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2018-01-26 00:28:24 UTC

The new Liftwaffe. Faster, stronger, harder.

2018-01-26 00:28:27 UTC

2018-01-26 00:29:56 UTC

@Jelly MI get you're ass done with your paperwork shit and get to the gym.

2018-01-26 00:39:06 UTC

Tell that to corporate my dude. I'd rather be getting fit than babysitting adults and updating SDS paperwork.

2018-01-26 00:39:17 UTC

I'm trying to get free asap.

2018-01-26 00:42:23 UTC


2018-01-26 00:50:06 UTC

This is what this channel is for right??




2018-01-26 00:57:29 UTC


2018-01-26 00:57:52 UTC

Steve, I can't go. I have a boner.

2018-01-26 00:58:13 UTC

But seriously, I'm trying to get this shit done. I had an unexpected guest today, and it wasn't pleasant.

2018-01-26 00:59:23 UTC

Give me a time then

2018-01-26 00:59:43 UTC

Need to quit dodging the god damn gym

2018-01-26 01:57:55 UTC

lol that last picture

2018-01-26 01:58:08 UTC

"the familiar smell of roast beef and creatine"

2018-01-26 02:14:03 UTC

The familiar smell of dumb bitch with a hint of retarded fucking cunt

2018-01-26 03:30:39 UTC

This channel makes me want to

2018-01-26 03:30:41 UTC


2018-01-26 03:30:42 UTC


2018-01-26 03:30:43 UTC


2018-01-26 03:47:13 UTC

You respond to Deimos, goddamnit.

2018-01-26 03:47:25 UTC

He's trying to smash.

2018-01-26 04:36:23 UTC


2018-01-26 04:36:45 UTC


2018-01-26 04:37:37 UTC

This is frustrating.

2018-01-26 23:05:10 UTC


2018-01-26 23:24:13 UTC

whose that in your bathtub?

2018-01-27 01:24:58 UTC
2018-01-27 07:36:41 UTC

That's Steve's final transformation.

2018-01-27 07:39:34 UTC

@Deimos-MI get a membership at LA fitness in royal oak, thats where im going

2018-01-27 07:39:38 UTC

we can go together

2018-01-27 07:41:59 UTC

How much? I already pay $100 a month for martial arts.

2018-01-27 07:42:51 UTC

I don't know any routines yet, only leg day. I still remember that one. Simple but effective.

2018-01-27 07:43:25 UTC

Good job out there guys. Yeah I guess I'm starting my cut early since I've been vomiting all night.

2018-01-27 07:46:02 UTC

Damn dude. Was it ANTIFA?

2018-01-27 07:47:45 UTC

theres supposed to be a bad flu going around

2018-01-27 07:47:48 UTC

country wide

2018-01-27 07:47:57 UTC

That's who I'm blaming! Jokes on them. I needed to shred down for Mexico anyways.

2018-01-27 07:49:00 UTC

dude mexico sounds like fun dude

2018-01-27 07:49:16 UTC

cervesas, tacos and beaches

2018-01-27 07:49:41 UTC

Wait, when are we postering in Mexico? Can I come Steve?

2018-01-27 07:50:15 UTC

I should bring a few

2018-01-27 07:50:51 UTC

lol yeah dude

2018-01-27 07:50:57 UTC

thatd be funny to see in activism

2018-01-27 07:51:01 UTC

hashtag mexico

2018-01-27 07:54:30 UTC

πŸ˜‚ activists postered in Playa Del Carmen Mexico πŸ‡²πŸ‡½

2018-01-27 07:55:29 UTC

Michigan, Chicago, Mexico! The Michigan network is fucken unstoppable!

2018-01-27 07:55:45 UTC

Lol damn right

2018-01-31 21:05:13 UTC

Thinking I might switch to a majority calisthenics home routine when spring gets here. Just to save time and so I'd be able to shoot down people's muh gym membership excuses easier.

2018-01-31 21:07:54 UTC

Definitely have to purchase a weight vest, kettle bells, and a solid pull up bar. Probably some dumbbells too.

2018-01-31 21:08:40 UTC

I'm trending the same direction

2018-01-31 21:08:48 UTC

I'd throw down @Steven MI .

2018-01-31 21:09:09 UTC

I struggle to get to the gym. Dadlife I'd stupid some times

2018-01-31 21:09:09 UTC

Are you saying you want to fight Jelly?

2018-01-31 21:10:35 UTC

I think having some equipment would be useful. I feel like you would plateau and not be able to keep much muscle mass with no extra weight involved

2018-01-31 21:10:46 UTC

I was thinking of taking tha route as well.

2018-01-31 21:11:29 UTC

I still love the gym, but it seems like it would be much easier for group training and individuals with a busy life.

2018-01-31 21:11:58 UTC

yeah it would be nice

2018-01-31 21:12:01 UTC

Catch these hands nigga.

2018-01-31 21:12:13 UTC

I'll throw down for some equipment.

2018-01-31 21:12:23 UTC

I'd catch laugh then wreck you

2018-01-31 21:12:29 UTC

And no, I'm not confident I'd beat you.

2018-01-31 21:13:10 UTC

I can't wait to get the fuck out of my apartment.

2018-01-31 21:14:57 UTC

Need Nate to get down to GR so we have a third guy

2018-01-31 21:17:52 UTC

I will fight all three of you, I need to find someone down here.

2018-01-31 21:17:58 UTC

god damn degenerate town

2018-01-31 21:19:21 UTC

Yeah I'd even be happy if everyone could just find someone from a different group then PF. Just nice to have the accountability.

2018-01-31 21:20:01 UTC

Thats a good idea

2018-01-31 21:20:06 UTC

i dont know any other groups

2018-01-31 21:20:07 UTC


2018-01-31 21:20:13 UTC

gibs me help

2018-01-31 21:21:28 UTC

Maybe talk to Gustav sounds like he has a lot of connections out your way. Thing is it looks like a lot of the membership of other groups is a bit rotund.

2018-01-31 21:22:04 UTC

fuck it

2018-01-31 21:22:06 UTC


2018-01-31 21:22:20 UTC

plump is cool, FAT AF

2018-01-31 21:22:23 UTC


2018-01-31 21:22:25 UTC

not okay

2018-01-31 21:29:05 UTC

Can we reach out to the detroit guys to set up regular fitness meets?

2018-01-31 21:30:37 UTC

I wouldn't see why not. I couldn't see why anyone would oppose it.

2018-01-31 21:31:07 UTC

Id drive up for fitness stuff

2018-01-31 21:38:33 UTC

Get some healthy physical competition in there.

2018-01-31 21:53:26 UTC

I love competition.

2018-01-31 21:53:45 UTC

nothing better than looking the person in the eyes after you bea them at life

2018-01-31 21:54:09 UTC

not as much fun as talking shit during cross country races in HS

2018-02-05 21:36:04 UTC

I'm off to Muay Thai. Hit the gym faggots!

2018-02-05 21:39:59 UTC

@Steven MI btw I hit dunhams sports, got the prices for the sparring gear. Let's go over it tonight or tomorrow.

2018-02-05 23:20:42 UTC

So gais

2018-02-05 23:21:27 UTC

You know what's better than lifting? (Sorry @Steven MI )

2018-02-05 23:21:46 UTC


2018-02-05 23:22:29 UTC

Today was my first time back at Muay Thai in about 2 weeks. 1 hour of training and I'm heading off to bed y'all.

2018-02-05 23:23:11 UTC

I couldn't even press the accelerator pedal on my car fam. I got gassed to fuck.

2018-02-05 23:23:31 UTC

Now I know how the Jews felt. It was Anudda Shoah

2018-02-05 23:26:05 UTC

I was hoping to do an ab workout after this, no fucking way.

2018-02-05 23:27:31 UTC

We did some clinchwork today. Protip, wrestling will make you superhuman in every way, cardio and strength. But if yo want to start in martial arts, start with striking.

2018-02-05 23:47:59 UTC

I wrestled a long time ago lol

2018-02-06 00:50:31 UTC

Feeling fresh and energized AF now after my shower and food.

2018-02-06 00:50:33 UTC

Dudes, go train.

2018-02-06 00:51:12 UTC

A couple gyms do offer Muay Thai lessons as a form of cardio workout along with the rest of the gym package.

2018-02-06 00:51:34 UTC

That's well worth it if you plan to mostly weight lift.

2018-02-06 00:52:21 UTC

Wrestling is boss, 1v1, wrestling is king, the best base for any MMA skillset is standup grappling.

2018-02-06 00:52:47 UTC

Jiu Jitsu is gay. Nobody uses Juju in a brawl.

2018-02-06 00:54:04 UTC

In a fight, keep your head up and keep your legs moving, you can't do either of that if you're on the ground looking for a submission.

2018-02-06 01:15:43 UTC

Uhh, gay people.

2018-02-06 01:19:24 UTC

Yeah jits is only good in a 1 on 1 scenario. Really, fighting is a marathon and if your cardio is lacking you will be defeated.

2018-02-06 01:19:34 UTC

Judo was pretty good to me, when I did that

2018-02-06 01:19:39 UTC

I think a well rounded skill set is important

2018-02-06 01:21:04 UTC

to be able to break someones arm on the ground, then get up and kick the shit out of some cunt with your muay thai is better than getting to the ground and not being able to get back up

2018-02-06 01:22:28 UTC

I feel like wreslting is probably just as affective

2018-02-06 01:22:38 UTC

combined with muay thai or something

2018-02-06 01:22:52 UTC

did anyone else wrestle in highschool?

2018-02-06 01:25:39 UTC

Never wrestled but have done some BJJ.

2018-02-06 01:26:03 UTC

I was kicked off the team

2018-02-06 01:26:35 UTC

i through this kid over my shoulder and snapped four of his fingers

2018-02-06 01:26:49 UTC

on purpose

2018-02-06 01:27:14 UTC

i was reretarded

2018-02-06 01:27:43 UTC

i want to learn muay thai or something

2018-02-06 01:30:21 UTC

Russian SAMBO is best martial art

2018-02-06 01:31:06 UTC

Especially if you like breaking bones n shit

2018-02-06 01:31:24 UTC

i felt bad

2018-02-06 01:31:49 UTC

I just want to be able to knock out commies

2018-02-06 01:32:32 UTC

Speaking of which. How much would f a showing are we going to have on the 5th of March?

2018-02-06 01:35:17 UTC

no idea

2018-02-06 01:47:41 UTC

15 people.

2018-02-06 01:56:19 UTC

@Jay MI yea dude, we were grappling today and I gassed out hard

2018-02-06 01:57:20 UTC

Sambo is basically MMA. I think a few leg locks are disallowed, that's the only difference.

2018-02-06 01:58:05 UTC

Feeling hot sweaty men and pinning them down is totally not gay and completely normal right?

2018-02-06 01:58:22 UTC

@Himmler MI judo is the basis for sambo, judo is as solid as wrestling. Takedowns are real fam.

2018-02-06 02:00:41 UTC

It's hard to find a judo or sambo school. Same with wrestling.

2018-02-06 02:01:29 UTC

Most of us are stuck with MT, boxing and BJJ

2018-02-06 02:05:11 UTC

You boys wrasslin??

2018-02-06 02:05:58 UTC

Unfortunately no 😭

2018-02-06 02:06:10 UTC

Thong wrassling

2018-02-06 02:06:56 UTC

Guys, let's all order wrestling tights 2 sizes too small.

2018-02-06 05:16:46 UTC

@Steven MI fucking tired bro, we'll talk tomorrow about the gear.

2018-02-06 05:21:24 UTC

Once a year, all of the recruits that failed and still are failing PT, we get them Wrestling singlets, combat boots and ufc gloves. They fight 1v1 for 25 seconds. Until 1 is left, Loser faces Steven... which is a fight to the death.

2018-02-06 05:22:35 UTC

Why didn't we just jump in voice? @Deimos-MI

2018-02-06 05:29:39 UTC

Yeah @Deimos-MI !

2018-02-06 05:33:44 UTC

fucking headphones

2018-02-06 05:41:58 UTC

No I was on VC with my sisters for 2 hours

2018-02-06 05:42:10 UTC

Just got off like 15 mins ago

2018-02-06 05:42:31 UTC

It's my moms 50th birthday soon.

2018-02-06 05:43:04 UTC

Putting plans together

2018-02-06 05:43:25 UTC

what are the plans for the weekend

2018-02-06 06:08:12 UTC

Headgear $35

2018-02-06 06:08:38 UTC

16oz boxing gloves $40

2018-02-06 06:09:04 UTC

$25 punching mits

2018-02-06 06:09:41 UTC

Those are Dunham prices. Don't get punching mits. Get punching pads so you can kick them too.

2018-02-06 06:10:01 UTC

We'll have to VC over this.

2018-02-06 07:12:44 UTC

The other benefit of Muay Thai is you're more likely to get a white coach.

2018-02-06 07:47:58 UTC

my headphones died

2018-02-06 07:48:13 UTC

Are you on a laptop?

2018-02-06 07:48:25 UTC

Just use the onboard speakers/mic

2018-02-06 07:48:33 UTC

rip headphones

2018-02-06 07:48:36 UTC

no iphone

2018-02-06 07:48:39 UTC

and airpods

2018-02-06 07:48:41 UTC


2018-02-06 07:48:47 UTC


2018-02-06 07:48:49 UTC

got them for liek 70

2018-02-06 07:48:55 UTC

one sec

2018-02-06 07:49:49 UTC


2018-02-06 07:50:10 UTC

It's not a big deal dude, if you got to write a paper. We can continue this another time.

2018-02-06 07:51:38 UTC

lol hold on

2018-02-06 07:51:59 UTC

I think i understand how to fix or determine your problem a hardware issue

2018-02-06 07:52:32 UTC


2018-02-06 07:52:37 UTC

Can't hear you yet.

2018-02-06 07:53:34 UTC


2018-02-06 07:53:40 UTC


2018-02-06 07:54:11 UTC

No worries dude. Tomorrow. I'll be on for another 30 mins

2018-02-06 07:54:15 UTC


2018-02-06 07:54:20 UTC

bios update

2018-02-06 07:54:33 UTC

and maybe a battery reset

2018-02-06 07:54:40 UTC

if those don't work then hardware

2018-02-06 07:55:48 UTC

Okay, DM me those suggestions. Otherwise @Steven MI will get angrily post about us swamping Luftwaffe with nerdshit

2018-02-06 07:55:59 UTC


2018-02-06 07:55:59 UTC


2018-02-06 15:29:57 UTC


2018-02-06 15:30:43 UTC

950 lb island, we have to take up a walk way with 4 dudes

2018-02-06 15:31:04 UTC

It might actually be heavier, this material is dense af

2018-02-06 15:31:14 UTC

Wait, what?

2018-02-06 15:31:29 UTC

Is it made out of lead?

2018-02-06 15:31:36 UTC

Or depleted uranium? Lol

2018-02-06 15:31:46 UTC


2018-02-06 15:31:46 UTC

Particle board

2018-02-06 15:31:54 UTC


2018-02-06 15:32:07 UTC

Sir, that is heavy

2018-02-06 15:32:33 UTC

The island is pretty much an entire slab, we took maybe ten inches off one side after squaring it up

2018-02-07 02:44:07 UTC

2 hours of Muay Thai and 1 hour of boxing, get at it fam!

2018-02-07 02:44:27 UTC

Rewarding myself with an ice cream right now because I fucking deserved it!

2018-02-07 03:59:57 UTC

Got them mad skillz!

2018-02-07 07:11:46 UTC

Been looking at some fight vids, apparently, there's a European style of Muay Thai and an "asian" one, so if cultural origin was your last hangup preventing you from starting, there's no reason now. Euro style emphasizes more boxing (asian more kicking, little boxing), more combos (asian: single shots). Then you have traditional european kickboxing, harder to find gyms for those though.

2018-02-07 07:15:08 UTC

@Deimos-MI voice?

2018-02-07 20:55:13 UTC

I'll be ordering some sparring equipment tonight or tomorrow either over Ebay or Amazon, if anyone's interested in getting some and saving on shipping, let me know. I'll be back on around 1030, I'll look further into it.

2018-02-07 20:55:35 UTC

what about samurai armor

2018-02-07 20:55:51 UTC

Who the fuck is Plimpton?

2018-02-07 20:55:56 UTC


2018-02-07 20:56:13 UTC

i am plimpton

2018-02-07 20:56:27 UTC

What IS a plimpton? πŸ˜„

2018-02-07 20:56:37 UTC

dude in the pf general they were like, try choosing a name that wouldnt get your ass stuffed into a locker

2018-02-07 20:56:45 UTC


2018-02-07 20:56:47 UTC

im about to change it to plumbus

2018-02-07 20:56:53 UTC

So you chose Plimpton? πŸ˜‚

2018-02-07 20:56:59 UTC

Dude, it's genius

2018-02-07 20:57:02 UTC

lol he said that after i changed it to plimpton

2018-02-07 20:57:09 UTC

Keep it

2018-02-07 20:57:34 UTC

Plimpton 1488 MI

2018-02-07 20:57:39 UTC

Make it hardcore

2018-02-07 20:57:44 UTC

Im buying the battery rn faggot

2018-02-07 20:57:59 UTC

fucking sweet man thanks

2018-02-07 20:58:31 UTC

bought it will my profits from bitocin

2018-02-07 20:58:32 UTC


2018-02-07 20:58:34 UTC

when is the delivery date

2018-02-07 20:58:43 UTC

Whomst Plimp?

2018-02-07 20:58:55 UTC

plimpton is no more

2018-02-07 20:58:58 UTC

he is delet

2018-02-07 20:59:06 UTC

like 3-8 days depending on where it is sent from

2018-02-07 20:59:15 UTC

right on

2018-02-07 20:59:27 UTC

in the mean time we can project on whatever just to get a feel for it

2018-02-07 20:59:37 UTC

extension cord nationalsim

2018-02-07 21:00:00 UTC


2018-02-08 05:30:10 UTC

Here's the workout I did to cut down for summer last year. It's time intensive and difficult, but if you're looking for a challenge this is the one.

2018-02-08 05:31:05 UTC

This one is kind of a smoker and you’ll probably use lighter weight than usual. Especially when doing super sets.

RS= regular set, literally just do a regular set.

SS= superset, you’ll immediately go from one exercise into the other before you rest. That’s one set.

DS= dropset, you’ll decrease the weight three or four times on the exercise and burn out on it. Decrease weight quickly and continue to do reps.

2018-02-08 05:31:48 UTC


SS/Bench Press+Pushups 3 sets 8-15 reps

SS/Incline DB Press+ Incline DB fly 3 sets 8-15 reps

SS/Downward Cable Fly+Dips 3 sets 10-20 reps

SS/Close Grip Bench+Barbell Skull Crushers 3 sets 8-15 reps

DS/ Cable Tricep Extension DS 8-15 reps

10 minutes various ab exercises

2018-02-08 05:32:21 UTC


SS/Lat Pulldowns+Cable Rows 3 sets 8-15 reps

SS/Barbell Rows+ Pulldown Machine Non Cable or Assisted Pullups 3 sets 8-15 reps

DS/ Chin Up Grip Lat Pulldowns DS 8-15 reps

RS/ Body Weight Row 3 sets as many reps as possible

SS/DB Hammer Curl+ Preacher EZ Bar Curl 3 sets 8-15 reps

RS/Incline Bench DB curls 3 sets 8-15 reps

DS/Cable Drag Curls DS 8-15 reps

RS/OPTIONAL maybe fuck around with a few sets of concentration curls with light weight till gassed

Run 1-2 miles

2018-02-08 05:33:13 UTC


RS/Barbell Squat 4 sets 8-15 reps

RS/Romanian Deadlift 4 sets 8-15 reps

RS/Leg Press 4 sets 8-15 reps

RS/Calf Extension 4 sets 20-30 reps

10 minutes of body weight lunges. Take short breaks when needed, but try to do them for the entire 10 minutes.

2018-02-08 05:34:22 UTC

Rest day- do at least a solid 30 minutes of core/abs


RS/Push Press 4 sets 6-10 reps

RS/Seated Bent Over Rear Delt Raises 4 sets 8-15 reps

SS/DB Overhead Press+DB Lateral Raises 3 sets 8-15 reps

RS/Shoulder Shrugs 4 sets 8-15 reps

RS/Face Pulls 4 sets 8-15 reps

Run 1-2 miles

Rest day- don’t do anything

Rest day- run 2-3 miles and do 20-30 minutes of abs/core

2018-02-08 05:51:48 UTC

Is there a way to pin all that?

2018-02-08 05:52:03 UTC

Let me try

2018-02-08 05:52:12 UTC

Maybe write it in Word first, with all the spaces you need and then just copy and paste so Jelly can pin it.

2018-02-08 06:02:17 UTC


2018-02-08 06:03:20 UTC

@Jelly MI Please pin.

2018-02-08 06:06:30 UTC

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