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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LXOMNnJQ3A Alex Jones got nothing on James

Dude... that Little debate was priceless... I've never seen someone who proports to be a serious candidate melt down like this...

Just watched it.... wow....

I get that some people are insane - Little... Question is how does he have so many followers... Are people really this retarded?

I don't know about being locked up.... but certainly kept from running for office at all costs

Granted there have been some accounts banned from Twitter that should not have been

ZOG = terrified of that photo

We got AnCap's in here?



If you are one of Little's anonymous army of memers please say i



i knew it

Is that Nick cam?

NH has some beautiful mountains, and while you are there you can always stop by Christ Cantwell's house

my grandma read me anderson when i was little

my mom read me the bible


I'm 40, i play video games lol


dude no

just anime

ha ha

honestly gamegate was more effective in changing the culture than many other movements...

most games are online now

why? taking up too much time?

fair enough... you play and instrument?

that's great.... wish i did.... i tried learning guitar... did it for about 3 years.

my wife always found it rather annoying though


Any1 play Star Citizen?

have you played it?

in its current state

because I have and it has more content than many games that are out dude

I know what Vox Day has said about it... and he is wrong on this one.... not sure if you are quoting him

fair enough...

but i'd say give it a shot.... even in space combat pvp its a lot of fun allready

but that's how they are funding it sbbu

I don't know man, i've had a lot of fun with it... i understand how some of their practices maybe a questioned by some....

really? that's suprising

i hated the first one... felt like a waste of money

these people should be deported, preferably they can be deported into the same country with Patrick Little... Imagine? Ben Shaprio and Patrick Little show... all day every day



israel is ethno nationalists

they do not allow BLack Jews into the country

besides them being gay

they are hyper ethno-centric

I'm not talking about the make up of the electorate, I'm talking about their immigration and foreign policy

dealers who sell to underage children should be shot, adults can do whatever the hell they want

this is true

but how do you balance that with personal freedom? Not saying you are wrong... just asking a question.

i'm not sure i'm down with a full on Franco style state.... @NobleManWithABigHeart Is it preferable to what we have now? Probably, but in the long run, do i want my children to live under this kind of rule, I'm just not sure.

@Boffin Frog I understand what you are saying, however middle ground seems to mean vastly different things to different people

@NobleManWithABigHeart I would say in an authoritarian right wing state there would be more anti-drug laws - yes, i recognize the value in keeping drugs out of the hands of underage children as well as regulating certain behaviors, but I do not see the reason for knocking down my neighbors door and arresting him for smoking a joint

does that make sense?

i went to church today

9 am eastern

Eastern Orthodox

Are there any other Orthodox here?

or am i the only 1?

@NobleManWithABigHeart I think everything can be harmful, if overdone... that is certainly true for tobacco and alcohol as well...

I guess, my question would be, who if at all benefits financially from keeping pot illegal.... Certainly you don't think the people who run our country do it out of the goodness of their heart and concern for public health, do ya? 😃 @NobleManWithABigHeart

we are creating a class of criminals who aren't actually hurting other people... very much like the anti-gun lobby wants to jail me for owning assault rifles in certain states...

Like what was that dudes name that did the FPS RUSSIA channel... Kyle something or other, he had his life ruined because they found some cannabis oil at his house

he did more good for the gun culture, than the NRA in last 30 years

I don't think it should be Medical, in fact I would be against that.... Medical marijuana = ME PAYING FOR YOUR HABIT through Medicare and such... While if you smoke on your own time, that has nothing to do with me, and I'm not paying for it.

Oy Vey...


i don't know, i guess i still have some libertarian leanings... i may need to be sent to a re-education camp

Those of you who go to Church.... does your parish have trouble attracting younger people?

only if its a good cup of coffee

i like the black rifle gimmick but their coffee tastes like ass

Oy Vey, White Europeans want to maintain a majority in their country of origin, it's like annudah shoah

Jr is going to be president

Harry Potter is not real 😄

Fallout looks awesome


upon being seated in congress these people seem to lose their manhood

Before i got my head out of my ass I supported Rand Paul... But some of the statements he has made are just as weak as the one above...

i still like much of what he says, but they aren't what we need right now...

I think Rand understands the Israeli question...

that at least is a good thing...

no libertarian is good on immigration, other than maybe hoppe

i like Rand... He has shortcomings but he is better than 99.9% of the othrs

Rand knows how to play the game, Ron really didn't and didn't want to learn.

If you do not quit your job to read culture of critique or participate in at least one duel a month you must be a jew - Patrick Little

Patrick Little is right on many things, but it isn't being right, it is being able to present your ideas in a way palatable to the general public.

Patrick J. Buchanan is certainly red pilled on the JQ, Race Realism, issues pertaining to WW2, and I believe someone like him could win in todays political climate...

guy is too old now... obviously

but someone like him could do it...

I'm Gen X

Gen X are your allies

we are skeptical enough to know we've been fed a bunch of BS

You can criticize the Jewish influence upon the west in a way that is acceptable to the general public.... take for example Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and his criticism of Jewish influence. Sure some still call him an anti-Semite, but the general consensus is that he is absolutely brilliant...

When it comes to the JQ i think it is best to use dialectic not rhetoric, unless rhetoric is being used against you....

Nick Fuentes criticism of the jews is dialectic, little is all rhetoric, and frothing at the mouth, wild eyed rhetoric

obviously comes across as insane

Any1 who goes around screaming that "I DEDICATE MY LIFE TO NAMING THE JEW" is never going to get traction

not in the [current year]

if you are going to do it, and i believe it needs to be done, it should be done like Nick Fuentes, Ramzpaul, Vox Day are doing it

even Richard Spencer

he doesn't talk like Little

neither does Kevin MacDonald

same.... i'm strictly talking about his criticism of Jewish influence

he does it in a way that is almost impossible to paint as insane

this is how you do it

Imagine if Spencer responded with "I AM HERE TO NAME THE JEW, SIEG HEIL" - that going to convert a lot of people? lol

His biggest mistake was aligning with the Daily Stormer nonsence.... not saying there isn't a place for DS... but not on the level of Spencer... He David Duked himself

while i don't always agree with his "politics" i think he has done excellent work in the past

Patrick Little doesn't only make people look bad, he makes people look dumb... A serious candidate does not measure his political power by how many memers he has at his command

Does not challenge people to duels and certainly does not brag about quitting his job to read a book

Unless it is the Holy Bible and you quit your job to go to the seminary


ha ha ha


that cracked me up

i would never smoke when i'm engaged professionally.... It is highly disrespectful... Can you imagine Jared Taylor smoking while giving an interview?

smoke or vape i don't care what it is


vaping is fine to quit smoking... IN PRIVATE

don't be walking around town with that shit

nothing to be proud of


That's Cantwell

i actually used to listen to that guy until he went absolutely insane


the jews are MAKING me vape dude

i'm serious

don't believe me?


all explained in there

Frankfurt school and shit

i have to be honest, full disclosure, i used to smoke cigars, and they started making me sick.... i still get the craving and i've vaped when i do... NEVER in public

ha ha

well, actually he was bragging about his minority support, especially in MOSQUES , like its a good thing

and his platform says, he wants to take money from ISRAEL and give it to the NOGZ.... I agree with the first part, but second? Are you for real?

its like you want cancer or aids?

yes, agreed on transatlantic slave trade and jewish involvement - that's undeniable, but that has absolutely nothing to do with TAKING MY MONEY and giving it to Tyrone

how about I keep my money?

would that be ok?


I've not read Duke, no

should I?

Nehlen was nowhere near as bad as Little

granted he went a little crazy

but he is nowhere near as bad

i liked him before

i even like him now... to be honest

Little just repulses me

God created the Nations at the Tower of Babble, if this was not his will, he would not have done so

so not only are we judged as individuals, but as Nations, according to the Holy Scriputres

Ashkenazi Jews converted to Judaism, they aren't semitic people and have similar DNA makeup as Italians, having said that 99.9% are ANTI - WHITE and do not consider themselves WHITE

I have them in my family.... I have some ((()))) blood


they have intermingled

exactly right

there should be

many would check it

in Ukraine, where I was born if you were a JEW your nationality SAID JEWISH

and no1 had a problem with that

but ashken jews are the only jews who were considered white by the founding fathers and allowed to move from Western Europe, probably a mistake in retrospect...

Let me try to rephrase that for ya. Some blacks are more civilized than others.

why not sour?

I'm a mutt, but i feel a connection not only to my GENETIC groups but to the group whose culture I grew up in and was raised...

on a very basic level

every1 should

no way


Go to Church on a given Sunday, people segregate even IN CHURCH because the Church is in fact your extended family, something THAT UNITES YOUR TRIBE. We can still share in the Body and BLood of Christ with different groups and that is fine, but your COMMUNITY is CONNECTED on both Spiritual and Genetic level

@ChillS - I wouldn't call it pseudo science. I would call it BIBLICAL

and scientific

The Lord created the Nations

think he did that by mistake?


Bill Nye

It depends on whose research you are referring to.... Race Realism has been all but banned.... Go do research on it and you will be driven out of academia

but if you look, you can find many great works on it

I'm surprised we have so many Civ Nats in here.... I guess that is a good thing.... i think we should treat them nicely.... Many of us used to be Civ Nats, before we evolved


heheh i'm kinda new here, so ....

Though art

you're welcome 😄

Race mixing is generally bad for family and community cohesion...

interracial marriage has always been rejected by most civilizations.... There is a reason for that

i love blacks, and I would love them even more if they lived in Africa

I love all peoples and as such I would like them TO LIVE IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY

dude your wife is the HARDEST person to get to do that actually




The first Division was a major disapointment


un-ironically ?

i'm waiting for Cyberpunk

and Red Dead 2

Israel is our greatest ally!

race does not matter, everyone loves freedom! We don't need a statist border !

don't bully

I want to move to America and become just like you. Skin color does not matter, I will assimilate and live next door!





Our culcha is similar, i want to be just like you


This is a very diverse group, I'm happy I found this place.

Clean your rooms, take your pills and open your hearts!

being sarcastic


@Deleted User We are, lets support Israel together!

Why aren't they making Red Dead Redemption for PC wtf...

only ps4 and xbox

yes, i know... but i was hoping the new one would

i wonder why.... GTA is out for PC, why not Red Dead?

HH Brother


i like pubg but im terrible at it

ill wait till ya'll get it

not trusting them

when is CYberpunk coming out?

Witcher III is still my favorite game evah


ok, that's good




vote for Little, vote for Reperations!

We will take money from da jews!


so far so good

and give it to the NOGZ

oy vey

i would like to own a slave plantation 😦

but it will never happen, another dream shattered

IF you don't quit your job to read a book, and refuse to duel Patrick Little you are a JEW

i actually msgd MacDonald and asked him if he is making an audio book

he said its in the process


It's an important book, no doubt

i haven't read them yet

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