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2020-04-11 21:31:28 UTC

For whenever we have our bible study there's a few things I'd like to look into as a group for all interested.

2020-04-11 21:32:34 UTC

One of which being what the bible says about armed insurrections, and what a Christian's place is in that.

2020-04-11 21:34:24 UTC

Which I think would be appropriate for this group, seeing as what we tend to all have in common is a distrust in the government, a willingness to defend our liberties with force, and a faith in God.

Yea that sounds good. I'll try to find some verses

2020-04-11 21:35:33 UTC

Also would Sunday afternoon/evening work for y'all to have a discord call about it?

I think so

2020-04-11 21:36:11 UTC

I think Sunday night might work best for me

2020-04-11 21:36:16 UTC


2020-04-11 21:36:24 UTC


2020-04-12 16:11:54 UTC

Does 7pm work?

That probably will, I'm doing stuff with my family this afternoon

Also do you guys want to do communion after our bible study? I have the verses

2020-04-12 18:04:09 UTC

I did communion with my church today but I'd be interested to see how you do it

Ok. I did it with my family this morning but I'd kinda like to do it after every bible study we have

I'd also like to see how everyone else does it

I'm pretty much gonna copy my pastor

2020-04-12 23:57:18 UTC

We on

2020-04-20 20:06:52 UTC

@ั‚ะพะฒะฐั€ะธั‰ @crabactual We missed last nights study but I had to work anyway

Oh yea

2020-04-23 04:33:42 UTC

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