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2019-05-29 23:50:32 UTC

@here We're looking for new staff, send me a dm if interested 🀑

2019-06-21 02:57:22 UTC

Updated server pic <:FeelsGood:552577807876882480>

2019-07-21 19:43:41 UTC

@here Come to VC goyim, @Deleted User is a very lonely romanian keep him company <:neetsoc:600391793204527104>

2019-08-14 23:38:05 UTC

@everyone the time has COME... The KYGTATOR is now accepting janitor (admin) applications. The only real requirements are being active in the server, and not being (too much of) a retard.

DM @Kyger to apply


All of you need to put your messages in the proper channels. I will no longer accept random images, links, and embeds in channels that don't apply to the current conversation.

2019-08-15 18:41:13 UTC

oppressive mods

2019-09-25 04:52:37 UTC

this server is sponsored by lords vikings war of clans shadow legends

2019-10-12 05:35:39 UTC

@everyone say happy birthday to our residential misogynist kids @Kytzche

2019-10-12 05:38:38 UTC

birthday wish is to be called non oppressive

2019-10-14 21:08:23 UTC

πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ @everyone Happy Columbus day πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ

2019-10-14 21:09:41 UTC


2019-10-14 21:11:31 UTC

time to celebrate the person who discovered the bahamas and killed natives

2019-10-14 21:12:11 UTC


2019-10-14 21:13:55 UTC

we wuz conquistadors

2019-10-14 21:14:04 UTC


2019-10-14 22:38:54 UTC

No one cares about america

2019-10-24 16:42:31 UTC


2019-10-24 19:50:17 UTC

Favorite game of the <@&552580946952716302>

2019-10-27 19:49:39 UTC

Minions are now BANNED

2019-10-27 22:36:54 UTC


2019-10-28 16:42:38 UTC

Thule is now opening a Turkish Embassy, this is a great leap towards progress


2019-10-31 20:25:44 UTC

happy halloween if you're a millennial that still celebrates it and gets free candy from strangers which disobeys what any adult told you in elementary

2019-10-31 20:27:44 UTC


2019-11-03 17:42:46 UTC


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