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2018-02-18 02:15:30 UTC

He still does it

2018-02-18 02:16:18 UTC

I didn't know farm animals have bellybuttons but I mean hey.. You never know

2018-02-18 02:16:26 UTC

You learn something new

2018-02-18 02:16:51 UTC

Idk if they do

2018-02-18 02:17:01 UTC

My dad is just a boomer

2018-02-18 02:17:02 UTC


2018-02-18 02:17:16 UTC

If you eat your gfs bellybutton that's degenerate

2018-02-18 02:17:27 UTC

Prolly full of Nigger cum

2018-02-18 02:17:28 UTC


2018-02-18 02:17:51 UTC

If you don’t put your peepee in the belly button for giggles every once in a while you’re not white

2018-02-18 02:17:59 UTC


2018-02-18 02:18:11 UTC

I learned two new things today

2018-02-18 03:22:29 UTC

Hi goys.

2018-02-18 03:23:20 UTC

Waiting to see da banner

2018-02-18 03:23:24 UTC


2018-02-18 03:59:28 UTC

New requirement

2018-02-18 03:59:39 UTC

You have to eat a jalapeno to join.

2018-02-18 03:59:53 UTC

@Deimos-MI πŸ˜’

2018-02-18 04:01:05 UTC


2018-02-18 04:01:06 UTC


2018-02-18 04:29:35 UTC
2018-02-18 04:29:47 UTC

>Tim Wise

2018-02-18 04:30:35 UTC

I like that it's anti racist but then hates on white people

2018-02-18 04:30:48 UTC


2018-02-18 04:30:50 UTC


2018-02-18 04:31:02 UTC

Do they not see the irony?

2018-02-18 04:31:55 UTC

They don't want to see the irony, so they don't.

2018-02-18 05:26:21 UTC

Anyone hear about the The US forces in Syria engaging Russian mercs

2018-02-18 05:27:38 UTC


2018-02-18 05:28:20 UTC

Supposedly up to a few hundred Russians are dead....😐

2018-02-18 05:33:51 UTC


2018-02-18 05:34:57 UTC

Skip to about the ten minute mark for maximum lolz.

2018-02-18 05:35:13 UTC

And thats fucked @Steven MI

2018-02-18 05:47:47 UTC

Yeah we killed somewhere around 200 Russians

2018-02-18 05:52:38 UTC

wwiii now?

2018-02-18 05:54:53 UTC

Fucken retarded. Let Assad have Syria. He doesn't fuck with us at all and wrecks islamists.

2018-02-18 05:55:00 UTC


2018-02-18 05:55:06 UTC


2018-02-18 05:55:10 UTC

hard bass

2018-02-18 12:06:29 UTC

Good morning Mr. Arcloop.

2018-02-18 12:10:47 UTC


2018-02-18 12:12:28 UTC

Of course, the night I go to bed early, my "Friday"night, my 3 month old kid is stuffy and wakes up every 15 minutes to fuss.

2018-02-18 12:12:38 UTC


2018-02-18 12:15:03 UTC

So I got out of bed and went to my office to sleep on the couch. My wife can deal with it. She's basically a stay at home mom.

2018-02-18 12:18:53 UTC

There you go. Hope you can get some rest.

2018-02-18 12:48:06 UTC

Thoughts on the new gun grab news cycle?

2018-02-18 12:48:24 UTC

This time I'm more worried than others.

2018-02-18 12:49:20 UTC

Its a little disconcerting but my benchmark continues to be the aftermath of Sandy Hook and we are nowhere close to that. If they wanted ARs gone... well that ship has sailed. The worst of it will be ammo scarcity and higher prices for awhile imo.

2018-02-18 12:50:21 UTC

All signs on this point to failure of LEOs, teachers, and mental health pros to use the existing tools.

2018-02-18 12:50:55 UTC

But, the gun grab in Australia was done in response to a bullshit incident as well.

2018-02-18 12:52:37 UTC

It was, but 320 million firearms and a culture that does not respond well to ultimatums on surrendering property means that any sort of initiative would be a bad move. It actually may work in our favor. If people are concerned about Federal interference or state interference they are more likely to actually turn out to keep right wing people in power a bit longer. Nothing significant will pass with a Republican majority and a Republican president. It might help us out (very marginally) in the midterms.

2018-02-18 12:52:56 UTC

I mean the system is still broken but I will take GOP fuckwads over democrats any day of the week.

2018-02-18 12:54:26 UTC

If that trend continues its just molon labe.

2018-02-18 12:55:26 UTC

Jimmies status: rustled

2018-02-18 12:55:28 UTC

When the ATF says ARs are good I smile.

2018-02-18 12:56:34 UTC

The donors are publicly talking about withdrawing money. That is signalling for politicians to fall in line.

2018-02-18 12:56:45 UTC

They can try.

2018-02-18 12:57:23 UTC

Kikebart is covered in pro/anti-gun stories the past few days.

2018-02-18 12:57:45 UTC

At least there is real talk about the failures of the fbi to stop this

2018-02-18 12:58:02 UTC

And, talk about arming people in schools.

2018-02-18 12:58:21 UTC

It's almost like "gun free zones" are a target for mass shootings.

2018-02-18 12:58:25 UTC

imagine that

2018-02-18 12:59:21 UTC

Anyway, any serious threat to the 2A is a hardcore militia wet dream and a RR wet dream. Its a cassus belli for all kinds of gnarly shit that they want to do. Bad news for everyone else though. I hope it blows over as usual.

2018-02-18 13:01:07 UTC

2018-02-18 13:01:16 UTC

At what point?

2018-02-18 13:03:06 UTC

And this shit.

2018-02-18 17:03:22 UTC

@Jelly MI How many pushups today?

2018-02-18 17:13:24 UTC

I'm weak and just did 100.

2018-02-18 23:16:26 UTC

Listening to how Jews tortured German soldiers and the accounts of Rudolph Hess

2018-02-18 23:16:30 UTC

😑 😑 😑

2018-02-18 23:18:17 UTC

It's some blackpill stuff, muh dude.

2018-02-18 23:18:37 UTC

They will do that to us if we fail.

2018-02-18 23:19:48 UTC

Germans treated the Jews very well considering the shit they pulled in their country, but in return... They torture and kill and lie

2018-02-18 23:20:07 UTC

After SIEGE, I'm going to read about the German American bund.

2018-02-18 23:20:25 UTC

I'm sure it'll be interesting stuff

2018-02-18 23:20:40 UTC

Mad AF right now and triggered

2018-02-18 23:21:47 UTC

READ the article. That hurt box we put ourselves in is good, but we must focus that rage and pain.

2018-02-18 23:22:28 UTC

Dude these kikes fucked with his balls and smashed/played or some weird shit

2018-02-18 23:22:49 UTC

And then smashed his testicles some more

2018-02-18 23:22:56 UTC


2018-02-18 23:23:44 UTC

They did that and other god forsaken stuff to other German officers and tricked them into signing shit they couldn't even read

2018-02-18 23:24:22 UTC

2018-02-18 23:24:50 UTC

You know who I'm with on this.

2018-02-18 23:25:22 UTC


2018-02-18 23:25:46 UTC

Israel is our greatest ally

2018-02-18 23:25:53 UTC

Remember that

2018-02-18 23:26:30 UTC

Without Israel we wouldn't have Gods chosen ppl

2018-02-18 23:29:24 UTC


2018-02-19 01:43:55 UTC


2018-02-19 01:44:09 UTC


2018-02-19 01:44:14 UTC

The voice chat.

2018-02-19 01:44:50 UTC

after i eat borther

2018-02-19 01:47:55 UTC


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