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I recommend doing only @ mentions and exempting your state channel

Discord is l;iterally the best messaging platform right now

voice text organization

at mentions roles its super handy

its chinese owned im pretty sure

i have yet to use signal

i use discord more than anyother app tbh

what is signal like

yeah i sent in a super long vetting application to the local 3%

they seem to be the only active guys in town

the application honestly was rather intrusive but I can't seem to find any type of active groups in CT.

I have a small group of about 5 guys that try to train together once a month, but with the current situation we can't seem to get any range time.

oh yeah? most of us are still able to shoot just not on the private ranges we normally rent.

yeah im looking for one close that has the ability to move up and down the flat range. Everything is more than 30min from me which is a pain because i barley have any free time as it is.

nice, ive never tried any shotgun stuff. Looks like fun though. and 400 is pretty good you will never find that where i live

thats not a bad idea

Let's see some pics later.

I have faith you can figure it out.

Hey those iPhones have like 20 cameras built in now. Just as good.

Did the other server go down?

I seem to be missing one of my servers.

Good work guys

That pamphlet <:har_har:446109356719865856>

That you bois?

Nice :-) glad you guys got to meet up

Haddam here

I havent messed with comms yet but have been looking into the typical starter BF8.

29 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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