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2018-07-07 03:42:59 UTC


2018-07-07 03:43:09 UTC

Also that's definitely correct

2018-07-07 03:43:30 UTC

The Thirteenth Amendment only abolished slavery and contained an enumerated power to combat slavery.

2018-07-07 03:43:37 UTC

13 just abolishes slavery, whoop de doo, we would have done that once combines got innovated

2018-07-07 03:44:01 UTC

The Fourteenth Amendment is basically an entirely new Constitution.

2018-07-07 03:44:03 UTC

The 14th is basically grounds to wipe out all social conservatism, it's a second constitution

2018-07-07 03:44:17 UTC

It's also the longest amendment, obviously.

2018-07-07 03:44:56 UTC

Unfortunately the SC can't do anything about it because it's part of the constitution so they obviously couldn't rule it unconstitutional

2018-07-07 03:45:16 UTC

Nope, they actually _could_.

2018-07-07 03:45:23 UTC


2018-07-07 03:45:28 UTC

explain my man

2018-07-07 03:46:06 UTC

>SC re establishes the original 13th amendment


2018-07-07 03:47:44 UTC

I'm pretty sure it's this case hold on

2018-07-07 03:47:44 UTC

Hi pretty sure it's this case hold on, I'm Dad!

2018-07-07 03:47:48 UTC

The Titles of Nobility Amendment is a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution. It was approved by the 11th Congress on May 1, 1810, and submitted to the state legislatures for ratification. It would strip United States citizenship from any citizen who accepted a title of nobility from a foreign country.

2018-07-07 03:48:35 UTC

Esquire is usually a courtesy title. In the United Kingdom, Esquire historically was a title of respect accorded to men of higher social rank, particularly members of the landed gentry above the rank of gentleman and below the rank of knight. In 1826, William Blackstone reiterated that, "the title should be limited to those only who bear an office of trust under the Crown and who are styled esquires by the king in their commissions and appointme…

2018-07-07 03:49:11 UTC


2018-07-07 03:50:05 UTC

well I mean he went against his own interest, fuckin idiot

2018-07-07 03:52:29 UTC

ah whatever

2018-07-07 03:54:44 UTC

Here it is

2018-07-07 03:54:57 UTC

So in other words

2018-07-07 03:55:15 UTC

The Supreme Court was able to uphold the Eighteenth Amendment establishing Prohibition.

2018-07-07 03:55:25 UTC

Therefore, it could very well overturn an amendment.

2018-07-07 03:59:31 UTC


2018-07-07 03:59:43 UTC

>Florida didn't pass the moderately liberal bull for once

2018-07-07 03:59:46 UTC


2018-07-07 04:02:06 UTC

ERA is odd because some think it would've been the end in the right but in reality it contained an enumerated power for Congress to expand "gender equality" without any limit.

2018-07-07 04:02:14 UTC

I'm still not convinced that the SC could overturn a constitutional amendment though, it seems that Dillon's stance in the case was that he was arrested ex-post-facto

2018-07-07 04:02:14 UTC

Hi still not convinced that the SC could overturn a constitutional amendment though, it seems that Dillon's stance in the case was that he was arrested ex-post-facto, I'm Dad!

2018-07-07 04:02:38 UTC

Yeah ERA would've been a fucking disaster

2018-07-07 04:03:45 UTC


2018-07-07 04:04:17 UTC

Thank God for Phyllis Schlafly pushing against it and for Ronald Reagan getting elected

2018-07-07 04:04:40 UTC

I don't like Reagan but where the ERA was concerned he was much better than Carter or Ford

2018-07-07 04:04:41 UTC

See dad bot strikes again

2018-07-07 04:06:56 UTC


2018-07-07 04:07:20 UTC

The Republican Party has opposed unisex public bathrooms for literally 40 years.

2018-07-07 04:16:02 UTC

The West is dead, and we have killed it

2018-07-07 04:17:59 UTC


2018-07-07 04:18:05 UTC

"The world is not dying, it is being killed. And those that are killing it have names and addresses."

2018-07-07 04:18:07 UTC

-Sam Hyde

2018-07-07 04:18:19 UTC

the west is just dormant and re awakening

2018-07-07 04:18:36 UTC

we will be the number 1 energy exporter globally this fall

2018-07-07 04:18:43 UTC

you know what happens then?

2018-07-07 04:18:51 UTC

brenton woods is kaput

2018-07-07 04:18:58 UTC

we dab on everyone and everything

2018-07-07 04:19:03 UTC

ebic style

2018-07-07 04:19:06 UTC

America fuck yeah

2018-07-07 04:19:29 UTC

we are number 1 from now until forever, even if we blow ourselves up ten times

2018-07-07 04:20:08 UTC

add in space x, blue origins, and space force mining the ort cloud and we start to fucking colonize the solar system

2018-07-07 04:20:30 UTC

we should exit the UN and then ignore its gay space laws

2018-07-07 04:21:04 UTC

>no wanting to blow the UN up with space rays and rods from god for violating the nap

2018-07-07 04:22:17 UTC

that comes later

2018-07-07 04:22:28 UTC

once baron solidifies his 4th re election

2018-07-07 04:22:41 UTC


2018-07-07 04:24:02 UTC

then we kick warp drives to orion to kick some reptile ass and Make The Galaxy Great Again

2018-07-07 04:26:38 UTC


2018-07-07 13:26:54 UTC

what's so bad about Radiohead fans lol


2018-07-07 13:31:32 UTC


2018-07-07 13:31:48 UTC

And I’m not exactly sure

2018-07-07 13:31:58 UTC

But Kpop fans are complete cancer

2018-07-07 13:47:44 UTC

brilliant insight

2018-07-07 13:47:50 UTC

>I know this might not be widely accepted

2018-07-07 13:50:41 UTC

So what happened with that meme war he caused?

2018-07-07 14:49:25 UTC


2018-07-07 14:53:52 UTC

2 days

2018-07-07 15:13:16 UTC

watching this right now

2018-07-07 15:13:18 UTC

pretty interest

2018-07-07 15:13:19 UTC


2018-07-07 15:21:30 UTC

they speak in a more intelligent fashion - "you could say that this is the wedding of political science and electronic science"

2018-07-07 16:25:32 UTC


2018-07-07 16:28:24 UTC

based mizzou

2018-07-07 16:48:21 UTC

"commissioned by petersen"

2018-07-07 16:53:33 UTC

Even if he does have the highest chance of winning, I don't want a Republican in the Senate who wants open borders and calls the wall an FDR-esque public works project or wants to attack Russia on the basis that they're "heterofascist".

2018-07-07 17:05:14 UTC

shit, didnt know he was an open borders cuck

2018-07-07 17:05:30 UTC

how the fuck do we stop these fucking infiltrators to the right

2018-07-07 17:05:43 UTC

He's a libertarian infiltrator

2018-07-07 17:05:59 UTC

fug me

2018-07-07 17:06:06 UTC

lolbertarians are cancer

2018-07-07 17:06:13 UTC

We have to ditch them if we want to gain the support of the white working class in the future

2018-07-07 17:06:32 UTC

they are so subversive

2018-07-07 17:06:44 UTC

never accomplishing anything other than fucking the right over

2018-07-07 17:06:49 UTC

Yeah, they need to be chased out of the Republican party

2018-07-07 17:07:31 UTC

we need to convert the confused ones

2018-07-07 17:07:36 UTC

These bastards are the reason for the decline of social conservatism in the GOP

2018-07-07 17:07:41 UTC


2018-07-07 17:08:37 UTC

"I'm fiscally conservative and socially liberal"


2018-07-07 17:09:07 UTC

this is the reason PA is going to stay under commie Wolf's control

2018-07-07 17:09:18 UTC

the GOP cucked out cuz they needed money

2018-07-07 17:10:49 UTC

The GOP has to ditch free market purism and the "WHAT YOU DO IS YOUR BISNISS" bullshit.

2018-07-07 17:11:15 UTC

that and the head of the GOP is married to a leftist who worked with planned parenthood and is on a divesity council in philly

2018-07-07 17:11:22 UTC

in PA that is

2018-07-07 17:11:33 UTC

That's always been the most annoying thing I hear from "conservatives" in the modern times

2018-07-07 17:11:52 UTC

It's our job to care about the social health of our nation, not to "live and let live"

2018-07-07 17:12:10 UTC

agreed, as i get older it becomes more and more clear

2018-07-07 17:12:20 UTC

the alternative is death of our society

2018-07-07 17:12:48 UTC

If marriage and religiosity is on the decline, it's a huge fucking problem and we shouldn't go "none of my business" or "I may not personally agree but it's what the people want"

2018-07-07 17:14:10 UTC

This is why the left gets so much visibility, because mainstream conservatism doesn't assert a defense for tradition, but just allows it to fall by the wayside because of "da free margit of ideas"

2018-07-07 17:14:45 UTC

This country needs a civil war

2018-07-07 17:17:22 UTC

I don't think it would escalate into anything because obviously the left would be the instigators and they don't exactly have the means to win it or even make a serious stand, but politically it would be amazing for us. If the left is instigating a war and the right is keeping the peace, then the right will have a massive victory come election time.

2018-07-07 17:25:22 UTC

I hope so

2018-07-07 17:35:40 UTC

What a real winner

2018-07-07 17:40:25 UTC

So basically he’s Button Mash as a Politician?

2018-07-07 17:41:08 UTC


2018-07-07 17:41:18 UTC

at least button doesn't want open borders

2018-07-07 17:43:40 UTC

I'd rather have a run of the mill McConnell endorsed conservative than this batshit crazy fuck lolbertarian.

2018-07-07 17:45:56 UTC

civil war would just be a city embargo

2018-07-07 17:46:04 UTC

4 weeks later wed clean up the bodies

2018-07-07 17:46:06 UTC

pretty much

2018-07-07 17:46:10 UTC

not even

2018-07-07 17:46:16 UTC

just to be safe

2018-07-07 17:46:25 UTC

we could have a nice 2 week vacay

2018-07-07 17:46:30 UTC

>city embargo

2018-07-07 17:46:32 UTC

then clean up

2018-07-07 17:46:44 UTC

I'm pretty sure we'd take longer than a month to starve them.

2018-07-07 17:46:44 UTC

Hi pretty sure we'd take longer than a month to starve them., I'm Dad!

2018-07-07 17:46:44 UTC

I think the nat'l guard would just try to keep things calm

2018-07-07 17:46:45 UTC

multi city embargo

2018-07-07 17:46:51 UTC

no they wouldnt

2018-07-07 17:46:57 UTC

t. former nat guard memeber

2018-07-07 17:47:11 UTC

most would join the rural forces

2018-07-07 17:47:27 UTC

I just don't think that the left would have the ability to make it a serious war

2018-07-07 17:47:33 UTC


2018-07-07 17:47:34 UTC

the food supply would deplete in less than10 days

2018-07-07 17:47:36 UTC

We'd win.

2018-07-07 17:47:43 UTC

they would kill eachother for the remaining supplies

2018-07-07 17:47:47 UTC

no starvation needed

2018-07-07 17:47:48 UTC

Trump would just send down the troops, problem solved.

2018-07-07 17:47:56 UTC


2018-07-07 17:48:01 UTC

cant risk it

2018-07-07 17:48:08 UTC

maybe theyd feignt it

2018-07-07 17:48:13 UTC

but thyd never pull it off

2018-07-07 17:48:30 UTC

they know this

2018-07-07 17:48:42 UTC

it would be ignored and handled locally

2018-07-07 17:48:45 UTC

If the left wants to instigate a war and try to start killing, it wouldn't end well for them

2018-07-07 17:48:45 UTC

if it ever got bad

2018-07-07 17:48:52 UTC

not at all

2018-07-07 17:49:26 UTC

it would litterally be them eating eachother

2018-07-07 17:50:03 UTC

rich city libs think the inner city blacks would be nice cuz they arent racist

2018-07-07 17:50:06 UTC


2018-07-07 17:50:08 UTC

If they try to like hold a city, it would be an absolute optics disaster if they started trying to kill

2018-07-07 17:50:28 UTC

the 5-0 would flee to the woods with the farmers

2018-07-07 17:50:34 UTC

trucks and trains would stop

2018-07-07 17:50:37 UTC

power would get cut

2018-07-07 17:50:40 UTC

sao would comms

2018-07-07 17:50:45 UTC

game over

2018-07-07 17:50:49 UTC

I don't think we'd even need to go that far

2018-07-07 17:50:54 UTC

i agree

2018-07-07 17:50:55 UTC

At best they'll have riots

2018-07-07 17:51:08 UTC

Retaking territory would be accomplished in like less than a day

2018-07-07 17:51:17 UTC

i see the cities continuing in this decay over time and a rural resurgence

2018-07-07 17:51:27 UTC

Never forget that these people *want* to be brutalized

2018-07-07 17:51:31 UTC

so tru

2018-07-07 17:51:35 UTC

They *want* to be victims

2018-07-07 17:51:46 UTC

its their onoly identity n e more

2018-07-07 17:51:59 UTC

They think of themselves as the negroes being hosed down in the '60s, we shouldn't even grant them that

2018-07-07 17:52:15 UTC

Keep the peace and make it clear that these people are the ones being unreasonable

2018-07-07 17:52:46 UTC

My brother got pissed off by me because I played A Moonman Song to him and he told my mom

2018-07-07 17:53:11 UTC

And my Mom was like “I don’t allow racists in my house”

2018-07-07 17:53:30 UTC

So then I told her “So other races are allowed to be racist?”

2018-07-07 17:53:51 UTC

And then she said “Other races don’t live in my house”

2018-07-07 17:54:17 UTC

Hi everyone good morning or noon

2018-07-07 17:54:42 UTC

Anyway I was playing Starcraft For 8 hours

2018-07-07 17:54:46 UTC

What’s up

2018-07-07 17:55:56 UTC

I have a bluepilled Mom and a faggoty brother

2018-07-07 17:57:23 UTC

Your mom is ok

2018-07-07 17:58:00 UTC

How do I redpill her though?

2018-07-07 17:58:04 UTC

I don’t like rap music anyway

2018-07-07 17:58:11 UTC

Try another song

2018-07-07 17:58:15 UTC

Moonman is lit though

2018-07-07 17:58:28 UTC

And my brother listens to faggoty rap songs all the time

2018-07-07 17:58:57 UTC

Tell him to play Starcraft

2018-07-07 17:59:02 UTC

For one hour

2018-07-07 17:59:12 UTC

Then he’ll see the scum of the earth

2018-07-07 17:59:37 UTC


2018-07-07 18:00:07 UTC

One time I played against this little negro kid

2018-07-07 18:00:27 UTC

He was interesting I should say

2018-07-07 18:01:24 UTC

He would always say something like “NIGGa boy you look like —whatever random shit he would think about

2018-07-07 18:02:02 UTC

Like boy you look like Kobe Bryant’s dick or something

2018-07-07 18:02:10 UTC

It was weird I should say

2018-07-07 18:04:54 UTC
2018-07-07 18:05:07 UTC

I like the real moon man

2018-07-07 18:05:14 UTC

More though

2018-07-07 18:06:08 UTC

There’s some faggot in the comment section like “racists are evil and shit”

2018-07-07 18:06:34 UTC

my mom is based

2018-07-07 18:06:41 UTC

she dont play that pc shit

2018-07-07 18:06:54 UTC

she was ready for civil war after the last portland riot

2018-07-07 18:07:07 UTC

shes a 58 yr old school teacher

2018-07-07 18:07:36 UTC

also Mr. Bond > Moonman

2018-07-07 18:09:19 UTC

Both are good though

2018-07-07 18:18:14 UTC

Yeah whatever

2018-07-07 18:18:20 UTC

Mac tonight

2018-07-07 18:18:35 UTC

Was the best advertising campaign

2018-07-07 18:18:48 UTC

I’ve seen

2018-07-07 18:20:26 UTC

How come everyone forgot about it?

2018-07-07 18:21:20 UTC

Because of the Budweiser frogs

2018-07-07 18:25:20 UTC


2018-07-07 18:43:20 UTC

The "Civil War" would just be race riots like we saw in the 60's, the National Guard and the Police go in there and calm it down.

2018-07-07 18:51:07 UTC


2018-07-07 18:51:52 UTC

And it would be electoral suicide for the democrats.

2018-07-07 18:52:09 UTC

You can't win an election if you try to overthrow the country

2018-07-07 20:21:15 UTC

When does Trump meet Putin?

2018-07-07 20:25:39 UTC

I think like next month maybe, haven't heard anything

2018-07-07 20:28:48 UTC

17th i though

2018-07-07 20:28:56 UTC

or the 14th

2018-07-07 20:29:01 UTC

i think it is this month

2018-07-07 20:29:08 UTC

i dont fucking now

2018-07-07 23:33:19 UTC

Anyone online?

2018-07-07 23:33:41 UTC


2018-07-07 23:34:37 UTC

What should we talk about

2018-07-07 23:35:56 UTC

I have no idea

2018-07-07 23:36:14 UTC

What's new in the world for us to talk about

2018-07-07 23:37:30 UTC

yeah it's been real slow

2018-07-07 23:38:09 UTC

the only real news looming in the distance is Trump's SC pick in like 2 days

2018-07-07 23:38:29 UTC

Who do you guys think it’s going to be?

2018-07-07 23:38:47 UTC

Imagine Guinssberg dies on the same day as the SCOTUS pick

2018-07-07 23:38:58 UTC

yeah that'd be a real tragedy

2018-07-07 23:39:21 UTC


2018-07-07 23:40:09 UTC

yeah a proud feminist justice dies on the same day as blumpf continues his fascist regime

2018-07-07 23:40:18 UTC

would be a terrible shame

2018-07-07 23:41:34 UTC

Anyways, there's been some reports that the two frontrunners are Kavanaugh and Kethledge

2018-07-07 23:41:39 UTC

You make it sound like you're planning something

2018-07-07 23:42:06 UTC

FLAnon flying up to DC to do the dirty work

2018-07-07 23:42:09 UTC

what? me? florida man causing havoc?

2018-07-07 23:42:54 UTC

all I'm saying is that on occasion, people's brakes just stop working, and that it would be a massive tragedy if such an event were to unfold onto RBG

2018-07-07 23:43:07 UTC

really it would

2018-07-07 23:43:23 UTC

True they do tend to just quit

2018-07-07 23:43:39 UTC

Florida man tries to fix brakes but to no avail

2018-07-07 23:43:52 UTC

Supreme Court justice dies in tragic accident

2018-07-07 23:43:55 UTC

yeah, sometimes when you're fixing the brakes they're accidentally cut

2018-07-07 23:44:07 UTC

Obviously these accidents happen

2018-07-07 23:44:16 UTC

of course

2018-07-07 23:44:37 UTC

Ok I'm done with hypotheticals, now back to discussion how superior Publix is

2018-07-07 23:45:41 UTC

(note to the FBI and to others this may concern: everything is satire and epic meme ok do not intend any of this as a threat, if ginsburg actually does wind up in a tragic situation then it's a pure coincidence goyim)

2018-07-07 23:46:15 UTC

lol, talking to your FBI agent?

2018-07-07 23:46:31 UTC

I plead the fif

2018-07-07 23:47:05 UTC

Well you're already anon

2018-07-07 23:47:09 UTC

But in all seriousness, looking at the candidates for the SC, it looks like the main ones are Kavanaugh, Barrett, and Kethledge.

2018-07-07 23:47:15 UTC


2018-07-07 23:47:30 UTC

And look at Publix, it has high quality groceries and amazing subs

2018-07-07 23:48:09 UTC

But let's look

2018-07-07 23:48:58 UTC

I think Trump will pick Kavanaugh, he's consistently a frontrunner in these reports. Barrett was, but it seems recently there's a sudden push for Kethledge. Apparently Trump's already made up his mind, so I think it'll probably be Kavanaugh when you look at these different sources.

2018-07-07 23:49:46 UTC


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