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2019-10-17 15:40:32 UTC "Moral grandstanding in public discourse: Status-seeking motives as a potential explanatory mechanism in predicting conflict"

2019-10-17 17:53:18 UTC
2019-10-17 19:23:37 UTC

The case for colonialism:

2019-10-17 20:55:50 UTC

Despite what you have been told, in the western world today almost all legal and lethal sexual discrimination is against men.

Men are 97% of combat fatalities.

Men pay 97% of Alimony

Men make 94% of work suicides.

Men make up 93% of work fatalities.

Men make up 81% of all war deaths.

Men lose custody in 84% of divorces.

80% of all suicides are men.

77% of homicide victims are men.

89% of men will be the victim of at least one violent crime.

Men are over twice as victimised by strangers as women.

Men are 165% more likely to be convicted than women.

Men get 63% longer sentences than women for the same crime.

Court bias against men is at least 6 times bigger than racial bias.

Males are discriminated against in school and University.

Boys face vastly more corporal punishment than girls.

60-80% of the homeless are men.

Women's Cancers receive 15 times more funding than men's

At least 10% of fathers are victims of paternity fraud.

One third of all fathers in the USA have lost custody of children, most are expected to pay for this.

40-70% of domestic violence is against men however less than 1% of domestic violence shelter spaces are for men.

Male fatality rates are vastly higher than women's

2019-10-17 21:45:09 UTC

Fathers' rights, judicial disparities, and workplace affect are severely undiscussed with regards to sexual discrimination.

2019-10-17 21:46:45 UTC

Anthropology, History, and Evolutionary Biology have shown us that men are, by nature, either extremely disposable or extremely useful.

2019-10-18 02:40:01 UTC
2019-10-18 04:24:48 UTC

2019-10-18 06:21:56 UTC

we have to do whatever the jews don't expect us to do...

2019-10-18 06:22:04 UTC

what's the last thing they'd expect?

2019-10-18 06:24:37 UTC

convert to Judaism

2019-10-18 13:03:47 UTC

@esotericpazuzuism That's just the negative discrimination, let's not even get started on the positive discrimination of women

2019-10-18 13:04:55 UTC

Women's breast cancer is a huge charity
When women do badly in school it's a big issue
Not enough women CEO's

2019-10-18 17:22:00 UTC

Pagans have memetic immunity to Judaism. They have memetic weakness to Christianity.

2019-10-18 17:24:34 UTC

Christianity has memetic weakness to Judaism.

2019-10-18 17:26:10 UTC

first time around, paganism was diminished and replaced through corruption and subversion after accepting the christian god as just another part of the pantheon, allowing it to gain power over time and ultimately being forced into "convert or die" scenarios. Christianity has now gone through that corruption process and so the cycle hopefully repeats rather than degenerate further into atheism and narcissism, worship of the self

2019-10-18 17:26:27 UTC

unless chad islam takes over completely tbh

2019-10-18 17:26:49 UTC

Islam is completely alien to the European man.

2019-10-18 17:27:01 UTC

Bowden said it himself.

2019-10-18 17:27:18 UTC

Its hard absolute nature is not tolerated

2019-10-18 17:27:38 UTC

The soft absoluteness of Christianity is why it spread so easily.

2019-10-18 17:27:49 UTC

And it is its greatest weakness.

2019-10-18 17:28:40 UTC

Being absolute, prevents them from adapting to the subversive attacks of Judaism.

2019-10-18 17:29:17 UTC

This is why they kept coming back into Christian societies despite being kicked out.

2019-10-18 17:29:34 UTC

Over and over until they dominate today.

2019-10-18 17:44:42 UTC

Paganism: Rogue/Druid/Hunter/Shaman
Judaism: Warlock/Mage/Priest
Christianity: Paladin/Priest
Islam: Warrior/Rogue

2019-10-18 19:06:43 UTC

Who the fuck even considers Kevin Logan relevant?

2019-10-18 19:07:06 UTC

styx. he just livestreamed with vee

2019-10-18 19:08:10 UTC

Styx is losing relevance too.

2019-10-18 20:59:54 UTC

normie takes

2019-10-18 21:49:03 UTC

Shillary needs to die btw, getting sick of her stupid mouth <:DansGame:324994519961567243>

2019-10-19 00:20:19 UTC
2019-10-20 13:21:57 UTC
2019-10-21 19:03:17 UTC

Nazbol Tucker

2019-10-21 19:05:45 UTC

Third Positionist Tucker

2019-10-21 19:43:19 UTC

this is the author right...

2019-10-21 19:44:27 UTC

might not be, I can't tell boomers apart too easily gosh darn it bobby

2019-10-22 00:28:08 UTC

2019-10-22 00:28:22 UTC


2019-10-22 00:34:09 UTC


2019-10-22 00:34:40 UTC

more like, "You get an erection in the first place"

2019-10-22 08:10:02 UTC


2019-10-22 13:08:01 UTC

Millenial Woes made a long rambling video that I listened to in the background while doing other stuff...
...Basically, he regrets the whole alt-right thing and wants life to go back to how it was before that all started - all while trying to recover from a year of depression.

It's taken him until now to realise that the whole Left & Right conflict is just smoke and mirrors.

2019-10-22 13:15:23 UTC

i saw the video length and moved on

2019-10-22 13:56:14 UTC

> It's taken him until now to realise that the whole Left & Right conflict is just smoke and mirrors.
Seems like that...

Its a really stupid differentiation. But, well, I take the french definition:
Right were the Monarchists.
Left were the Revolutionaries.

2019-10-22 13:56:44 UTC

so basically it means that right is the side that don't want no (drastic) change, the left is the revolution. EVERY TIME.

2019-10-22 14:24:56 UTC

och, why kint eh go back ta mah pappy's flat
it's all those evul journalist' fault fer runnin me oot
if only I hadna produced such large amounts of high quality propagandeh
maybe benefits woulda bin betteh than paypigbux...

2019-10-22 14:25:58 UTC

so what's next for him?

2019-10-22 14:32:21 UTC

fuck I can't do woes anymore

2019-10-22 14:32:34 UTC

incessant navelgazing

2019-10-22 14:32:43 UTC

ever since they took his twatter away

2019-10-22 14:32:47 UTC

hes been horrible

2019-10-22 14:33:10 UTC

he's on twatter u know

2019-10-22 14:33:13 UTC

2 accounts

2019-10-22 14:33:59 UTC

oh he has it back openly?

2019-10-22 14:34:06 UTC


2019-10-22 14:34:09 UTC

not openly

2019-10-22 14:34:23 UTC

and he doesn't do anything very interesting with it either

2019-10-22 15:57:12 UTC

becoming addicted to social media and having his ego stroked changed him tbh
although the only reason he was half decent before that was that he was one of the first big talking heads of the aut right and that

2019-10-22 16:16:06 UTC

woes has been doing good been getting /fit/ with mark

2019-10-22 16:16:28 UTC

it will take him some time to become who he wants to be give it time

2019-10-22 16:26:10 UTC

He hasn't started his lifestyle change yet

2019-10-23 20:07:08 UTC

"The weak and the botched shall perish: first principle of our charity. And one should help them to it."

2019-10-24 05:50:56 UTC

Ok satan

2019-10-24 16:41:40 UTC

Are people who abort going extinct?

2019-10-24 16:43:10 UTC

I mean, the explanation they try to give is that sex ed and birth control availability is responsable fo the reduction in abortions

2019-10-24 16:43:26 UTC

But that doesn’t sounds right tbqh

2019-10-24 16:43:47 UTC

Specially with al the promotion they give to abortion nowadays

2019-10-24 16:45:02 UTC


2019-10-24 16:50:25 UTC

Looks like it peaked around 1980

2019-10-24 16:50:55 UTC

The 70s were when abortion was pushed hard to keep the black population down. They don't push it anywhere near as hard now

2019-10-24 19:30:52 UTC

1:30 in the interview, and I'm genuinely entertained and informed thus far. A bittersweet reminder of the powers beyond us.

2019-10-25 08:24:44 UTC

There's something about Joe Rogan I can't stand

2019-10-25 08:25:05 UTC

It's kind of like Joe feels very vapid to me

2019-10-25 08:28:13 UTC

nah, it's the one time he gets to talk about something other than MMA shite

2019-10-25 10:06:28 UTC

@JFGariepy The globalists are using climate change because they need a global crisis to justify global communism. They face resistance because the science is not ideal and the sceptics see through it. However, would The Revolutionary Phenotype not be an actual potential global crisis that threatens all of humankind much like they are attempting to frame climate change? It occurs to me that the globalists might be better served using TRP as their boogieman as the theory is sound and the danger is arguably greater. Would you feel conflicted if the corrupt elites gave TRP global notoriety by using it to advance their plans for a one-world government?

2019-10-25 10:33:08 UTC

An interesting article that shows how EU project sees its own drive for a federalised EU... it's all for the "greater good", hmm...

2019-10-25 15:18:34 UTC

The overreaction was as stupid as building them near the coastline, like that

2019-10-25 18:53:07 UTC

thats a load of shit 20/20

2019-10-25 22:01:30 UTC

2019-10-25 22:01:31 UTC

2019-10-26 01:46:19 UTC

styx btfu <:alex:401875510923100180>

2019-10-26 01:50:16 UTC

is this the stuff that was declassified today?

2019-10-26 01:51:03 UTC

idk it was on chan

2019-10-26 01:51:31 UTC

So apparently there really were tunnels under McMartin pre-school and the satanic panic of the 90's was entirely justified. WTF is going on?

2019-10-26 01:52:03 UTC

@Henry’s come to see us! was posting a bunch of this stuff earlier

2019-10-26 01:52:56 UTC

lol love to just rub it in styx face

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