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2017-12-17 10:21:11 UTC

I mean tbh it's really a privacy invasion

2017-12-17 10:21:19 UTC

japan and south korea are actually majorly cockblocking us

2017-12-17 10:21:27 UTC

they favor domestic companies

2017-12-17 10:21:34 UTC

with retarded laws

2017-12-17 10:21:36 UTC

Doesn't southkorea have no nn

2017-12-17 10:21:57 UTC

no idea but south korea has decent internet

2017-12-17 10:22:01 UTC


2017-12-17 10:22:06 UTC

Pretty crazy

2017-12-17 10:22:07 UTC

heard you also need social security number to play games online <:thonk:288060975775612929>

2017-12-17 10:22:11 UTC


2017-12-17 10:22:13 UTC


2017-12-17 10:22:19 UTC

so that they can stop kids playing at night

2017-12-17 10:22:21 UTC

ok that's a joke kek

2017-12-17 10:22:23 UTC

botnet country

2017-12-17 10:22:24 UTC

no its not

2017-12-17 10:22:26 UTC

its real

2017-12-17 10:22:28 UTC


2017-12-17 10:22:31 UTC


2017-12-17 10:22:32 UTC

korea and japan

2017-12-17 10:22:35 UTC


2017-12-17 10:22:39 UTC

wtf I wanna die rn

2017-12-17 10:22:50 UTC

idrk what that number is tbh

2017-12-17 10:22:50 UTC

it also does a half decent job of cracking down on cheating

2017-12-17 10:22:56 UTC

germany masterrace β„’

2017-12-17 10:22:56 UTC

because if you get banned your ssn gets banned

2017-12-17 10:22:57 UTC


2017-12-17 10:23:06 UTC


2017-12-17 10:23:16 UTC


2017-12-17 10:23:17 UTC

@Magmoyote Steuernummer

2017-12-17 10:23:22 UTC

> This law also caused problems that underage gamers started to steal Resident registration numbers in order to elude the law

2017-12-17 10:23:24 UTC

top kek

2017-12-17 10:23:26 UTC

no idea dude

2017-12-17 10:23:29 UTC


2017-12-17 10:23:33 UTC

Im not an adult yet

2017-12-17 10:23:36 UTC

oh lol

2017-12-17 10:23:37 UTC


2017-12-17 10:23:41 UTC

well i just know that's the german equiv

2017-12-17 10:23:59 UTC

but wouldn't it be a problem if it gets banned

2017-12-17 10:24:20 UTC

I mean the stuff with equifax was a big problem

2017-12-17 10:24:34 UTC

Since people could make bank accounts with the numbers

2017-12-17 10:25:08 UTC

there's a market in japan/SK for social security numbers

2017-12-17 10:25:18 UTC

you can easily buy them

2017-12-17 10:25:37 UTC

for instance when you want to play a game

2017-12-17 10:25:41 UTC

like black desert online used to be

2017-12-17 10:25:46 UTC

you needed to get your hands on one

2017-12-17 10:26:21 UTC

Thats just insane

2017-12-17 10:26:40 UTC

In germany I didn't had too

2017-12-17 10:26:52 UTC

well its not japan and sk

2017-12-17 10:29:32 UTC

Just asked my mom

2017-12-17 10:29:34 UTC

oh well

2017-12-17 10:29:37 UTC

its really insane

2017-12-17 10:52:30 UTC

@Goz3rr can you give examples of some interesting/cool/scary tracking and advertising tools you guys produce and sell

2017-12-17 10:53:21 UTC

we do facial tracking that registers dozens of things about you like sex, age, height

2017-12-17 10:53:24 UTC

what you look at

2017-12-17 10:53:28 UTC

for how long you look at it

2017-12-17 10:54:15 UTC


2017-12-17 10:54:17 UTC


2017-12-17 10:54:20 UTC

one thing it's used for is to let retailers organize their shelves

2017-12-17 10:54:28 UTC

imagine the botnet knowing that you're a manlet

2017-12-17 10:54:33 UTC

and to see if people look at advertisements

2017-12-17 10:54:40 UTC

the >drink verification can meme is real

2017-12-17 10:55:32 UTC

advertisers love this kind of data

2017-12-17 10:55:43 UTC

that tells them how many people looked at their poster etc

2017-12-17 10:56:13 UTC

with the wifi/bluetooth tracking we can more reliably tell how often you're visiting somewhere

2017-12-17 10:56:27 UTC

the facial recognition can do that to and extent but if you wear sunglasses or w/e it gets thrown off sometimes

2017-12-17 10:56:35 UTC

so as long as you're carrying your phone

2017-12-17 10:57:00 UTC

its not possible for our equipment to give you logs for a specific device though

2017-12-17 10:57:13 UTC

no technical reason stopping us from doing that, but we just built it that way

2017-12-17 10:57:25 UTC


2017-12-17 10:57:34 UTC

we could however

2017-12-17 10:57:38 UTC


2017-12-17 10:57:41 UTC

if you bring us a phone

2017-12-17 10:57:47 UTC

tell you where that phone was

2017-12-17 10:57:53 UTC

but we'd need the physical phone for that

2017-12-17 10:58:04 UTC


2017-12-17 10:58:59 UTC

I know about BT tracking on Schiphol and facial recognition of The Hague CS. But to have these things everywhere

2017-12-17 10:59:11 UTC

our main customers are retail stores and malls

2017-12-17 10:59:18 UTC

so if you're walking through a shopping street

2017-12-17 10:59:27 UTC

it's entirely possible you already got registered multiple times

2017-12-17 10:59:45 UTC

Thank you chink BT headphones

2017-12-17 11:00:08 UTC

What can you even do to hide yourself ?

2017-12-17 11:00:17 UTC

put your phone into airplane mode or turn it off

2017-12-17 11:00:25 UTC

dont wear any rfid tags

2017-12-17 11:00:28 UTC

those are tracked too

2017-12-17 11:00:30 UTC

but not very often

2017-12-17 11:01:28 UTC

And sunglasses 24/7 ?

2017-12-17 11:01:36 UTC

sunglasses don't make a difference

2017-12-17 11:01:37 UTC

that's a meme

2017-12-17 11:01:44 UTC

what i meant was

2017-12-17 11:01:50 UTC

if you come in one day wearing sunglasses

2017-12-17 11:01:53 UTC

and the next you dont

2017-12-17 11:02:03 UTC

it'll probably register as a different person

2017-12-17 11:02:22 UTC

if you wear sunglasses every day

2017-12-17 11:02:28 UTC

it doesnt make a difference

2017-12-17 11:02:49 UTC

the facial tracking isn't really usable for determining if people return anyways

2017-12-17 11:02:54 UTC

that's what the wifi/bt tracking is for

2017-12-17 11:03:45 UTC

Still, chinks are tracking with facial data ?

2017-12-17 11:03:55 UTC

i dont know

2017-12-17 11:04:04 UTC

i think they tried to clone our hardware at one point

2017-12-17 11:04:18 UTC

but it's useless without the software

2017-12-17 11:04:22 UTC

hardware is nothing special

2017-12-17 11:04:28 UTC

pretty sure it's almost off the shelf

2017-12-17 11:05:36 UTC

I remember the problems that were being made about (fox-it?) selling surveillance and firewall software to China

2017-12-17 11:06:41 UTC

Tbh I like the concept of better advertisements. But I'd also like to not be a part of it

2017-12-17 11:17:47 UTC

So you can run a botnet with any off the shelf CCTV camera? <:thonk:288060975775612929>

2017-12-17 11:20:26 UTC

no there's additional hardware in there

2017-12-17 11:20:34 UTC

but it's comparable to a raspberry pi

2017-12-17 12:18:15 UTC

reasons for azn gf


2017-12-17 12:20:02 UTC

same pic as before?

2017-12-17 12:20:11 UTC


2017-12-17 12:20:20 UTC

that's of like one hour ago

2017-12-17 12:20:29 UTC


2017-12-17 12:21:04 UTC

when i grow up i will have one too

2017-12-17 12:22:20 UTC

i will only accept asian gf if honorable and 175 iq

2017-12-17 12:23:17 UTC

max of 1 chin and i'll be content

2017-12-17 12:40:27 UTC

@spaqin weren't you on the ninty hebrew server?

2017-12-17 12:40:36 UTC


2017-12-17 14:30:49 UTC

cantonese has better swears imo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaxM36kuTTc

2017-12-17 14:38:56 UTC

That camera tracking is really fucking annoying.

2017-12-17 16:28:33 UTC

Porcorosso when u gonna post nudes man

2017-12-17 16:29:19 UTC

You don't know the real Asian gf problems until she turns 25

2017-12-17 16:29:25 UTC

She's still young

2017-12-17 16:37:17 UTC

@kaetaa I post nudes of mine when you post nudes of yours :^)

2017-12-17 16:49:42 UTC

Mines 27 you don't want that

2017-12-17 16:51:07 UTC

I think she's cute, I'd be up for a photo exchange

2017-12-17 16:54:43 UTC


2017-12-17 16:54:56 UTC

please do a public exchange in <#189811441174446080>

2017-12-17 17:00:08 UTC

>implying he would

2017-12-17 17:05:26 UTC

>implying I would

2017-12-17 17:07:12 UTC

So how about a private exchange?

2017-12-17 17:09:18 UTC

Might want to take this to DMs, lads

2017-12-17 17:09:43 UTC

Degenerate messaging*

2017-12-18 03:37:37 UTC

Is there something like this, but chink? https://youtu.be/Zlk-jE8vjDc

2017-12-18 10:01:57 UTC

wow i think im in love

2017-12-18 10:02:28 UTC


2017-12-18 10:04:33 UTC

guess she's 47 honestly pretty good looking for 47

2017-12-18 15:04:42 UTC

old asian women make me so hard

2017-12-19 02:16:36 UTC

Asian women are not attractive, date within your race

2017-12-19 02:34:29 UTC

I don't love Asian women, Asian women love me

2017-12-19 08:00:29 UTC


2017-12-19 15:13:18 UTC

Yes items will go up in price hehe

2017-12-19 19:53:29 UTC

steam works fine for.me but the govt agency has technically banned.it

2017-12-19 19:53:46 UTC

because they want to force steam to force players toinput their chinese id

2017-12-19 19:54:08 UTC

as is the law to watch what theh play and limit how much kidsplay

2017-12-19 19:55:17 UTC

there was a while where the ISPs were throttling or blocking all downloads from their servers, which they have a few im china

2017-12-19 19:55:56 UTC

they still throttle my shit if i download game. once i hit 10mbs they throttle me down to 500kbs

2017-12-19 19:56:13 UTC

so i have to restrt the client and repeat this over and over

2017-12-19 20:00:11 UTC

>citizens are spending too much time on games
>now let us make them spend more time
China is a magical place.

2017-12-19 23:10:36 UTC

@kaetaa they should just ban MP games

2017-12-20 01:32:23 UTC

there would be riots

2017-12-20 01:32:41 UTC

chinks only play f2p mp games

2017-12-20 01:32:56 UTC

and they make a lot of money from it

2017-12-20 03:45:45 UTC

this bullshit made me not play monhun mmo

2017-12-20 03:45:51 UTC

fucking chinks

2017-12-20 04:09:44 UTC

I find more problems with flips on competitive games.

2017-12-20 13:42:48 UTC

i wish steam would stop allowing people to sell in game shit. the chinks will cheat kver and over to make a buck

2017-12-20 13:43:20 UTC

then the chink hackers will not want to compete with other hsckers

2017-12-20 13:43:25 UTC

so they go play other servers

2017-12-20 13:43:28 UTC

but they all do this

2017-12-20 13:43:35 UTC

so now chinks are on every fucking server

2017-12-20 13:44:07 UTC

Stop playing games.

2017-12-20 13:44:13 UTC

you know someone is chinese when their name is a dick fuckery of letters or just a bunch of nunbers

2017-12-20 13:46:54 UTC

@kaetaa sounds like you live in asia dear

2017-12-20 14:08:34 UTC

China is a magical place.

2017-12-20 14:08:50 UTC


2017-12-20 14:10:42 UTC

those are like 10$ on ali

2017-12-20 14:34:27 UTC

@Obolon Prime can you test this as our resident meme apparel autist

2017-12-20 14:54:36 UTC

>more like a workout shirt
Every meme eventually finds its way to 9gag, Facebook, reddit and whatever norman site

2017-12-20 14:55:33 UTC

More reason why to create hateful, disgusting, repulsive variations of the memes you love to keep and protect them

2017-12-20 15:24:26 UTC

I found some neat godzilla tshirts on ali yesterday

2017-12-20 15:28:51 UTC

the decal on the 2nd link would look nice as a poster

2017-12-20 23:03:50 UTC

@Julian the Jurassic REEEEEEEEEEEEE?

2017-12-21 02:35:58 UTC

@kaetaa Chink cheaters aren't bad in games like csgo

2017-12-21 02:36:33 UTC

vac is okay enough but not great but now there's perfect world verification + ID linking in China

2017-12-21 02:36:57 UTC

I've dealt with them and they're not great on HK/TW servers though

2017-12-21 02:37:19 UTC

when there's nobody on AU servers you get routed through to HK/TW

2017-12-21 02:37:26 UTC

nobody speaks English

2017-12-21 04:31:39 UTC

fuck giving my ID when playing games

2017-12-21 17:39:21 UTC

ANyone have that final destation tire gif of the flaming tire taking out a woman leaning on a white van

2017-12-21 20:45:37 UTC

@Deleted User <#189467888657235970>

2017-12-21 20:46:32 UTC

I dont see how as this is shit about china?

2017-12-21 21:08:37 UTC

@Deleted User You tell me pal, in what way Is " final destation tire gif of the flaming tire taking out a woman leaning on a white van" related to <#248100475054850050>

2017-12-21 21:09:25 UTC

it was posted in this channel about a year ago? and shows the extreme dangorus climite and unrelated shit in china summerised in one funny gif

2017-12-21 21:09:45 UTC


2017-12-21 21:11:23 UTC

@Deleted User I doubt it.

2017-12-22 01:03:52 UTC

@poopingpenis this channel is meant for discussion about china, you can feel free to shitpost in the containment channel <#189467888657235970>

2017-12-22 04:00:20 UTC

I heard that social numbers shit is destroying people left and right there.

2017-12-22 04:00:30 UTC

Also if a chink imports, it lowers their score

2017-12-22 04:02:31 UTC

I wonder if chink firewall bypassing lowers their score much.

2017-12-22 04:05:25 UTC

Its probably overstated, pretty sure not even chinks are that fucking stupid.

2017-12-22 04:27:12 UTC

Well it's already being utilized to fuck people out of jobs, I've heard.

2017-12-22 05:06:36 UTC

Just curious, is there anyone here from Shenzen?

2017-12-22 05:10:44 UTC


2017-12-22 05:12:44 UTC

He's not in the Discord though is he?

2017-12-22 05:28:23 UTC


2017-12-22 06:22:13 UTC

i think there is someone here whos in shenzhen

2017-12-22 06:22:19 UTC


2017-12-22 06:25:31 UTC

my ps4 collection


2017-12-22 06:27:15 UTC


2017-12-22 06:30:02 UTC

oh shit wrong chat

2017-12-22 06:30:04 UTC

my b

2017-12-22 06:30:14 UTC

(its not actually mine)

2017-12-22 08:05:59 UTC

ofc not you wouldn't have that much room in China to store that much

2017-12-22 09:45:15 UTC

living in China for too long makes you start lying on the internet

2017-12-22 10:31:17 UTC


2017-12-22 10:32:47 UTC

>tfw want to go to China for permanent access to cheap electronics but muh freedoms

2017-12-22 10:50:08 UTC

depending on where you live,flying is already worth it

2017-12-22 10:50:31 UTC

my 2 trips to Taiwan / year usually already pay off alone by the electronics that I buy

2017-12-22 11:24:20 UTC

China is great for a visit

2017-12-22 11:24:32 UTC

Taiwan too

2017-12-22 11:28:28 UTC

where are the girls generally cuter in your opinion?

2017-12-22 16:30:10 UTC

Between Taiwan and China ?

2017-12-22 16:30:38 UTC

Taiwan for sure. The girls in China spend all their effort to try to pretend to be rich and cool so they wear and do dumbass things

2017-12-22 16:31:03 UTC

That existed in Taipei as well but most of the girls were like HK girls they just wanted to live their life and didnt feel like they were trying so hard

2017-12-22 16:31:40 UTC

Chinese girls do all kinds of crazy shit to appear rich and try to pretend they live an interesting life

2017-12-22 16:32:19 UTC

If you don't own an iPhone, you can pay a company to logonto your social media of choice on an iPhone so your posts from now on say "this was posted from iPhone 8"

2017-12-22 16:32:54 UTC

This is how bad it's gotten. I saw a woman walk into a Starbucks and ask for a cup just to walk out and pretend to sip from it. It was empty

2017-12-22 16:33:08 UTC

Taiwan girls just seemed more chill

2017-12-22 16:35:18 UTC

The way they dressed was much better too

2017-12-22 16:35:25 UTC

Less weird shit

2017-12-22 16:35:49 UTC

I've lived in taiwan half my life and the girls here just seem normal

2017-12-22 16:36:05 UTC

Yeah agreed. Just normal chicks

2017-12-22 16:36:20 UTC

Hong Kong was similar too, but they had their own ways too

2017-12-22 16:36:49 UTC

they do dumb girl things like girls do but nothing so ridiculous like the things you just described that happen in china

2017-12-22 16:37:50 UTC

almost seems like another planet despite being just across the strait

2017-12-22 16:40:15 UTC

China seems like a pretty weird place

2017-12-22 16:41:37 UTC

While Taiwanese society does a lot of things better than we do. I often find myself thinking "if I have kids and they're half Taiwanese, they will probably be better / more ambitious / more successful people if they grow up in Taiwan, rather than here"

2017-12-22 16:43:37 UTC

It makes me curious. If I were in health to check it out, I would.

2017-12-22 16:44:59 UTC

the encouragement to study and have a successful career is much stronger than here in Taiwan

2017-12-22 16:49:34 UTC

I'm a halfie myself, i dunno

2017-12-22 16:50:12 UTC

i spent my early years here and then half of my later childhood in the US

2017-12-22 16:50:40 UTC

i think if i grew up here i would have just been content doing whatever

2017-12-22 16:51:17 UTC

the US gave me a lot more ambition

2017-12-22 16:51:40 UTC

i dunno how it is over where you're from, though

2017-12-22 16:51:56 UTC

switzerland, i think?

2017-12-22 17:05:54 UTC

I'm Italian but I'm in Switzerland right mow. I think what you're pointing at is the sense of individuality which is a little lacking in Taiwan. But I don't think you would have been content to do whatever, if at least one of your parents taught you not to

2017-12-22 17:07:25 UTC

I see that "life acceptance" if we can call it like that in my girlfriend. However she has a way bigger sense of responsibility and ambition to improve herself than I do

2017-12-22 17:08:52 UTC

So I believe that a kid growing up in a society with such strong values on education and responsibility, like Taiwan, can potentially have a better life than someone who grew up in a lax "just do what you feel like" society like Italy

2017-12-22 17:10:37 UTC

We can put it in the negative way: we are just way more full of ourselves and arrogant in the west. But maybe a little of that influence could let someone who grows up in a Taiwanese society, help him to exploit the system there in his favour

2017-12-22 17:10:51 UTC

not sure if I'm explaining my thoughts properly tbh

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