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2018-05-14 03:30:28 UTC

well well

2018-05-14 03:30:28 UTC

They have as long as I've been on there?

2018-05-14 03:30:45 UTC

used to be that it was only soundless that was allowed

2018-05-14 03:31:31 UTC

but this was a good 2-3 years ago now I guess

2018-05-14 03:33:09 UTC
2018-05-14 03:33:12 UTC

You're better off

2018-05-14 03:33:16 UTC

Not going to college

2018-05-14 03:33:24 UTC

College isn't worth it anymore

2018-05-14 03:33:28 UTC

It's a scam

2018-05-14 03:33:42 UTC

College is only really good for law, med, or stem

2018-05-14 03:34:21 UTC


2018-05-14 03:34:24 UTC

muh employability

2018-05-14 03:34:51 UTC


2018-05-14 03:35:03 UTC

@Barry White there's a lot of college graduates who aren't employed

2018-05-14 03:35:07 UTC

I get that most of the jobs people think they're going to college in order to get don't exist, or they study the wrong thing

2018-05-14 03:35:14 UTC

You can do a trade

2018-05-14 03:35:17 UTC

Be an electrician

2018-05-14 03:35:19 UTC


2018-05-14 03:35:27 UTC

But don't most employers generally turn down applicants who haven't graduated college?

2018-05-14 03:35:33 UTC

Lol no

2018-05-14 03:35:47 UTC

forget the fact that I don't have any sort of student credentials at any level

2018-05-14 03:35:54 UTC

Employers are looking for experience

2018-05-14 03:36:07 UTC

@Barry White do a trade

2018-05-14 03:36:13 UTC

Some people aren't meant for college

2018-05-14 03:36:16 UTC

And that's okay

2018-05-14 03:36:19 UTC


2018-05-14 03:36:22 UTC

Doesn't mean that they aren't smart

2018-05-14 03:36:28 UTC

House building

2018-05-14 03:36:30 UTC

Is good

2018-05-14 03:36:43 UTC

Tradesmen make decent money once you reach journeyman

2018-05-14 03:36:52 UTC

getting a job in construction is pretty cool conceptually

2018-05-14 03:37:03 UTC

Become a male porn star. <:jude:402393736505458688>

2018-05-14 03:37:41 UTC

@Barry White or you can become a cop like me, with no college

2018-05-14 03:37:54 UTC

You're a cop, egg?

2018-05-14 03:37:56 UTC

if you’re a plumber and you know what you’re doing you can make 6 figures

2018-05-14 03:37:56 UTC

this guy is a construction worker

2018-05-14 03:38:21 UTC


2018-05-14 03:38:32 UTC


2018-05-14 03:38:34 UTC

You are legally obliged to let me talk to your superior.

2018-05-14 03:38:35 UTC

badge # now

2018-05-14 03:38:35 UTC


2018-05-14 03:38:38 UTC

@Barry White I wish I was a cop. I'm training to be one, I'm 19, i dropped out of college, and I'm in the process of joining the Air Force. I have no work experience

2018-05-14 03:38:51 UTC

All the jobs I applied to, with a resume, I got no response

2018-05-14 03:38:57 UTC

So the Air Force is my only option now

2018-05-14 03:39:09 UTC

I've also thought about joining the military but I dunno about signing my life away tbh

2018-05-14 03:39:17 UTC


2018-05-14 03:39:20 UTC

@bress222 ###-##-####

2018-05-14 03:39:40 UTC

@Barry White join the Air Force, you have the least chance of dying for Israel

2018-05-14 03:39:44 UTC

You just sit back

2018-05-14 03:39:50 UTC

Or coast guard

2018-05-14 03:39:53 UTC

Or navy

2018-05-14 03:39:55 UTC

i delayed entrance into law school cause i got a sweet job in political consulting

2018-05-14 03:40:01 UTC

Accidently bomb the Isreali parliament.

2018-05-14 03:40:07 UTC

Oh o

2018-05-14 03:40:29 UTC

If I were to join the primary reason would be just to get the basic training

2018-05-14 03:40:35 UTC

that's really the primary appeal for me

2018-05-14 03:40:39 UTC

Join the National or State Guard

2018-05-14 03:40:53 UTC

Well military training is really good

2018-05-14 03:41:11 UTC

Joining the military teaches you valuable skills, teaches you to be Independent

2018-05-14 03:41:24 UTC

Especially good if you had a shit father who didn't teach you shit

2018-05-14 03:41:37 UTC

language egg

2018-05-14 03:41:47 UTC


2018-05-14 03:42:22 UTC

how cucked is the military anymore

2018-05-14 03:42:28 UTC

yeah that's the thing

2018-05-14 03:42:29 UTC

training wise

2018-05-14 03:42:51 UTC

i heard that you’re given a card and if you raise it while you’re getting yelled at they have to stop

2018-05-14 03:42:55 UTC

can you even just go in and get the training without spending half your time in with Seargant Gender Studies lecturing you on not raping women

2018-05-14 03:43:02 UTC

@bress222 Well, I've heard that the either the marines or army dropped grenade training

2018-05-14 03:43:09 UTC

Because females couldn't pull the pin

2018-05-14 03:43:12 UTC

Something like that

2018-05-14 03:43:18 UTC
2018-05-14 03:43:23 UTC

I thought they couldn't throw it the required distance

2018-05-14 03:43:26 UTC

No don’t listen to @Deleted User he’s a doodoo meanie head who hates n*ggers

2018-05-14 03:43:33 UTC

I can't even click on these links @Deleted User

2018-05-14 03:43:37 UTC

I'm on iPhone

2018-05-14 03:43:50 UTC

@Barry White something like that

2018-05-14 03:43:55 UTC

I don't know the exact details

2018-05-14 03:44:01 UTC
2018-05-14 03:44:11 UTC

Exactly Dusty’s a meanie head

2018-05-14 03:44:29 UTC

Who lives in the Swamps of N*gg*r NJ

2018-05-14 03:44:47 UTC

We Wuz Sea Kangs and shieeet

2018-05-14 03:44:58 UTC

i went and talked to an army recruiter but he wanted me to lie about so much stuff and he was so disingenuous i stopped

2018-05-14 03:44:58 UTC

@Augustus InFuccsticks I do live in New Jersey

2018-05-14 03:45:05 UTC


2018-05-14 03:45:10 UTC

Why did he want you to lie about stuff

2018-05-14 03:45:26 UTC

Yeah exactly f*ggot

2018-05-14 03:45:45 UTC

MEPS. i’ve has eye surgery and other stuff and if docs would’ve known about it they wouldn’t let me in

2018-05-14 03:46:18 UTC
2018-05-14 03:46:21 UTC

i didn’t so much have a problem with that but i wanted to wait a semester to graduate first and he would not accept that.

2018-05-14 03:46:33 UTC

i get it’s your job to sign people up but you gotta work with me a little

2018-05-14 03:46:44 UTC


2018-05-14 03:46:46 UTC

They have to hit a number

2018-05-14 03:46:46 UTC

Wait wait wait. Hold on.

2018-05-14 03:46:54 UTC

that's the thing, why would you even trust the guy for anything

2018-05-14 03:47:01 UTC

Young man, have you considered the Army National Guard?

2018-05-14 03:47:07 UTC

Or Air Force

2018-05-14 03:47:37 UTC

He thing is, the national guard, they only pay you, on the days you go to training, which is 2 times a month

2018-05-14 03:47:37 UTC

i’m over the military days. i’ve got a really good job now

2018-05-14 03:47:46 UTC

You get paid more if you're active duty in another branch

2018-05-14 03:48:05 UTC

yeah a military career doesn't appeal to me

2018-05-14 03:48:09 UTC

Look, Dusky or whatever your name is, there are ample opportunities with the National Guard.

2018-05-14 03:48:14 UTC

I want the money to save up for the future

2018-05-14 03:48:21 UTC

I've done ADOS, that is, Active Guard and Reserve.

2018-05-14 03:48:27 UTC

@Alphonsus I've thought about the national guard, but I'm doing Air Force security forces

2018-05-14 03:48:29 UTC

The only reason I'd go in is to get the basic training and I guess maybe training for some kind of job I could do in the civilian world

2018-05-14 03:48:46 UTC

I was paid active duty pay and BAH while going every day of the week save Saturday and Sundays.

2018-05-14 03:48:50 UTC

I know a girl who joined the army to become a lawyer

2018-05-14 03:48:58 UTC

@Barry White dude if you are a military veteran, employers will get a hard on for you

2018-05-14 03:49:07 UTC

idk bout that

2018-05-14 03:49:09 UTC

@Barry White you can earn your degree in the military too

2018-05-14 03:49:17 UTC

What was your MOS/Rating?

2018-05-14 03:49:24 UTC

What branch were you, bb?

2018-05-14 03:49:33 UTC

Niggers make me 😡

2018-05-14 03:49:34 UTC
2018-05-14 03:49:38 UTC

i never ended up joining

2018-05-14 03:49:42 UTC


2018-05-14 03:49:46 UTC


2018-05-14 03:49:50 UTC


2018-05-14 03:49:54 UTC

Sorry I came in halfway through

2018-05-14 03:50:17 UTC

So you are thinking about the military, haven't joined but are mulling over the possible long term incentives?

2018-05-14 03:50:26 UTC

Well, boy, let me tell you.

2018-05-14 03:51:13 UTC

just general possibilities to get ahead in life, starting from basically nothing with a shit-tier homeschool education

2018-05-14 03:51:20 UTC

no i was thinking about joining 6 months ago but i wanted to graduate first but recruiter wouldn’t accept that and wanted me to lie about health. and since then i’ve gotten a really good job for my age and got into a good law school so i’m over it

2018-05-14 03:51:21 UTC

The military has always offered me a constant fall back. I also have a decent job, going to college, getting my degree (without debt, by the way), and I have a solid plan to get an MBA at no cost.

2018-05-14 03:51:53 UTC

Over it huh? Well look here, the Army JAG corps for the NG? Outstanding.

2018-05-14 03:52:14 UTC

Get that law degree, sure, but consider going MP officer SIMULTANEOUSLY.

2018-05-14 03:52:33 UTC

Did you know how easy it is, timing wise?

2018-05-14 03:52:37 UTC

oh i get what you’re doing

2018-05-14 03:52:42 UTC


2018-05-14 03:52:47 UTC


2018-05-14 03:53:14 UTC

I'm trying to show you the benefits that you're missing out on.

2018-05-14 03:53:33 UTC

NG depends on the state, maybe your state sucks, maybe its great, who knows?

2018-05-14 03:53:53 UTC

Look, buddy, all I'm saying is that to be a man among men, you have to prove yourself.

2018-05-14 03:54:19 UTC

i see what this is

2018-05-14 03:54:23 UTC

I'll be 4 years in the Army in December.

2018-05-14 03:54:41 UTC

It's been great for me and offered countless blessings and benefits

2018-05-14 03:54:43 UTC

how old are you

2018-05-14 03:54:49 UTC


2018-05-14 03:54:54 UTC

23 next month

2018-05-14 03:55:00 UTC

Look here, pal,

2018-05-14 03:55:33 UTC

You have a lot of time to pray and think on this, but fraternally? I'd say you should think hard on the National Guard.

2018-05-14 03:55:51 UTC

Air Force security forces, which is what I'm doing, is basically MP

2018-05-14 03:56:07 UTC

They wear berets with cammies fuck them

2018-05-14 03:56:14 UTC

talk to egg i am not even considering it one bit

2018-05-14 03:56:56 UTC

Hey now @bress222 big man! Why not, let's get to the bottom of this, let's scooby doo it up, bro. What's the issue.

2018-05-14 03:57:19 UTC

alphonsus i’m starting to think you don’t even respect the troops

2018-05-14 03:57:38 UTC

Why because I'm trying to avail you to a lot of benefits?

2018-05-14 03:57:55 UTC

honestly you make a good case

2018-05-14 03:57:59 UTC

You want to get a law degree, I'm an MP, I know a pretty fair share of JAG

2018-05-14 03:58:06 UTC

I'll have to do a lot more thinking about this

2018-05-14 03:58:08 UTC

just because you’re in the military doesn’t mean you respect the troops

2018-05-14 03:58:18 UTC

Go on.

2018-05-14 03:58:27 UTC

i smell bait

2018-05-14 03:58:31 UTC

I bet you don't respect women @Alphonsus

2018-05-14 03:58:39 UTC


2018-05-14 03:58:42 UTC

I won't bet against that Barry

2018-05-14 03:58:56 UTC

I fold, you win that hand, bro.

2018-05-14 03:59:51 UTC

But anyway back to the matter at hand, the military offers a great deal of benefits, in two and a half years when my contract is up? I'll probably re up for another contract, maybe even get... A BONUS!

2018-05-14 04:00:08 UTC

Yeah it does

2018-05-14 04:00:33 UTC

I'm going to school free, I get paid, if my shit falls through? I can go active.

2018-05-14 04:00:38 UTC

the free camaro when you sign would be pretty cool

2018-05-14 04:00:51 UTC

I'm getting ready for WLC at this point and I'm stoked.

2018-05-14 04:01:11 UTC

Downside is it might be Drum in like November.

2018-05-14 04:01:17 UTC

Miss me with that shit bruh.

2018-05-14 04:02:06 UTC

Free camaro? ARE YOU KIDDING? Two words, Kiddo.

2018-05-14 04:02:08 UTC


2018-05-14 04:02:09 UTC


2018-05-14 04:02:53 UTC

im thinking about joinin aus military

2018-05-14 04:03:26 UTC

theyve got a scholarship program where if its a relevant degree they pay your uni fees while you study

2018-05-14 04:03:37 UTC

in exchange you have to work for them for the time they sponsored you + 1 year

2018-05-14 04:03:40 UTC

The ANZAC legends, my man. Good form. Best of luck.

2018-05-14 04:04:58 UTC

yea i wont be in combat tho

2018-05-14 04:05:04 UTC

ill write code to help drone innocent arab children

2018-05-14 04:05:50 UTC


2018-05-14 04:10:21 UTC

Simon Scola asked if Nick has seen the Serbian Film. <:lmaoJUST:402622080719519744> @Simon Scola savage

2018-05-14 04:33:55 UTC

Inb4 Nick watches it and bans Joe the boomer just because

2018-05-14 04:43:07 UTC

Nick should ban everyone for gay

2018-05-14 04:47:34 UTC

Imagine not enlisting

2018-05-14 04:48:44 UTC

If you're thinking of enlisting AF, don't enlist cuz you're gay

2018-05-14 04:52:02 UTC

Either do marines, navy or army

2018-05-14 05:01:28 UTC


2018-05-14 05:05:07 UTC


2018-05-14 05:05:31 UTC

Hey Nick! I'm wholesome Christian song posting!

2018-05-14 05:05:35 UTC

Any suggestions?

2018-05-14 05:07:34 UTC

Peak Whiteness^

2018-05-14 05:08:11 UTC

TFW no wheatfield nationalism ethnostate

2018-05-14 05:08:41 UTC
2018-05-14 05:09:03 UTC
2018-05-14 05:12:12 UTC

why do these shows exist

2018-05-14 05:12:53 UTC

the state takes money by force to fund this trash

2018-05-14 05:13:04 UTC

im ancap now

2018-05-14 05:13:29 UTC

ABC needs at least 75% of their funding cut

2018-05-14 05:17:14 UTC

You faggots dodmt even start off with the best (only?) good modern christian song. https://youtu.be/7U9lVjZg-Kg

2018-05-14 05:23:32 UTC
2018-05-14 05:23:47 UTC


2018-05-14 05:23:52 UTC

its fun

2018-05-14 05:24:34 UTC

>having fun

You should be on your knees praying god for redemption.

2018-05-14 05:25:06 UTC

eat my butt lanius

2018-05-14 05:25:11 UTC

Go to bed fellas

2018-05-14 05:25:17 UTC


2018-05-14 05:25:57 UTC

My response to thots.

2018-05-14 05:26:40 UTC


2018-05-14 05:26:54 UTC

wow look at this

2018-05-14 05:26:58 UTC

4 catboys

2018-05-14 05:27:02 UTC

the harem rises

2018-05-14 05:27:26 UTC

You have a harem of catboys? <:bigguy:402401397892710411>

2018-05-14 05:28:26 UTC

Hey Nick, Are you Monarchist Gang? <:smug:402400327313391616>

2018-05-14 05:28:45 UTC


2018-05-14 05:29:09 UTC

3 drinks of water later*

2018-05-14 05:29:37 UTC


2018-05-14 05:30:05 UTC

Monarchy is pretty epic. America should try it.

2018-05-14 05:30:25 UTC


2018-05-14 05:30:27 UTC


2018-05-14 05:30:31 UTC


2018-05-14 05:30:34 UTC


2018-05-14 05:31:52 UTC


2018-05-14 05:31:54 UTC

whoa 😮

2018-05-14 05:31:59 UTC


2018-05-14 05:32:13 UTC


2018-05-14 05:32:22 UTC


2018-05-14 05:32:24 UTC


2018-05-14 05:32:43 UTC

@bobop6 what u want

2018-05-14 05:33:01 UTC


2018-05-14 05:33:31 UTC


2018-05-14 05:33:31 UTC

The <@&426549219164160000> clan is growing

2018-05-14 05:33:44 UTC


2018-05-14 05:33:53 UTC

sam has big gay

2018-05-14 05:33:57 UTC

can confirme

2018-05-14 05:33:57 UTC

no u

2018-05-14 05:34:03 UTC


2018-05-14 05:34:09 UTC

i like how he comes in my server and people recognize him

2018-05-14 05:34:21 UTC

tfw no anti social retarded gf


2018-05-14 05:34:28 UTC

like "hey didnt you do some stuff in a another server"

2018-05-14 05:34:35 UTC

shut it

2018-05-14 05:34:40 UTC


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