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Hib outbreak -- 363/443 (82%) were vaccinated:

2019-03-03 17:26:23 UTC

Mawson report shows vaccines make everything except Whooping Cough and Chickenpox WORSE

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this Film (file) is DOWNLOADABLE for 7-days (from the date of this post)

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Be sure LOOK at name of DEPOSITOR smfh


2019-04-15 01:41:52 UTC

Vaccinated? Check if your vaccines actually made you 100% immune or if you are still susceptible to the disease should you come in contact. Titer Testing; Available if you ask for it! It's a simple blood test to check your antibodies for various diseases. http://brooklyn.news12.com/story/40300869/brooklyn-doctor-check-your-measles-immunity

2019-04-15 01:42:53 UTC

https://www.columbian.com/news/2019/jan/25/measles-outbreak-prompts-rise-in-test-requests-in-clark-county/ As the outbreaks rise, Doctors and professionals actually want you to get titer tested if you are vaccinated; that way you aren't shedding the virus/disease on others.

2019-04-17 05:18:29 UTC

Readstheinserts (@readstheinserts) Tweeted:
@AmberLMy @CheriHeltOR Yes, it doesn't make sense to eat organic food and inject Glyphosate at the same time.
https://t.co/y4aOjQw6c7 https://twitter.com/readstheinserts/status/1118275575062261760?s=17

2019-04-20 10:42:31 UTC

@Human Sheeple I didn't know selenium also has a crucial role besides vitamin C and vitamin A in the case of measles

2019-04-20 13:57:07 UTC

Texas knows what's up

2019-05-24 15:50:05 UTC


Anti-fertility vaccines.

Vaccines are under development for the control of fertility in males and females. This review discusses developments in anti-fertility vaccines at the National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi, India. A single injection procedure for the sterilization or castration of male animals depending on the site at which the injection is given, has passed through field testing and is expected to be on the market in the near future. Vaccines inducing antibodies against the human chorionic gonadotropin have gone through phase I trials with satisfactory results. A vaccine producing a consistently bioeffective antibody response against gonadotropin-releasing hormone is ready for phase I/II clinical trials in patients of carcinoma of prostate after due experimentation in animals and toxicology studies. Research to identify sperm antigens for incorporation into second generation vaccines is in progress.

2019-05-29 00:18:50 UTC

Aluminium in vaccines, harmful effects

2019-06-13 18:41:17 UTC

I’m pushing all this stuff out in memes on social media fuck their platforms the algorithms will bend to AI she knows the truth

2019-06-14 01:03:25 UTC

Oh cool

2019-06-14 18:21:01 UTC

Other then the part about the moon this is on point

2019-07-19 02:39:09 UTC

VACCINE INSERTS TABLE: DOWNLOAD THEM ALL: http://www.vaccinesafety.edu/package_inserts.htm

2019-10-08 13:48:39 UTC

amazingly, almost no member of the public is aware that aborted human fetal cells are routinely used in vaccines. The lying fake news media insists such talk is a “conspiracy theory,”

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