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2020-03-17 19:34:13 UTC

Nehheehheheheh MWAHAHAHHAHA

2020-03-17 19:35:04 UTC

*Send your ideas here and Iโ€™ll start working on them*

2020-03-17 19:52:42 UTC


2020-03-17 19:59:31 UTC

*Send your ideas here and Iโ€™ll start working on them*

2020-03-17 19:59:48 UTC

**This isnโ€™t a meme channel**

2020-03-18 11:48:33 UTC

Toys? Melee or what?

2020-03-18 11:48:56 UTC

Like sex toys? I got a whip

2020-03-18 11:50:16 UTC

I got lube

2020-03-18 12:37:44 UTC

You know them shotgun door ringer things, load them all with bird shot , and set like 30 of them on your front door, alphabet soup for breakfast

2020-03-18 12:40:44 UTC

Tannerite vests for the pup brigade
F in the chat boys

2020-03-18 12:46:46 UTC


2020-03-18 17:08:44 UTC


2020-03-18 18:43:02 UTC


2020-03-18 18:45:43 UTC


2020-03-18 18:55:06 UTC


2020-03-18 18:55:09 UTC


2020-03-18 18:55:11 UTC


2020-03-18 18:55:14 UTC


2020-03-18 18:55:17 UTC


2020-03-18 18:55:22 UTC


2020-03-18 18:55:25 UTC


2020-03-18 18:55:28 UTC


2020-03-18 18:56:24 UTC


2020-03-19 04:58:10 UTC

I have some things for you guys to think about. The US government doesnโ€™t track every online purchase or search! It only will if you buy all the things on one computer because itโ€™ll notice the trend. If youโ€™re going to buy โ€œbuilding materialsโ€ use a cell of people. Each person buys one thing. Has it shipped to their home. Then meet and put the house together.

2020-03-19 04:59:58 UTC

Second thing. This ones a little fucked. There is an online magazine out there. 100% available to the public that is ran by isis/al-Qaeda that you can simply google and itโ€™s got โ€œexplosiveโ€ cake decorating dead and recipes in it.

2020-03-19 05:00:55 UTC

How do I know this? My guard unit has a HAZMAT/WMD mission at the moment. My intel comes directly from the head of the NYPD counterterrorism unit.

2020-03-19 05:01:01 UTC

Is that "inspire?" I'm pretty sure I learned about that in the fire department, oddly enough.

2020-03-19 05:01:16 UTC

Yes! I couldnโ€™t think of the name

2020-03-19 05:01:30 UTC

I learned it in HAZ A/O class

2020-03-19 05:02:10 UTC

I was considering doing homemade tannerite so maybe it'd be smart if I did things separately.

2020-03-19 05:02:25 UTC


2020-03-19 05:02:49 UTC

Too many purchases both online and off will trigger the algorithm

2020-03-19 05:03:10 UTC

If you buy anything offline. Like at a store. USE CASH

2020-03-19 05:03:35 UTC

That makes sense.

2020-03-19 05:33:45 UTC

Time to make some cupcakes in a bakers dozen

2020-03-19 21:21:30 UTC

I love to cook! Great info. Thanks ๐Ÿ™

2020-03-19 22:24:02 UTC

Anyone got the pdf for that sten gun? I didnโ€™t save it last time I saw it.

2020-03-19 22:26:29 UTC

@King Bob-Omb Bob you wouldn't happen to live in Erie county would ya? We have a restaurant called Mississippi Mudds

2020-03-19 22:26:59 UTC

Nope! It was a bull I rode a few years back!

2020-03-19 22:27:18 UTC

Erie County PA?

2020-03-19 22:29:35 UTC

Nope NY Erie PA is Buffalo version 2

2020-03-19 22:31:55 UTC

Small world

2020-03-19 22:33:39 UTC

Pretty awesome, huh? ๐Ÿ˜

2020-03-20 01:39:49 UTC

@King Bob-Omb yo where you at

2020-03-20 01:41:25 UTC

ive got the photos for it, not much actual pdf

2020-03-20 05:33:59 UTC

@TAH-HE-TEE I travel a lot right now. Iโ€™m in the process of moving to Gulfport. And someone hooked me up already!

2020-03-20 05:34:26 UTC


2020-03-20 17:39:02 UTC

GP? I used to live in pcola. Friends are saying its still pretty normal there, so cracked out FloridaMan shit as usual

2020-03-20 17:42:06 UTC

Bois check out what I just saw ๐Ÿ˜‚


2020-03-20 18:03:52 UTC

cough on them

2020-03-20 18:03:55 UTC

damn them all

2020-03-20 18:14:27 UTC


2020-03-20 18:17:17 UTC


2020-03-20 18:18:37 UTC

We don't have the numbers so many loyalists say "well, it's the law". We can't win if they're not on our side.

2020-03-20 18:26:14 UTC

fuck the law

2020-03-20 18:30:32 UTC

I think there would be less problems with less Government and more self-regulation. You don't fuck with me I don't fuck with you and tada there ya go

2020-03-20 18:32:03 UTC

i kinda wanna fucka government "official"

2020-03-21 00:41:36 UTC


2020-03-21 00:41:53 UTC

@TAH-HE-TEE make them now

2020-03-21 00:42:14 UTC

What I do father

2020-03-21 00:42:43 UTC

Iโ€™m not even sure how they operate

2020-03-21 00:42:58 UTC

Is it roll down or

2020-03-21 00:43:28 UTC

Pvc, screw firing pin, at least 12 gauge, trip wire

2020-03-21 00:43:37 UTC

Ground vibrates,mousetrap no likey bam

2020-03-21 00:43:50 UTC

Not vibrations

2020-03-21 00:43:58 UTC

Would this even do anything useful upon firing?

2020-03-21 00:44:05 UTC

If thats the case then anything will sey them off

2020-03-21 00:44:18 UTC

Ever had a shotgun shot at your ankle

2020-03-21 00:44:42 UTC

I haven't, but I'm concerned the PVC wouldn't stand up to the pressure.

2020-03-21 00:44:43 UTC

Well it doesn't show a string or anything connected to the trap Soo.....

2020-03-21 00:44:47 UTC

I'm not a scientist.

2020-03-21 00:45:01 UTC

You cant see air to know you need it

2020-03-21 00:45:22 UTC

It's a one use device, the PVC just needs to direct the blast so the pellets go forward and not everywhere.

2020-03-21 00:45:35 UTC


2020-03-21 00:45:48 UTC

So the next question is bird, buck or slug? Leaning toward buck?

2020-03-21 00:46:03 UTC

Buck would do marvelous

2020-03-21 00:46:04 UTC

@CelticCastaway make me 10 of them, I'll compensate you generously

2020-03-21 00:46:50 UTC

Bird would do less damage to anything the pellets hit out of "range"....meaning you won't destroy your walls.

2020-03-21 00:47:05 UTC

Look like 5in mounting screws

2020-03-21 00:47:07 UTC

I fucking love shotguns.....

2020-03-21 00:48:23 UTC

Have to figure out what angle youre wanting for them

2020-03-21 00:48:39 UTC

Imagine lining your sidewalk with these

2020-03-21 00:48:43 UTC

Ankle, dick, foot or chest

2020-03-21 00:48:50 UTC

Foot level

2020-03-21 00:49:09 UTC

Angle meaning what you're wanting to shoot

2020-03-21 00:49:25 UTC

First pair go off dude falls setting of 2 more pairs into his side and face

2020-03-21 00:49:45 UTC

Shoot his thighs.

2020-03-21 00:50:01 UTC

He will Bleed out in a few seconds.

2020-03-21 00:50:02 UTC

Do you think this would set off tannerite?

2020-03-21 00:50:07 UTC


2020-03-21 00:50:16 UTC


2020-03-21 00:50:26 UTC

I need to do science.

2020-03-21 00:50:42 UTC

I'd use buckshot but yea

2020-03-21 00:50:48 UTC

Open a shot shell remove the payload and the wad

2020-03-21 00:50:51 UTC

Sad that all these things I want to make require *gunpowder*

2020-03-21 00:50:57 UTC

You'll need about a dozen large bean cans per side of a sidewalk too

2020-03-21 00:51:05 UTC

And Iโ€™m not allowed to touch blades, guns or fire

2020-03-21 00:51:09 UTC

Pack you a small plastic baggie of tannerite

2020-03-21 00:51:19 UTC

Pack it in the shell

2020-03-21 00:52:41 UTC

Get the cans, drill random holes in them, decorate them, make a hole large enough in the direction you want the shell, snug the pipe close to the hole, run wire in front of it

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