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2019-04-05 20:47:33 UTC

still trying to identify it ...it's not corp of engineers tho

2019-04-05 21:17:59 UTC

well i know that, trying to identify the arm patch

2019-04-05 21:19:22 UTC

This shows for each battalion but I don’t see that one. If you look at his role titles you might find it that way or it’s new pertaining to a specific mission like the wall

2019-04-05 21:19:48 UTC

Fun to look at them. Most have no castle

2019-04-05 21:21:21 UTC

There are several with that look but not the same color

2019-04-05 21:26:30 UTC

35th and 420 Brigade patches have the crosshairs like that but red

2019-04-05 22:39:42 UTC

Where did this come from? Authentic?

2019-04-05 22:39:51 UTC

So many question

2019-04-06 00:06:03 UTC

looks like a NATO patch

2019-04-06 00:06:28 UTC


2019-04-06 00:07:17 UTC
2019-04-06 00:07:17 UTC

2019-04-06 00:12:37 UTC

Organización del Tratado del Atlántico Norte (Spanish: North Atlantic Treaty Organization) OTAN. Organisation du Traité de l'Atlantique Nord (French: North Atlantic Treaty Organization) OTAN. Organização do Tratado do Atlântico Norte (Portuguese: North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

2019-04-06 00:13:05 UTC

2019-04-06 00:13:18 UTC

you're welcome

2019-04-06 00:32:39 UTC

@Indigo Lucifer these are other Army Corps of Engineer Brigade patches with the cross hair over quadrants @SirW00f



2019-04-06 00:33:48 UTC

I didn’t find the exact one though . Probably too new

2019-04-06 00:34:01 UTC

Or too unique

2019-04-06 00:34:12 UTC

but closer look at the patch he's wearing looks like an offset monochrome version of one of the corp engineering ones

2019-04-06 00:34:26 UTC

the lines don't line up on it

2019-04-06 00:35:09 UTC

It’s burgundy and black quadrants with the crosshairs and maybe another design in the middle yeah

2019-04-06 00:35:51 UTC

and part circle on only 1/2 of it...like 1/4 in lower left, and 1/4 in upper right

2019-04-06 00:45:02 UTC

blow up of the arm patch does not have an s but colors same from this article - could be his initial S for Semonite or Security ?https://www.army.mil/article/156406/Combined_Security_Transition_Command__Afghanistan_welcomes_new_commander/


2019-04-06 00:50:59 UTC

mirrored S over the patch

2019-04-06 00:51:26 UTC

is what i'm thinking about the live stream's patch

2019-04-06 00:55:14 UTC

just was reading in the article it says Semonite and his team worked on in the past year, including development of an electronic pay system, maybe thats a dollar sign on the patch in your pic.. but with same colors ?

2019-04-06 01:09:14 UTC


2019-04-06 07:27:55 UTC

You should tell them about the ancient race of hominids they found in Russia. Supposedly these people, the Iqby, were creating wheels and cities over 60,000 years ago before being wiped out by Neanderthal. It's even believed they had agriculture and possibly developed a written language. ​ Googling 'Iqby Race' will give you more information.

2019-04-06 09:09:23 UTC

@Moooooooooooooo Do you have a Link or is the Spelling right? It defaults to "IQ by Race" on Google.

2019-04-06 13:00:50 UTC

@Bucko that's the joke

2019-04-06 13:01:38 UTC

Like it you look up how innovative and progressive Israel is with performance art, you should check out *dancing Israelis"

2019-04-06 16:50:26 UTC


2019-04-06 18:37:55 UTC

Watch JudicialWatch : " @TomFitton 's Weekly Update: #Dems Abuse IRS to Target Trump, Mueller Report Games, & More!" https://youtu.be/PS_iyyLQjWE

2019-04-06 20:58:40 UTC
2019-04-06 22:51:10 UTC

@SirW00f oh no having sex with your student isn't a crime.
Statutory rape is a crime.

2019-04-06 22:51:59 UTC

Why do women always do that? Is the only thing they have their body? Is that why these women just strip down for no reason?

2019-04-06 23:02:10 UTC

well if the student is of legal age, and not a direct student of the teacher, i don't see any issue

2019-04-06 23:11:11 UTC

Yeah but you don't hear about those instances because nobody cares

2019-04-06 23:11:43 UTC

When you hear about a student and teacher having sex it's 99% where someone is underaged

2019-04-06 23:12:04 UTC

And because that's statutory rape, why have a separate crime for that?

2019-04-06 23:12:15 UTC

If the student is legal, then it's just unethical

2019-04-06 23:12:38 UTC

I don't blame the union for being against it because it's fucking redundant in most cases.

2019-04-06 23:34:53 UTC
2019-04-07 00:30:35 UTC

ok, i have no clue where to put this - https://youtu.be/c3q7SLCatIw

2019-04-07 11:39:06 UTC

Watch "Tim" during the Podcast. He's "Using"!

2019-04-07 16:53:16 UTC

Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between The Vatican, The CIA, & The Mafia http://news.valubit.org/operation-gladio-the-unholy-alliance-between-the-vatican-the-cia-the-mafia/

2019-04-07 18:08:23 UTC

To keep a record of it here- the man I speak of from time to time , who I believe really coined "the storm" . Charlie Johnston, on his blog, had said he had some state officials and C_I_A in his audience at a gathering. Now I'm worried. I'm sure they told him they were here to help.

2019-04-07 18:21:44 UTC

I will add he prophetically coined "the storm"

2019-04-07 19:00:35 UTC

imho, it's not enough of a fine

2019-04-07 21:52:40 UTC

Homeland Security Chief Kirstjen Nielsen To Resign tonight at 5pm : Report | Zero Hedge https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-07/homeland-security-chief-nielsen-resign-report

2019-04-07 22:34:42 UTC

Democrat Michael E. Busch, longest-serving House of Delegates speaker in Maryland history, dead from pneumonia at 72 https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/politics/bs-md-mike-busch-20190404-story.html

2019-04-08 15:27:49 UTC

@Moooooooooooooo either ur doxxed or somebody wants ur avatar back - https://twitter.com/mel_faith1/status/1115213272800813056?s=12

2019-04-08 15:38:32 UTC

That thing calling other people disgusting degenerates 🤣

2019-04-08 16:02:33 UTC
2019-04-08 16:07:26 UTC

Watch #JayLive @JaySekulow's broadcast: Radio: BREAKING: #POTUS Designates #Iran ’s Revolutionary Guard as Terrorist Organization. https://www.pscp.tv/w/b3tpSDFZTEVKTkdiUnZ5RU58MW1uR2V2TE1YYVBKWLK0JmViXdsTPqoz0wpbVDrKLMECFVyyIzXEs26lYOjz

2019-04-08 16:08:09 UTC

I thought she was gonna Reeee hard

2019-04-08 16:12:11 UTC

@SirW00f oh shit

2019-04-08 17:28:59 UTC


2019-04-08 17:29:05 UTC

James bb

2019-04-08 17:29:11 UTC

Do you know that source image

2019-04-08 17:29:28 UTC

Lmao deleted

2019-04-08 17:35:03 UTC

@Moooooooooooooo I think he just retweeted it with a different hashtag

2019-04-08 17:35:22 UTC

But here is a link to his twitter

2019-04-08 17:41:01 UTC


2019-04-08 17:43:43 UTC

“The President in recent weeks empowered Stephen Miller to lead the administration's border policies "and he's executing his plan" with what amounts to a wholesale decapitation or the Department of Homeland Security leadership, the official says.”

2019-04-08 18:18:08 UTC
2019-04-08 18:35:36 UTC

More Homeland Security changes

2019-04-08 19:54:54 UTC

POTUS confused nothing. He said exactly what he meant.

2019-04-08 20:03:04 UTC

may the triggering begin

2019-04-08 20:52:13 UTC
2019-04-08 21:05:19 UTC

Haven't seen BPS in quite a bit

2019-04-08 21:05:48 UTC

going thru the 'clown world order' clips now

2019-04-08 21:06:22 UTC

So this is a board at my University. People shitpost on it all the time


2019-04-08 21:06:23 UTC

2019-04-08 21:06:38 UTC

>how will changing the SS director affect the nation as a whole

2019-04-08 21:06:41 UTC

Literally what

2019-04-08 21:06:59 UTC

How would it affect the national at all

2019-04-08 21:08:14 UTC

ss director mostly effects those protecting the rest of the electorals in dc...trump/pence are protected by marines...they're not stupid to fall into the same trap the others that opposed the nwo/ds before

2019-04-08 21:08:30 UTC

Yeah I know

2019-04-08 21:08:41 UTC

But "nation as a whole" is a literal what

2019-04-08 21:08:44 UTC

few ss may be assigned near them but ....they're vetted first

2019-04-08 21:09:07 UTC

Assuming the director does his/her job, nothing will change

2019-04-08 21:09:20 UTC

Nothing will happen on a good day

2019-04-08 21:09:28 UTC

far as i know, theres 4 clips so far

2019-04-08 21:09:44 UTC

few ff's in the air already...so whats on cspan now

2019-04-08 21:09:58 UTC


2019-04-08 21:10:03 UTC

false flags

2019-04-08 21:10:07 UTC

Oh yeah

2019-04-08 21:10:12 UTC

media distraction points

2019-04-08 21:10:24 UTC

Yeah I know just didn't recognize the abbreviation

2019-04-08 21:10:43 UTC

well it was either false flags or flying fucks

2019-04-08 21:11:04 UTC

It's almost as bad as the fed and their acronyms
>Inb4 spook
I interned at my local branch 2 summers ago

2019-04-08 21:11:28 UTC

Infosec department was small and fill of nice people

2019-04-08 21:12:46 UTC

used to intern at a bio research lab

2019-04-08 21:13:00 UTC

interned at alot of things

2019-04-08 21:13:52 UTC

get to read alot of interesting things in the locked medical libraries they have in those places

2019-04-08 22:47:43 UTC

54 years ago Paul Harvey describes today’s society. https://youtu.be/0SAjwF3F-4k

2019-04-08 22:57:45 UTC

Oh yeah that’s good

2019-04-09 00:10:10 UTC

live stream

2019-04-09 00:10:51 UTC

the 'experts' on acting like a clown reporting their 'news'

2019-04-09 00:19:46 UTC

eyebrowgate is up and running again

2019-04-09 00:39:16 UTC

@Moooooooooooooo i used to know a dog named satan

2019-04-09 00:43:36 UTC

@Moooooooooooooo omgf did he seriously imply jews are satanists?

2019-04-09 00:43:38 UTC


2019-04-09 00:43:49 UTC


2019-04-09 00:43:52 UTC

big time

2019-04-09 01:43:14 UTC

G fucking G

2019-04-09 01:53:35 UTC

This guy likes our Pepe’s

2019-04-09 02:08:44 UTC

This little discord is everywhere! Lmao

2019-04-09 02:08:57 UTC

Those bees dindu nuffin
Sorry had to

2019-04-09 02:09:11 UTC


2019-04-09 02:09:52 UTC

Locust and bees attacking mosques...hmmmm

2019-04-09 02:10:26 UTC

I know uncanny. Crane crashes too

2019-04-09 02:10:33 UTC

Anybody else think Dougie boi might be our Ben?

2019-04-09 02:10:45 UTC

Wouldn’t surprise me

2019-04-09 02:11:44 UTC

People pour in here daily, yet only the same handful posting....

2019-04-09 02:13:02 UTC

Meh, let em watch. They can't stop what's coming.

2019-04-09 03:51:51 UTC

how much u wanna bet he's still alive and those are his co conspirators

2019-04-09 14:40:38 UTC

he banned the lion king kek

2019-04-09 16:14:10 UTC

Watch #JayLive @JaySekulow's broadcast: Radio: #AGBarr: #Mueller Report Released to Public Within a Week https://www.pscp.tv/w/b3y8LDFZTEVKTkdiUnZ5RU58MVprSnpyRGxkQmVKdrukBp0Bs0ZpZYn6QdBNteMVqoZyyjnCXSX7Rua3_Ig8

2019-04-09 17:46:17 UTC

Via Breaking911 (@Breaking911) posted 26 min ago -
President Trump asked if he’s considering reinstating the family separation policy at the border:

"President Obama separated the children.”

“Those cages that were shown. ... They were built by President Obama’s administration, not by Trump.”


2019-04-09 18:54:56 UTC

ok, wtf

2019-04-09 19:18:54 UTC

Wow check out all the QAnon posts at the top

2019-04-09 19:23:19 UTC

@SirW00f >the whole ordeal was a hoax

2019-04-09 19:23:54 UTC

@Bellalu lmaoing at the logged in censoring


2019-04-09 20:04:59 UTC

2019-04-09 20:41:51 UTC

Trouble maker 😉

2019-04-10 02:28:18 UTC

Via maria B https://twitter.com/MariaBartiromo/status/1115799338758885377?s=19
Barr Says He's Reviewing the Conduct of FBI Probe Into Trump Campaign http://bit.ly/2ULvUER via @BreitbartNews

2019-04-10 07:30:43 UTC

Candace Owens Rocks! The whole 4 hour farce, & a dig for quick links to some good clips - House Judiciary committee Hearing on Criminalizing Nationalism for White People
Candace Owens 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RZswuCGPwM&t=4353
Question to Candace Owens 2 https://youtu.be/4RZswuCGPwM?t=6022
Mort Klein https://youtu.be/4RZswuCGPwM?t=6196
Rep Gohmert https://youtu.be/4RZswuCGPwM?t=6700
Mr. Buck questions to Candace Owens - Boom! https://youtu.be/4RZswuCGPwM?t=7403
Mr Biggs addresses bias against Candace Owens https://youtu.be/4RZswuCGPwM?t=8135
Mr McClintock https://youtu.be/4RZswuCGPwM?t=8904
Mr Steube yields his time to Candace Owens https://youtu.be/4RZswuCGPwM?t=10357
Mr Lieu steps in it big time https://youtu.be/4RZswuCGPwM?t=10690
Candace Owens gives Mr Lieu as good as she got, as her grandfather shakes his head at the fools who dared insult and malign her words https://youtu.be/4RZswuCGPwM?t=11015
It is notable that there are links here to every other witness statements listed with the single exception of Candace Owens

2019-04-10 07:32:43 UTC

the term 'criminalizing nationalism' can be exploited to destroy the us military defense structure

2019-04-10 07:34:19 UTC

and therefore destroy usa as a separate nation not part of the world but as a puppet nation of states under rule of socialistic 'leaders'

2019-04-10 14:34:57 UTC

>I primarily live in Georgia
>Signs at TN address
Absolute self own

2019-04-10 16:25:49 UTC

@WildMan thanks for all the clips. Appreciated. Yeah Candace was too much for them handle, they won’t want to show footage of themselves getting pwned

2019-04-10 16:27:44 UTC

The long forgotten context of the Julian Assange & Bradley / Chelsea Manning saga https://collateralmurder.wikileaks.org/

2019-04-10 16:27:55 UTC

Did anyone grab the new Baker testimony from Rep Collins twitter yesterday?

2019-04-10 16:31:00 UTC

Today, the transcript of James Baker's second interview with @JudiciaryGOP is now available to the American public. To read the full transcript, visit https://dougcollins.house.gov/jamesbaker . https://twitter.com/RepDougCollins/status/1115979428813856768?s=19

2019-04-10 16:39:22 UTC

That’s what I’m talkin about! Thanks

2019-04-10 17:05:53 UTC

@Sunny I was just bringing that clip lol

2019-04-10 17:06:53 UTC

Full opening statement 👆🏻

2019-04-10 17:07:17 UTC


2019-04-10 17:33:26 UTC

Remember that Owens started social autopsy, what boiled down to be a doxing websitr

2019-04-10 17:36:35 UTC

Didn’t know about that. Want to tell more?

2019-04-10 18:31:02 UTC

Watch @Circa's broadcast 1 hour ago : @POTUS Trump arrives in SanAntonio , Texas. https://www.pscp.tv/w/b34twTFZTEVKTkdiUnZ5RU58MW1yeG12cVpwWWtLeQzNsWYA_eACfmJoB4DAdFFmjHkVDtQ8rfy5J2Fex9PH

2019-04-10 19:55:45 UTC

Law has got to handle this but with the Dems in the House, I don’t see how it’s possible

2019-04-10 19:57:15 UTC

they have to stay in session nonstop til end of their terms

2019-04-10 19:57:37 UTC

if they take a break, they're fair game for law officials

2019-04-10 19:58:10 UTC

and any congressional that gets exposed...can be recalled by their state gov's and get removed/replaced

2019-04-10 19:58:22 UTC

while congress is in session

2019-04-10 19:58:31 UTC

Someday we'll see American companies be forced to enact first amendment rights around the world. <:trumpchin:497946853610881034>

2019-04-10 19:59:06 UTC

post removal/replacement process..those guilty by law are then arrested..while the replacements go to congress to take their spots

2019-04-10 19:59:30 UTC

Maybe that’s the way forward. Class action suits about infringement of first amendment rights

2019-04-10 20:00:00 UTC

I didnt even know we had a pepememes channel <:WUT_Pepe:498191036691120158>

2019-04-10 20:00:03 UTC

the irony is those social media co's are actually getting charged by eu for violations of those rights and fined for it

2019-04-10 20:00:37 UTC

@Bukkakemon get busy son! We need more Pepes! lol

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