 07:10:33 UTC

just need a battery

2019-05-24 07:11:33 UTC

do you have a picture that describes this? what does it look like? how would such a setup work on a briggs and stratton flathead?

2019-05-24 07:14:05 UTC

i'm trying to keep it period correct in mechanical terms

2019-05-24 07:16:26 UTC

period correct would be the sprag or centrifugal clutch

2019-05-24 07:19:37 UTC

used on gocarts and minibikes

2019-05-24 07:22:17 UTC

use a return spring for the throttle to go back to idle

2019-05-24 07:22:35 UTC

or the clutch will stay locked up

2019-05-24 07:33:14 UTC

very good views of the throttle and idle screw

2019-05-24 08:01:51 UTC

what about a briggs and stratton small block vanguard v-twin, it's ohv but its also a bit more compact

2019-05-24 08:01:56 UTC
2019-05-24 08:02:25 UTC

plus i can get a cool chrome cover for it

2019-05-24 08:03:56 UTC

give me a link to the engine

2019-05-24 08:08:10 UTC
2019-05-24 08:08:31 UTC

they have a 13 HP and 16 HP version of their smallest engine

2019-05-24 08:08:41 UTC


2019-05-24 08:09:35 UTC

only a few slight modifications and it could be used on a bike

2019-05-24 08:10:38 UTC

briggs and stratton sells a bare block kit version of the engine

2019-05-24 08:17:12 UTC

for your size bike anything over 8hp is overkill

2019-05-24 08:18:26 UTC

i figured as much, the v twin tho seemed nice and compact, everything in one spot and the covers on them look vintage as hell if they were chrome.

2019-05-24 08:19:09 UTC

but i'm also cool with the 5 hp shortblock flathead raptor

2019-05-24 08:23:10 UTC

if i go with the raptor likely i'll paint the block red and get an aluminum cylinder head

2019-05-24 08:24:22 UTC

most high performance engines have that type of setup

2019-05-24 08:25:14 UTC

maybe i'll get a ricardo head for it an up the compression ratio a bit

2019-05-24 08:26:40 UTC

7.9:1 maybe?

2019-05-24 08:26:40 UTC

2019-05-24 08:30:03 UTC

cylinder head is already aluminum just painted. you can change the compression ratio by head gasket size.

2019-05-24 08:32:15 UTC

cool, yeah 7.9:1 seems like a safe ratio for a single cylinfer flathead, some ford flatheads were 9.0:1 but most were at around 8.0:1 to 8..4:1

2019-05-24 08:34:33 UTC

better results with 8to1 with high octane gas

2019-05-24 08:34:57 UTC

stay away from 85E stuff

2019-05-24 08:58:53 UTC

i told u so -

2019-05-24 11:05:50 UTC


2019-05-24 11:09:26 UTC

read section 1 under introduction

2019-05-24 11:09:35 UTC

then read the footnote at the bottom

2019-05-24 11:12:18 UTC


2019-05-24 11:17:11 UTC

ratfucker is legal term

2019-05-24 11:17:50 UTC

so remember that next time u post it on twitter ...it's legal terminology

2019-05-24 12:03:48 UTC

T_D on fire this morning

2019-05-24 12:04:23 UTC


2019-05-24 12:04:26 UTC


2019-05-24 12:04:29 UTC


2019-05-24 12:28:22 UTC


2019-05-24 12:44:38 UTC

Of course (((they))) knew

2019-05-24 12:47:26 UTC

don't forget the israeli art students working in the wtc before 9/11 in various floors of 'impact zones'

2019-05-24 13:01:37 UTC

Exactly. Our CIA deserves some of the blame as well.

2019-05-24 13:03:08 UTC

i don't think they were ever 'ours'

2019-05-24 13:25:59 UTC
2019-05-24 14:58:57 UTC

Theresa May making her exit!? Congrats UK

2019-05-24 15:42:58 UTC

Trying to get ahead of the fallout

2019-05-24 15:52:31 UTC

Sarah sanders press sec 4hrs ago insta...end says- not sure I'm looking forward to the 18 hr trip though. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx2Ezklg4XZ/?igshid=1qmuljsoil48z

2019-05-24 16:05:50 UTC

LIVE #JayLive Watch @JordanSekulow's broadcast: Radio: #POTUS Gives AG Authority to Declassify Docs in Campaign Spying Investigation. https://www.pscp.tv/w/b7gNtTFZTEVKTkdiUnZ5RU58MVBsSlFMam1Rd1lHRQSpKxVkjqX07oECCIQdLAvAxOZjcmYhZ3D-xP9qyLhv

2019-05-24 16:12:13 UTC

Dont think I ever saw this posted here ....Kappy https://www.pscp.tv/w/1zqJVOjgpjXxB?t=3m47s

2019-05-24 17:55:33 UTC

👆Entire Thread👉 by @Jim_Jordan: "Democrats are engaged in presidential obstruction. They're so desperate to stop the President that they won't help th President's had enough! Can't blame him. (1/7) Congress has a legitimate constitutional role to conduct over […]" https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1131908671879954432.html

2019-05-24 18:07:42 UTC

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler appeared weak and on the verge of passing out at a presser held by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Friday morning in Manhattan. 
| NBC New York https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Nadler-Congressman-Appears-to-Almost-Pass-Out-at-de-Blasio-Presser--510382851.html via @nbcnewyork

2019-05-24 18:08:42 UTC

i think the declass finally hit him

2019-05-24 18:16:25 UTC

or the price of adreno is going through the roof

2019-05-24 18:20:02 UTC

it's not a price issue, it's a supply issue...

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