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@Mækø they used to use something similar back in ww1 i think it was

except using a shoe string iirc

but same effect, use the recoil to make it auto fire

so its not any kind of new idea

looks like it was ww2 not ww1

@Mækø been trying to google for more info, cant find anything much apart from the vegas stuff.... but iirc they used to use shoestrings to auto fire their semi autos, or at least played with the idea at the time

there is also a "belt loop bump fire"

no idea where that came from but its all off the original idea of using the guns own recoil to pump the trigger

adding to the now defunct chat on gender... its pretty fucking simple...


its no wonder she turned half dyke femnazi

or is she actually full dyke these days?

it depends.....

if you are using it for recreational use it is........

anything that is harmful to your health is fucking degenerate

@🎃☭CSSR☭🎃 why do you say fascist like its a pejorative?

not even close to one, sadly

this is why weed is degen... look what it does to people....

<@&350743715033120769>s why cant i talk in cucked?

there is non cucked in there

and stupid conversation that needs correcting

@stirocboy youre dumb as fuck tbh, actual nigger? that murder/suicide story only appeared in some dumb as fuck clickbate site, even /r/conspiracy debunked it instantly

if fucking reddit faggots on the conspiracy sub debunk it.. and your spreading it... you gotta take a good, hard, close look at your life and wonder WTF you are doin.....

im breathing just fine thanks

@casualgardener yea sorry, gender is biological

you are just talking about someones outwardly appearance

@AngryToastJoe yes, trannys suffer from gender dysphoria

its literally no different to someone in a mental asylum who things they can tlak to plants

your outwardly expression comes in part from your hormones

which is why usually they separate a lot more with puberty specially when in men testosterone peaks

which is why low t soy boys think they arent men, they are just weak men

what about the median jew wealth?

why should america even allow non whites?

whites generally vote differently to non whites which is why the left is so busy flooding non whites into the country

well, into every white country anyway

as for it making the rest of the country function better, well... no not really, its only whites that are keeping america afloat

its whites being forced into unwanted "diversity" because coloureds cant do shit on their own

so yes, whites will be MUCH better off in an ethnostate, everyone else worse off.... which is fine imo... if they dont wana live better thats their choice

if htey want to stay on welfare, commit crime and other shit let them, but stop forcing whites to have to endure it

@thot destroyer yea, nah thats bullshit. they just do it cheaper. those jobs wouldnt go away if muds stopped doing them

the globalists may just need to pay a living wage rather than fucking slave labour

@DaBears (Fritz_) also an anime faggot? story checks out...

dude, you got your arse handed to you, faggot. no high ground for you, none

u meme now, hush


>addicted to a cartoon image

truly fucking twisted

the reality... who do you think will win?

@deactivated. bullshit, its well known that the confessions they got at the nuremburg trials were coerced

again, bullshit. you cant beleive ANYTHING from nuremberg

its all been fabricated and since disproved

i dont care if what you specifically sent has been debunked, the nuremberg trials were proved to be fake propaganda bullshit

thus, nothing from them can be trusted

just because every specific little thing cant be disproved changes nothing

where did it come from then?

you are full of shit tbqh

and when asked, you why away because you know it

this forgery was introduced by the same vile filth, the jew bolshevics who slaughtered 100 million people

the same vile jews who invented the stories of shrunken heads, human skin lamp shades and soap made from dead jews.....

all fabricated to hide jew atrocities

please, learn some basic fucking history before talking shit about it

bolshevics were fucking kikes, nothing to do with christians

and im anti-theist by the way, i have no dog in the religion side of it

they werent........

hitler was christian. full stop

wow, do you have a brain injury?

anti theist means im anti religion, its poison

i am not atheist. i am anti theist

hitler never used christianity at all....

he didnt need to

whats your point? religion is just a fairytale, it has no relevance to anything

but he did beleive in christianity

he just wasnt "practising" iirc caus he was against organised religion and its stupidity

(my words, not his)

but ive never seen anything credible that would have shown he had any plans

@deactivated. why in the fuck would he be trying to shut down christianity... yet be well known for his support of other religions? does that make even the slightest sense to you?

wtf does bolshevism have to do with hitler? he was fucking agsinst it..... he fought a whole separate war against it on the fucking eastern front......

take your moronic conspiracy theory bullshit elsewhere

you are spreading bullshit, of course im offended

@deactivated. reading up about your stupid bolshevic book, its not even real.....

its not even hitlers words

it was an essay from eckart

its just more bullshit propaganda

even wikifuckingpedia, the most ZOGed infested, leftist shithole claims its not real

this is the whole problem with religion, it makes your brain soft.... if you take any of that bullshit as real you will simply beleive anything without question..... leading to making moronic statements like hitler wasnt christian...

because israel controls the world..... dummy

fuck off, it was in answer to the comment above me........ why only remove mine and not that?

and why remove the 2 of the bellamy salutes?

its not nazi you dumb fuck, its the american flag....

it even said it in the caption of the pic......

ITT: americans who dont even know what an american flag looks like....


no, it was simply replying to the other guy talking about it to point out that is how it USED to be done before ww2

to show him what it would look like

@AngryToastJoe im aussie so take it how you like.... but i think it being longer is better, get peoples heads out of this mindset of everything instant

its simply one of the things that is killing hte west

instant gratification

@Cpt.Pipedream you are just trolling, right?

no one on this planet can truly be this dumb.... and i know religious people....

@Queef Madagascar once you begin to make massive leaps of faith to come up with this bullshit you have to continually make even bigger leaps of faith to cover up the inaccuracies you began with

aka "everyone that dosnt agree with me is a shill"

dunning kruger 101.....

we are reaching levels of stupid that shouldnt even be possible

one look at the sky at night in different places around the world tells you you are full of shit

lol >anything not american is euro

hey dumbfuck, who built america?

ill give you a hint, europeans

except we did... repeatedly

and you completely fail at radiation....

holy fuck that video you linked above is DUMB

and opollo was sheilded

>flatcuck talking about others intelligence

well ill be damned, ya got me.......

it wouldnt have gravity either...

or an atmosphere

>flatcuck says we are doin it wrong....

who can blame her for not wanting to downggrade....


we have it from when we are born, to look towards our own people

its a safety mechanism to stop us trying to live with dangerous animals etc

its been observed in babies in testing etc, its very strong

takes a lot of talmudvision and attention whoring to break from it....

even rates of birth defects n shit are higher when you race mix, its brilliant

even nature hates coalburners

mind you.... not that you ever see that reported anywhere... only when you search hard for the info caus its hidden

just being able to breed together does not make something the same species

horse and donkey can still produce fertile offspring (tho rare)

@Arik i have tons of stuff on why faggots and their movement is poison

news articles and posts n stuff

the answer to 1984 is 1933

i dont advocate for their poor treatment

but they are being poorly treated now

parading around a mental illness like its something to look up to, adding to their delusion and their ultimate suicide in most cases

and massive regret in almost every case

7-10 years until faggots regret their decidsions usually to the point tehy kill themselves

and this is all pushed as a good thing by the deluded left

yes they can......

and htey are

and they are adopting and abusing children as well

i wont spam this room any more.... but i have thousands of things like this

and the pedos at faggot marches sexually abusing adopted kids

want them in here or elsewhere?

maybe put them in <#356277996274843658> so the mods dont cry at me again

@Arik tell me that this kid isnt being abused by the same filthy degenerates who taught this to him https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=4fb_1437753990&comments=1

what do you mean NOW?

its been happening for decades

just the media never reports on that side

its starting to now because they are trying to normalise it

pedos are like faggots 20-30 years ago when it was looked down on by most, in anothger 10-20 years they will have done the same with pedos

they are introducing laws around the world wher ethey can take your kids away if the school deems them to be faggots and you dont support them.........

this is the faggot friendly "safe schools" marxist bullshit they are trying to bring in everywhere

why do you say that @Shmola ?

all we need is a single place where whites arent forced to live with niggers

it will thrive, as they always do

and more and more people will want into it and it will expand

much like israel does.....

@Shmola its run by degenerate kikes who are nothing but parasites, what did you expect?

i blame hitler for not really killing jews....

this time we will tho

the cave art wouldnt have been by jews, they never lived there until 1947

in fact it was probably by "europeans" as they used to exist there

@Offset marxisms main tennant is that "everyone must be equal"

thus, no sexes, no races, no classes, just the same bland brown

why had communism failed every time?

"because there was still classes etc"

everything wasnt equal enough yet

probably wont.... i dont read marxist propaganda bullshit

because i see it happening before me and i have studied ww1/ww2 times

>its on marxist.org but its not propaganda

nice try.........

you morons dont even understand what cultural marxism is

or what it leads to

>:but mah marxist utopia

this is why killing marxists is a good thing... they just arnet people

100 million and counting.....

go peddle your marxist bullshit elsewhere, faggot

this is what happens when you attempt civil discourse with a dogmatic, narrow-minded political ideologue; he finds himself unable to address ANYTHING you're saying, and simply denies obvious reality

prove what wrong? you have not given anything

that is hte core fucking tenant of marxism

and why it fails

its exactly what socialism has always done... well tried to do... and its what causes them to all die of starvation

remove all class etc "barriers"

"socialise" everything which really is just code for bring everything down to the lowest common denominator

and goes against nature

lol this is why i dont argue with morons

once again, you simply deny the obvious to cling to your faith

go read some fucking history books.....

mao, stalin....

go look at what affirmative action has done to destroy the west

yes it is, its all fucking marxist junk

but again, you do the commie 101 shit...... "but that wasnt real communism"

both mao and stalin were fucking liars and crooks, what does readiong their propaganda mean?

commie 101.... i deny reality

always the fucking same from you people

you are deranged

people who lived under stalin even hated him

he slaughtered millions of people

invented the holohoax to cover for his own holocaust

LOL jew owned wash po praises jew stalin... imagine my shock

>jewish pew center talks to jews about how good communism is

whats your point?

i just dont waste my time proving the obvious

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