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2018-05-13 18:52:05 UTC

My ratings of the 2018 Governor's races.

2018-05-13 18:53:11 UTC

@Pielover19 Wow, spot on

2018-05-13 18:53:18 UTC


2018-05-13 18:54:00 UTC

I can't really see too much fault with this map

2018-05-13 18:54:01 UTC

For the first time,

2018-05-13 18:54:11 UTC

I have no objections to this prediction

2018-05-13 18:55:46 UTC

Of course, we should fight in all the light blue areas, and Hawaii too. David Ige is very unpopular.

2018-05-13 18:56:13 UTC

I bet he'll get primaried.

2018-05-13 18:56:32 UTC

Oregon is also looking winnable

2018-05-13 18:56:37 UTC

And I don't think we should fight for Bruce...

2018-05-13 18:56:51 UTC

You're probably right

2018-05-13 18:56:54 UTC

He's gonna lose big time

2018-05-13 18:57:01 UTC

What makes you think Oregon is winnable?

2018-05-13 18:57:09 UTC

Unpopular incumbent.

2018-05-13 18:57:10 UTC

The polling

2018-05-13 18:57:20 UTC

But it's still Likely Democrat.

2018-05-13 18:57:51 UTC

Yeah, but the numbers are pretty close, I'd keep my eyes on it.

2018-05-13 18:57:54 UTC

I would need more data to move it.

2018-05-13 18:57:56 UTC

What the hell.

2018-05-13 18:58:00 UTC

But this is a potential pick up.

2018-05-13 18:58:01 UTC

Why are the polls all over the place.

2018-05-13 18:58:20 UTC

Governor's races are VERY fluid.

2018-05-13 18:58:27 UTC

Did Triton oversample republicans or something lol

2018-05-13 18:58:30 UTC

One wrong move, and you get ten point shifts against you.

2018-05-13 18:59:04 UTC

That's why Alaska's governor was in the ten most popular governors last year, and in the bottom ten this year.

2018-05-14 03:45:29 UTC


2018-05-14 03:48:09 UTC


2018-05-14 04:32:04 UTC

Alaska's Governor needs to cut welfare even more before the voters kick him out.

2018-05-14 04:32:15 UTC

That way it won't come back

2018-05-15 20:17:12 UTC

2018-05-23 02:46:23 UTC

2018-05-25 20:19:24 UTC

After recent scandals among the Democratic ranks of the Iowa governor's primary, I have moved the Iowa's governor's race from Lean Republican to Likely Republican.

2018-05-25 20:20:31 UTC

@Pielover19 accurate

2018-05-26 01:31:04 UTC

@Pielover19 Michigan and Pennsylvania break my heart

2018-05-26 04:18:14 UTC

Depending on if Phil Scott runs again and wins GOP primary, Vermont will go blue.

2018-05-26 18:24:26 UTC

Yeah I'm not sure why anyone would vote for him at this point

2018-06-01 22:03:19 UTC

@FLanon Would you say Florida will stay Republican for governor?

2018-06-01 22:04:04 UTC

I'd say that putting it in tossup for now is a good idea

2018-06-01 22:04:09 UTC

Tis the nature of Florida

2018-06-01 22:15:21 UTC

But from what you have seen, is it going red?

2018-06-01 22:15:59 UTC

I've seen an ad for our boy DeSantis and it looked badass as fuck

2018-06-02 01:56:47 UTC

Once again, Republicans gain in the Governor's map with Begich destined to split the vote with Walker. However, there's still a change Begich or Walker could upset, but for now Alaska has turned from Lean Republican to Likely Republican.

New Map:

2018-06-02 04:07:16 UTC

Shiieet the Green Party candidate for Ohio governor is only campaigning in Columbus.

2018-06-02 04:38:09 UTC

well, a lot of potential Brown voters are in Columbus though right

2018-06-02 17:02:53 UTC

Yes, but Brown is Senate.

2018-06-02 17:08:21 UTC

My prediction is that Ohio is worse-off than Pennsylvania.

2018-06-03 01:09:15 UTC

@Nuke Why do you say that

2018-06-03 01:20:37 UTC

@Deleted User I don't have as many reasons to say Sherrod Brown is awful as Bob Casey.

2018-06-03 01:20:51 UTC

Bob Casey is a Democrat who goes above and beyond in being a two-faced piece of shit.

2018-06-03 01:21:06 UTC

He's extremist and fringe but pretends to be more right-wing than Sherrod Brown.

2018-06-03 01:22:31 UTC

Sherrod Brown is a moderate. Nearly every bad vote is for bipartisan legislation, or it's just for something that you can easily dismiss as a party-line vote. "Well, he's a Democrat, so he's got to vote with his party sometimes."

2018-06-03 01:23:46 UTC

Bob Casey on the other hand acts like he isn't a normal Democrat--like he's genuinely a maverick who defies his party on some issues, such as abortion and gun control--but he's actually a leading gun control advocate in the Senate and voted against expanding the child tax credit and for $10B in funding for Planned Parenthood International Group et al.

2018-06-03 01:25:27 UTC

It would be a great litmus test for Congress to put up E-verify for a vote

2018-06-03 01:25:49 UTC

It's just a lot easier to attack Bob Casey than it is Sherrod Brown.

2018-06-03 01:26:28 UTC

if Renacci can get enough of the 2016 Trump voters, I can see him winning

2018-06-03 01:28:02 UTC

Yeah, Ohio voted over 50% Trump.

2018-06-03 01:30:34 UTC

Trump underpeformed Portman tho

2018-06-03 01:39:44 UTC

well that's good news then

2018-06-03 01:49:17 UTC


2018-06-03 05:43:15 UTC

Of course Trump underperformed Portman

2018-06-03 05:43:25 UTC

Portman's slogan was "Stronger Together"

2018-06-03 05:43:30 UTC

so he had to get a lot of Hillary voters

2018-06-03 05:43:59 UTC


2018-06-03 05:44:18 UTC

If that was the case, a lot of Trump voters wouldn't vote for him

2018-06-03 05:47:21 UTC

It probably wasn't a big deal since Portman still supported all of Trump's Rust Belt-winning policies.

2018-06-04 00:49:45 UTC

State PVI

2018-06-04 04:36:22 UTC

2018-06-04 04:37:27 UTC

2018-06-04 04:38:03 UTC

2018-06-06 14:23:39 UTC

@FLanon Dunce roll is broken, I can see the ranting channel.

2018-06-06 14:23:57 UTC


2018-06-06 14:24:01 UTC

gimme a sec

2018-06-06 14:24:04 UTC

Also, Anniversary of D-Day is today everyone.

2018-06-06 14:24:17 UTC

Reflect on where we've come

2018-06-06 14:24:20 UTC

From men like that

2018-06-06 14:24:30 UTC

we shouldn't have landed on that beach

2018-06-06 14:24:31 UTC


2018-06-06 14:25:01 UTC

Meh that's debatable, but it's not the point

2018-06-06 14:25:06 UTC

no man who was there would've went if they knew we'd be here

2018-06-06 14:35:51 UTC

2018-06-06 14:36:33 UTC

@FLanon thereโ€™s totally nothing wrong comparing an entire party that has had to hanged and give concessions to the left multiple times to the naziโ€™s

2018-06-06 14:37:07 UTC

It's their strategy

2018-06-06 14:37:36 UTC

Make the actually moderate and agreeable and paint them with the extreme so your views are more normalized

2018-06-06 14:38:02 UTC

The smear will wear off if you do it enough though

2018-06-06 14:38:09 UTC

Yea because the gassing of Jews is obviously the same as deporting criminals

2018-06-06 14:38:18 UTC

And allow fags to have rights

2018-06-06 14:38:28 UTC

And freeing the slaves

2018-06-06 14:38:58 UTC

@FLanon you have to see this, Thai dude doesnโ€™t think that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican

2018-06-06 14:39:11 UTC

2018-06-06 14:39:12 UTC

yeah he was

2018-06-06 14:39:29 UTC

โ€œA modern day liberalโ€

2018-06-06 14:39:45 UTC

he would certainly be disgusted at life today

2018-06-06 14:40:01 UTC

Lincoln would kill himself if he knew what happening today

2018-06-06 14:40:27 UTC

I suppose by mid-1800s standards he wasn't exactly conservative

2018-06-06 14:40:30 UTC

Lincoln would not support abortion, Lincoln would not support gay rights

2018-06-06 14:40:47 UTC

Hell Lincoln didnโ€™t even really want to free the slaves

2018-06-06 14:40:52 UTC

He was a political opportunist in a lot of ways

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