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my mic isnt working

i fixed it

we cant hear you

let a nibba know how the convo went..

Either tonight or tomorrow.

When you're bored as fuck in Lab...

and you start admiring how shitty your photo editing skills are

it was missing something

niggas wuz kangz

can i become junior NDO.

ok thanks

2018-01-25 05:16:25 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Damn right

2018-01-25 05:17:11 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Yeah, the mayor was quoted too

Yeah, lets not push it, and see how active they truly are

2018-01-25 05:19:58 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

This is just the beginning.. We have much bigger things in process.

2018-01-25 05:42:33 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Belleville is fucking niggerville basically

2018-01-25 05:42:35 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

shit place

When they realize how active and successful we are, they will either join or become irrelevant

He probably forgets after he smokes

pot head nationalism

we should drug test new recs

Negative for roids, you’re out. Positive for add meds and dick pills, you skip corp. pos for weed, then you get gassed with the jews

Simple but powerful

I need to get a gym membership too.

And a life time supply of roids

Yeah I’m not taking roids

I’ll just take something from gnc

I need that

I heard drinking Alex Jones’s piss will double your T levels

I'm going to buy shipping labels for stickers tomorrow. Any suggestions on which to get?

Im going to print as much as i possibly can

Okay, ill try to get as much as possible

We should be able to cover ann arbor

whose that in your bathtub?

Lol damn right

2018-01-28 03:38:41 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  


2018-01-29 00:32:06 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Ann Arbor


2018-01-29 00:32:57 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  


2018-01-29 00:34:22 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  


2018-01-29 00:36:39 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  


2018-01-29 00:36:53 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  


2018-01-29 00:37:26 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  


2018-01-29 00:56:22 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

More to come later

2018-01-29 04:36:27 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Very nic CA goys

2018-01-29 04:36:29 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  


2018-01-29 04:59:22 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  


2018-01-29 05:00:57 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  


2018-01-29 19:47:21 UTC [Operation Wolverine #general]  

2018-01-29 19:48:14 UTC [Operation Wolverine #general]  

Operation Wolverine aka Operation Heil to the Victors

2018-01-29 19:49:49 UTC [Operation Wolverine #general]  

Verify me dad

2018-01-29 19:51:11 UTC [Operation Wolverine #general]  

Never forget, I activated Jell's trap card on 1/29/2018 at 2:47pm

2018-01-29 19:57:04 UTC [Operation Wolverine #general]  

but, but, but, what about my feelings

2018-01-29 19:57:44 UTC [Operation Wolverine #general]  


2018-01-29 21:45:55 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

stein bagels, oy vey

2018-01-29 22:14:59 UTC [Operation Wolverine #general]  


2018-01-29 23:12:35 UTC [Operation Wolverine #verified]  


2018-01-29 23:13:08 UTC [Operation Wolverine #verified]  


2018-01-29 23:13:13 UTC [Operation Wolverine #verified]  

i didnt doxx myself

2018-01-29 23:13:13 UTC [Operation Wolverine #verified]  


2018-01-29 23:13:17 UTC [Operation Wolverine #verified]  


2018-01-30 00:07:41 UTC [Operation Wolverine #verified]  

I bet you’d love all for us goys to put a bunch of money in a bag shake it uncontrollably

2018-01-30 01:53:26 UTC [Operation Wolverine #verified]  


2018-01-30 01:53:42 UTC [Operation Wolverine #verified]  

im pumped

2018-01-30 01:56:43 UTC [Operation Wolverine #verified]  

I don't even know where they sell clothes that arent for niggers or faggots

2018-01-30 01:56:44 UTC [Operation Wolverine #verified]  

help me

2018-01-30 01:57:14 UTC [Operation Wolverine #verified]  

Ill have to check it out

2018-01-30 01:57:31 UTC [Operation Wolverine #verified]  

yeah thats nice

2018-01-30 02:01:08 UTC [Operation Wolverine #verified]  

Damn thats nice

2018-01-30 02:32:19 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Awesome job goys

2018-01-30 09:47:21 UTC [Operation Wolverine #general]  

damn right

2018-01-30 16:51:17 UTC [Operation Wolverine #verified]  

I’m going goy

2018-01-31 20:59:08 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

gl goy

I was thinking of taking tha route as well.

yeah it would be nice

I will fight all three of you, I need to find someone down here.

god damn degenerate town

Thats a good idea

i dont know any other groups

gibs me help

fuck it

plump is cool, FAT AF

not okay

I love competition.

nothing better than looking the person in the eyes after you bea them at life

not as much fun as talking shit during cross country races in HS

2018-01-31 23:01:21 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Aim your photos angled up a bit and get closer to the sticker @Charlemagne MD that worked for me at night

its nigger culture

he uses the black man tactics and mindset

its not skills

its a lie

and he's bad at it

if he was broke

it would be a much different story

he has value

in his social status

idk, I guess I find what he does to be a scam. Like maybe if they are super cucked, it could help, but he isn't preaching a masculine idea

he's preaching almost a femnine ideal covered in a bunch of masculine ones

basically what black guys do

or the country girls arent too bad

its annoying

but our race is worth it nigga

we need white children

i think there are sluts everywhere

Well the majority of women are sluts

I know a lot of country girls that are married with children

maybe my experience was an outlier

women that go to university are basically off the table for me. Unless they are willing to give it all up for motherhood i won't waste my time

You have to be dominant with them. Really there are only a few personalities that women have....

Thats trad

At the end of the day, you probably aren't going to find a perfect woman.

you're going to need to create and make one

it's easy to push your ideals onto a girl once she is interested in you

No like, redpill her

sell her on what you want her to do

My mom is a shitlib

my dad is a lib

but he hates kikes

my uncle (my mothers brother) might be one of the dumbest liberals i've ever met

like its funny

i hope you guys some how end up meeting him

its truly amazing

it would make him so angry

like trump makes him leave a family dinner

he's a grown man

if any of you goys want to hop in general right now

im a young lady

looking for a strong man

2018-02-03 08:29:28 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  


what are we doing?

I wont be able to make it today. Gl goys

Lol I thought he said today, my b

Hopefully I get Mt studying done today

near me they arent bad, but its still snowing.

I've just been doing push ups and situps while doing diff eq's

2018-02-04 14:57:05 UTC [Operation Wolverine #verified]  

after teh first section of lindel

2018-02-04 14:57:10 UTC [Operation Wolverine #verified]  

audio book

2018-02-04 14:57:12 UTC [Operation Wolverine #verified]  

it gets better

2018-02-04 14:57:15 UTC [Operation Wolverine #verified]  


Idk, I should probably study for my exam tomorrow. When are you thinking about leaving?

i fucking hate studying

i know the feels pat

oh thats today?

i hope all the niggers lose

if possible

I would, but hw and shitt. Sorry mate

enjoy the black on black crime

Yeah, id be down for a bit. If i look at this diff eq any longer, i might die

I will fight you right now

yeah thats true

yeah anti-ders are fun

but the way my professor teachees

is fucking stupid


only group work

no he's a goy

i like the guy

but the fuck is this

give me a problem and let me choose the programing language, my dick is hard. Tell me to solve these problems, bording

yeah it would

as soon as im done with this exam im going to start playing with the website

yeah, were going to need to discuss that

maybe we could talk in the next few days about how and what we want on it

Im probably going to use Python and Flask

i was going to use Django

it reminds me of that nigger movie

fuck that

They better be good memes.. Im not posting sub-par memes to the site

more like slav doggo

I want a video of the fashy eagle coming down and fucking up thots

we need tier 1 memes

tier 1 memes & tier 1 goys

lay it down

only if its white chocolate

snack posting

howdy nigglet

All white nationalism

you niggers

Pasta Nationalism

hand made meatball nationalism

real nigga

Lets not leave @Deimos-MI out

yeah id bet so


we should become one with nature and the Bald eagles with fly to us

itll be easy

and they also have lasers attached to their heads

that is prime

and your balf eagle lands on the front of your board while speeding through the sea of poc

imagine a bald eagle in a full adidas track suit....

thats scary

imagine 1000 eagles in black dickies with the head of heimbach flying around you

you cant fight that

if you counter signal wolf eagles you aren't white

how much weight does he have to lose until he can join?

how many times are we going to repeat ourselves, can we get back to the WolfEagle posting?

much more important

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