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2017-10-11 23:34:08 UTC

Marijuana is not degenerate

it depends.....

if you are using it for recreational use it is........

anything that is harmful to your health is fucking degenerate

full stop

2017-10-11 23:49:00 UTC

What does that have to do with anything? @rebelrebel

2017-10-11 23:49:05 UTC

You must be retarded

2017-10-11 23:51:11 UTC

you can't troll a troll. sorry bruh

2017-10-11 23:51:26 UTC

Go watch some starwars @rebelrebel

2017-10-11 23:51:39 UTC

Or go back to <#350739775214583812>

2017-10-11 23:52:46 UTC

already did. in the theater, when it came out the first time

2017-10-11 23:52:59 UTC

now run along little boy

2017-10-11 23:53:11 UTC

Stop shitposting in serious

2017-10-11 23:53:31 UTC


this is why weed is degen... look what it does to people....

<@&350743715033120769>s why cant i talk in cucked?

2017-10-12 00:27:00 UTC

Because you aren't cucked

2017-10-12 00:27:01 UTC


2017-10-12 00:27:11 UTC


2017-10-12 00:27:14 UTC

>tags every mod

2017-10-12 00:27:16 UTC

maybe he should be

there is non cucked in there

and stupid conversation that needs correcting

2017-10-12 00:38:47 UTC

@ϟϟ✠Dan✠The✠Oracle✠ϟϟ you need either cuck role or cuckbuster

2017-10-12 03:09:53 UTC

i voted for trump and im a feminist if any1 wants to debate add me

2017-10-12 03:09:59 UTC

im bored and its late

2017-10-12 03:20:50 UTC

Debate you about what?

2017-10-12 03:52:05 UTC

lol gender is not sex

2017-10-12 03:52:38 UTC

gender is environmental, cultural, etc, with a small percentage (<= 30%) actually a result of genetic differences

2017-10-12 03:53:10 UTC

day one studies of babies show no preference for different types of toys based on biological sex

2017-10-12 03:56:10 UTC

and that's a very generous and debateable percentage for biological sex -> gender expression/behavior

@casualgardener yea sorry, gender is biological

you are just talking about someones outwardly appearance

2017-10-12 04:30:01 UTC

Perhaps the reason why day one babies don't differentiate between toy types is because they're fucking day one babies just discovering all this shit around them. curiosity and discovery does not equal gender as a construct.

2017-10-12 04:32:18 UTC

Also so babies do not have fully developed brains. So is it safe to say transgenders suffer from a mental disorder?

2017-10-12 04:38:16 UTC

Gender is nonexistent

2017-10-12 04:38:27 UTC

There is only biological sex

2017-10-12 04:38:35 UTC

And the mentally ill

@AngryToastJoe yes, trannys suffer from gender dysphoria

its literally no different to someone in a mental asylum who things they can tlak to plants

2017-10-12 04:57:05 UTC

More so the arguement that gender can be seperate from sex does not hold. I haven't been able to find it with a quick skim but the "animal girl" who was raised outside of society and did not learn language or communications within latter parts of her life still showed signs of feminine behaviors and even gestures. unless her isolated "environment" taught her to be feminite I see no way that you could classify gender away from sex. More so the animal kingdom proves this thesis also false. Female wolves and male wolves will act in the usual behavioral way even without some outside force influencing the way they should act. Omega wolves, or lone wolves, are always male and will always act in an agressive male fashion the same way you would see with other male wolves. Now is the reason why female wolves always stay with the pack is majority-wise because of their environment? No, because female wolves naturally act within their pack with the intention to breed, raise, and help hunt. Environment can influence these animals the way they raise their pups to act in certain situations? Yes; However there is no instance within these packs that influence the female wolf to act feminine or for the male wolf to act masculine, these senses come naturally as with the way their brains have been wired to instinctivley act in their proper way.

2017-10-12 04:58:22 UTC

Primordially the arguement that gender can be seperated from sex does not hold water, hell it couldn't hold a nitrogen molecule.

your outwardly expression comes in part from your hormones

2017-10-12 05:00:28 UTC


which is why usually they separate a lot more with puberty specially when in men testosterone peaks

which is why low t soy boys think they arent men, they are just weak men

2017-10-12 05:04:26 UTC

You can observe this with domesticated dogs, even when nudered. Whever a male dog is brough into a house with another male dog they will always act on the defense, although in most cases will warm up to the new dog with some time and begin to test one another's dominance, play around and interact with the other dog like another male dog,shocker. However when bringing a female dog into the situation the male dog will instinctly go into a defensive mode too, however will quickly warm up to the female dog and begin to oggle at her, even follow her around to gain her attention.

2017-10-12 05:50:36 UTC


2017-10-12 05:50:44 UTC

Shut up

2017-10-12 05:51:18 UTC

MUTE Taco. Ratify?

2017-10-12 06:11:30 UTC

@AcousticApple -- I know what you mean. It's like tai chi.

2017-10-12 06:11:52 UTC

Sorry you was talkin.

2017-10-12 13:11:38 UTC

Hello how are you all

2017-10-12 13:12:34 UTC

Sup cuck

2017-10-12 13:12:50 UTC

o nooooo

2017-10-12 13:13:04 UTC

Wait shit, this is serious chat

2017-10-12 13:13:06 UTC


2017-10-12 13:13:11 UTC

Be serious

2017-10-12 13:13:12 UTC

I didn't realize that

2017-10-12 13:13:16 UTC

Sorry my good sir

2017-10-12 13:13:23 UTC

Also I am a cuck posting in here thats odd dont you think

2017-10-12 13:13:43 UTC

It is

2017-10-12 13:15:25 UTC

I can post in serious, shitpost, voice chat, book club, gaming tech, film and commands

2017-10-12 13:16:50 UTC


2017-10-12 13:16:58 UTC

I don't even know why you were cucked

2017-10-12 13:51:41 UTC

Ok let’s get serious

2017-10-12 13:51:51 UTC

Which side should I be on in this Spanish Independence thing

2017-10-12 14:07:14 UTC

Support Spain.

2017-10-12 14:19:50 UTC

I don't really know anything about that, do you happen to have an article?

2017-10-12 14:21:59 UTC

Me neither, I should look more into it

2017-10-12 15:12:10 UTC

So my friends are making fun of me for believing "conspiracy theories" meanwhile, my dad worked for the Rockerfellers

2017-10-12 15:12:21 UTC

Like how do I approach them

2017-10-12 15:13:27 UTC

Our ammunition against ignorance is fact

2017-10-12 15:13:30 UTC

Give them facts

2017-10-12 15:14:15 UTC

What are you trying to prove to them?

2017-10-12 15:49:33 UTC

Just bitch slap them with knowledge, aka give them too many facts to argue with.

2017-10-12 15:50:53 UTC

Whats happening with trump EO on healthcare?

2017-10-12 15:51:03 UTC

Anybody got the full terms?

2017-10-12 15:52:52 UTC

How the CIA killed JFK and the Fed Reserve is owned not by the US government

2017-10-12 15:53:31 UTC

One of them is hopeless tbh, he doesnt care for politics and the other is like centralist/liberal

2017-10-12 15:53:37 UTC

I actually don't have any red pills on that, but I know you can look on the fed reserves own fucking website and it tries to bullshit that they are both gov and private

2017-10-12 15:55:13 UTC

So they get the best of both worlds and the penalties of neither because they are both

2017-10-12 15:56:48 UTC

Thats true, thanks

2017-10-12 15:57:15 UTC

"wer're not a private organization goy, look!"

2017-10-12 15:57:34 UTC

Oh yea lol, I was just on that

2017-10-12 15:59:05 UTC

2017-10-12 15:59:24 UTC

We're totally gonna punish ourselves, goy!

2017-10-12 16:07:53 UTC

Takes 9 months to really redpill someone

2017-10-12 16:12:38 UTC

After how many weeks can you abort a redpilling?

2017-10-12 16:16:21 UTC

You can’t

2017-10-12 16:23:05 UTC

You cant stop redpilling, once it starts it is all a person knows.

2017-10-12 16:24:49 UTC

yo niggas whats gucci

2017-10-12 16:25:09 UTC

Some people it doesn't take. You've gotta try some various topics. Once one sticks they'll start researching themselves

2017-10-12 16:25:12 UTC

if u guys are sittin at ur pc

2017-10-12 16:25:16 UTC

i recommend u try standing

2017-10-12 16:25:23 UTC

2017-10-12 16:25:23 UTC

sitting destroys your body

2017-10-12 16:25:31 UTC

im being serious about health

2017-10-12 16:25:38 UTC

at least try to stand for half the time ur at ur pc

2017-10-12 16:25:53 UTC

my neck fucked up and i think its b/c of sittin at pc too long

2017-10-12 16:26:51 UTC

i never had any back or neck issues for years

2017-10-12 16:26:57 UTC

and then all of a sudden i got blind sided

2017-10-12 16:27:05 UTC

headaches, migraines, etc

2017-10-12 16:30:02 UTC

I am very active outside the office

2017-10-12 16:30:23 UTC

yea i was lifting weights etc

2017-10-12 16:30:33 UTC

hope u dont have any problems

2017-10-12 16:30:42 UTC

I don’t

2017-10-12 16:30:45 UTC

At least not yet

2017-10-12 16:30:48 UTC

i mean in the future heh

2017-10-12 16:30:52 UTC

I’m on my feet for part of the day

2017-10-12 16:30:58 UTC

thats good man

2017-10-12 16:31:04 UTC

your health is the most important thing

2017-10-12 16:31:10 UTC

u cant love or help anyone else without it

2017-10-12 16:46:50 UTC

It would appear that the shills are out in full force.

2017-10-12 16:47:08 UTC

Supporting the Muslims on our shores on our own Domreddit.

2017-10-12 16:47:09 UTC


2017-10-12 16:48:07 UTC

Anyone else notice this?

2017-10-12 16:48:52 UTC

healthcare, discuss, here

2017-10-12 16:57:14 UTC

Post the order

2017-10-12 16:58:53 UTC

universal healthcare 👍

2017-10-12 17:04:46 UTC

@Rev Can you link the order please

2017-10-12 17:10:44 UTC

Is there a copy of the actual order?

2017-10-12 17:11:12 UTC

Can't find one

2017-10-12 17:11:52 UTC

that was old

2017-10-12 17:12:20 UTC

maybe hasn't released yet?
I mean, it has just been signed

2017-10-12 17:13:20 UTC

yeah I can't find it either

2017-10-12 17:22:37 UTC
2017-10-12 17:26:09 UTC

I sent one of the mods this for breaking news, but so far nothing.

2017-10-12 17:28:41 UTC

It is now

2017-10-12 17:52:39 UTC


2017-10-12 17:53:09 UTC

Fuck israel

2017-10-12 17:56:24 UTC

Rick, go to bed. You're drunk.

2017-10-12 17:56:43 UTC


2017-10-12 17:58:26 UTC

Nevermind. Look, I appreciate the distaste people have for the US spending buckets protecting Israel. But the country gets a lot more hate than it deserves, especially in the UN. That last one is largely due to the overwhelming influence of Muslim countries.

2017-10-12 17:59:15 UTC

Islamic countries universally hate Israel because it's Dar al-Harb in a place that used to be Dar al-Islam. Its very existence challenges the notion that Islam is the true religion.

2017-10-12 18:00:04 UTC

How about.

Fuck Israel. Fuck the entire middle east, I don't give a fuck about them.

2017-10-12 18:00:21 UTC

Okay, how about:

2017-10-12 18:00:36 UTC

Fuck the UN. Anything that reduces its power and prestige is a good thing.

2017-10-12 18:03:40 UTC

I'm perfectly alright with what happened, as long as we don't go off supporting israel

2017-10-12 18:28:00 UTC

What good is the UN for

2017-10-12 18:28:53 UTC

Absolutely NOTHIN

2017-10-12 18:54:19 UTC

Trump Signs Executive Order on Healthcare... EO and Details in Comments:

2017-10-12 19:12:37 UTC

So ANTIFA is planning something for November 4th. What are we going to do?

2017-10-12 19:14:05 UTC

be on discord

2017-10-12 19:14:28 UTC

Are we doing anything about them?

2017-10-12 19:22:18 UTC


2017-10-12 19:22:32 UTC

do we need to do anything about them?

2017-10-12 19:22:49 UTC

They're making enough of a laughing stock out of themselves on their own

2017-10-12 19:22:57 UTC

They'll make themselves look like reterds per the usual

2017-10-12 19:23:02 UTC


2017-10-12 19:38:42 UTC

pdiddy wants to start his own football league

2017-10-12 19:38:51 UTC

2017-10-12 19:39:09 UTC

this guy thinks he can start his own league like vince mcmahon

2017-10-12 19:40:39 UTC

they need to spill some blood

2017-10-12 19:40:44 UTC

for those judges

2017-10-12 21:42:25 UTC

P. Diddy football league would be such trash, best case hot garbage

2017-10-12 22:37:06 UTC

2017-10-13 02:40:42 UTC

Antifa ain’t shit

2017-10-13 02:41:02 UTC

They’re going to march then do property damage like they did in DJ20

2017-10-13 02:48:41 UTC
2017-10-13 03:10:52 UTC

2017-10-13 03:13:39 UTC

why follow a fag?<:ThonkButCool:363588656792993792>

2017-10-13 03:16:28 UTC

CNN has really jumped the shark for impartial reporting

2017-10-13 03:18:07 UTC

Never report both sides

2017-10-13 03:23:06 UTC

Vote no

2017-10-13 04:01:52 UTC - right-wing activism thread on Gab, folks. let's get the ball rolling.

2017-10-13 04:04:20 UTC

2017-10-13 04:15:32 UTC
2017-10-13 06:36:13 UTC

Is discussion of ethnostates allowed here?

2017-10-13 07:17:10 UTC
2017-10-13 08:38:50 UTC

Could a white ethnostate in part of the US enable the rest of the US to function better, politically?

2017-10-13 08:39:43 UTC

The US was never supposed to put up with zero compromise, 2-party gridlock. The founders didn't want parties but ended up with them anyways

2017-10-13 08:40:55 UTC

The debt ceiling is pure insanity that risks global financial depression every time the Jews can't get new tax cuts

2017-10-13 08:43:44 UTC

What the US is fracturing into right now, is coastal blue states with 80% of the population and less than half the political power, and rural red states with 20% of the population and more than half the political power. There are exceptions like Texas but thats the general rule. Issues that should be urban vs. rural are instead culture wars for tribal identity.

2017-10-13 08:47:56 UTC

I believe it's best if the US simply balkanized into megaregions:

2017-10-13 08:48:49 UTC

One of those new countries being a white ethnostate

why should america even allow non whites?

whites generally vote differently to non whites which is why the left is so busy flooding non whites into the country

well, into every white country anyway

as for it making the rest of the country function better, well... no not really, its only whites that are keeping america afloat

its whites being forced into unwanted "diversity" because coloureds cant do shit on their own

so yes, whites will be MUCH better off in an ethnostate, everyone else worse off.... which is fine imo... if they dont wana live better thats their choice

if htey want to stay on welfare, commit crime and other shit let them, but stop forcing whites to have to endure it

2017-10-13 11:44:14 UTC

they will say mexicans are doing all the hard work

2017-10-13 11:44:31 UTC

and america is only the best b/c of slavery lol

2017-10-13 12:12:16 UTC

"yOu gUyS wOuLdNt bE sO cOmFy iF tHe mExICaNs hAdNt dOnE eVeRyThInG fOr yOu"

2017-10-13 12:16:07 UTC

2017-10-13 12:17:23 UTC

SeRiOuS cHaT

2017-10-13 12:28:05 UTC


2017-10-13 12:28:09 UTC

This is seriousnchat

@thot destroyer yea, nah thats bullshit. they just do it cheaper. those jobs wouldnt go away if muds stopped doing them

the globalists may just need to pay a living wage rather than fucking slave labour

2017-10-13 12:50:44 UTC

It's time to evacuate the English, Scottish, and Welsh from the island and turn it to glass.

2017-10-13 13:15:34 UTC

fuck the welsh

2017-10-13 13:15:41 UTC

everyone else can go

2017-10-13 13:38:17 UTC


2017-10-13 13:38:25 UTC

Sheepshaggers can die

2017-10-13 16:15:15 UTC

Absolutely disgusting

2017-10-13 16:24:44 UTC

Okay what about the undocumented

2017-10-13 16:25:14 UTC

Being detained

2017-10-13 16:34:40 UTC


2017-10-13 16:37:46 UTC

The illegals being arrested is great news

2017-10-13 16:37:58 UTC

The school district vehemently protecting them is disgusting

2017-10-13 16:38:19 UTC

`“It’s personal for me.” Quintero recalled his father, who snuck across the border with a younger brother, an aunt who was deported more than once and cousins who still lack papers. He recounted people fearing a knock on the door, or agents tearing off locks and barging into homes.`

2017-10-13 16:40:04 UTC

The problem is this was allowed to fester for so many years

2017-10-13 16:41:48 UTC

The GOP is to blame for much of this

2017-10-13 16:48:25 UTC

>Make illegal residence punishable by hard labor.

Fix'd. 👌🏻

2017-10-13 16:53:10 UTC

Welsch people are the true English they live in Wales due to being tossed out of UK and Welsch women with pitchforks thrawted the las invasion of the UK, also they cant take a joke

2017-10-13 16:56:27 UTC

Du, du du du, du du du du duuuuuuuu, du du du, dudududududud duuuuu, dudududud duuuuu

2017-10-13 16:56:55 UTC

2017-10-13 21:34:46 UTC

anybody here live near nyc??

2017-10-13 21:36:28 UTC


2017-10-13 21:52:19 UTC


2017-10-13 21:57:40 UTC

and it all comes crumbling down

2017-10-13 21:57:44 UTC


2017-10-13 21:58:43 UTC

No surprise. They're either all lying and will schrew each other until no one stands, or they're all telling the truth and the establishment comes crumbling down. Either way, we win.

2017-10-13 22:12:49 UTC

Guys, which is a better social platform for redpilling the masses? Youtube or Twitch?

2017-10-13 22:14:36 UTC

Twitch is full of a bunch of sheepish children who can't restrain their autism from spamming kappa, and youtube is a heavily algorithmed shit-show that will shove aside anything that hits 12 million that isn't jimmy kimmle crying about the goyim.

2017-10-13 22:14:44 UTC

So Twitch i guess

2017-10-13 22:15:10 UTC

I can always stream to both at the same time

2017-10-13 22:15:28 UTC

Or maybe even record

2017-10-13 22:16:47 UTC

In six weeks those documents are going to be gone

2017-10-13 22:24:14 UTC

@ItalianStallion Youtube will get rid of you for wrongthink

2017-10-13 22:24:28 UTC

Twitch is good for redpilling if you do something else as your main thing and redpilling as a side thing

2017-10-13 22:24:43 UTC

Hmmm I agree

2017-10-13 22:24:51 UTC

see: pewdiepie

2017-10-13 22:25:27 UTC

Id mostly just talk about the books ive been reading like Fake Science, The Big Lie, Trump's War, Rediscovering Americanism

2017-10-13 22:25:57 UTC

I have had some political streams on YT already but not twitch

2017-10-13 22:26:11 UTC

I'll start tomorrow, everyone is welcome to join

2017-10-13 22:52:58 UTC

I can tell You that they will either be redacted or tampered with

2017-10-14 00:08:40 UTC

@Max Payne were you referring to my videos?

2017-10-14 00:20:59 UTC


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