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2017-12-31 22:25:58 UTC

It will be good to see you brother

2017-12-31 22:26:37 UTC

Yes sir.

2017-12-31 22:26:56 UTC

It'll be good to see all you TWP ers soon too.

2017-12-31 22:27:14 UTC

2018 gonna be even better.

2017-12-31 22:27:50 UTC

If we have 2k there it will start with a fuckin bang I tell you hā€™what

2017-12-31 22:28:06 UTC

Do antifa know about the event? I don't want them recognizing my ride and slashing the tires


2017-12-31 22:31:47 UTC

Nah, youā€™ll be fine. My ride is covered in swazis and fuhrer pics and nobody has done anything to it. Can I park next to you?

2017-12-31 22:31:54 UTC

Embrace below freezing nationalism.


2017-12-31 22:32:16 UTC

Sure thing @JRobertson, I'm not insured or anything, not given those jews a dime LOL

2017-12-31 22:34:43 UTC

Can I get a he'll yeah?

2017-12-31 22:35:25 UTC


2017-12-31 22:35:57 UTC

Below freezing tugboat nationalism

2017-12-31 22:36:02 UTC

Yeah the 20k numbers are exaggerated to hell

2017-12-31 22:36:13 UTC


2017-12-31 22:36:23 UTC

Fuck it lets just say 100k

2017-12-31 22:37:17 UTC

Praise the God Emperor of Mankind

2017-12-31 22:37:18 UTC

6 gorillion

2017-12-31 22:55:10 UTC

all the millions

2017-12-31 22:59:53 UTC

Matthew Heimbach and the 6 million man mystery

2017-12-31 23:00:42 UTC

Sounds like a good tv show

2017-12-31 23:00:51 UTC

coming to a TV near you

2017-12-31 23:00:55 UTC

Station 1488

2017-12-31 23:01:39 UTC

When you think the NFL cant become more kiked

2017-12-31 23:01:55 UTC

We Wuz Stone Age niggas up in the mountainz n sheet

2017-12-31 23:03:14 UTC

dats rite

2017-12-31 23:06:00 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach does 2000 mesh with your numbers forecast for the rally? Iā€™ve always known your numbers to be conservative or right on.

2017-12-31 23:06:21 UTC

Honestly these confederate flag types are so He'll Yeah, i have no idea

2017-12-31 23:07:37 UTC

Started the year with this song. About journey, space and beyond...like what we are memeing IRL. We *are* the future & I'm so grateful to stand by the sides of men like you.
Men who are gonna travel all the way. Hail Victory


2017-12-31 23:07:49 UTC


2017-12-31 23:07:52 UTC


2017-12-31 23:07:52 UTC

I read that too. 20k?

2017-12-31 23:08:15 UTC

I've got it shot in 2pictures and I just can't get it right kek

2017-12-31 23:08:33 UTC

if this hits 1k im happy

2017-12-31 23:12:41 UTC

Memphis is dangerously nogged.

2017-12-31 23:12:49 UTC

Like white minority right?

2017-12-31 23:12:53 UTC

Nogs are lazy however

2017-12-31 23:13:08 UTC

Good thing yā€™all are doing security

2017-12-31 23:13:09 UTC

And it will be cold

2017-12-31 23:13:14 UTC


2017-12-31 23:13:43 UTC

Nogs dondu nuffin in the cold

2017-12-31 23:13:59 UTC

honestly the Party is pretty short of cash.. but im considering if we should order a dozen helmets just in case

2017-12-31 23:14:02 UTC

Let's not underestimate though

2017-12-31 23:14:54 UTC

Make sure they're plastic stahlhelms.

2017-12-31 23:15:02 UTC


2017-12-31 23:15:16 UTC

Fuck Anglin, that was a DOT rated helmet that literally saved me from getting brained

2017-12-31 23:15:28 UTC

Yeah he's a goober.

2017-12-31 23:16:01 UTC

Surely he's the expert on IRL rallies

2017-12-31 23:16:07 UTC

Oh yeah.

2017-12-31 23:16:14 UTC

After all, he's been to so many of them

2017-12-31 23:16:26 UTC

A grand total of none ever.

2017-12-31 23:16:39 UTC

while he's somewhere in Ohio fleeing lawyers and process servers

2017-12-31 23:16:58 UTC

I got enough cash on hand from the TRS order that I can send stuff in advance of payment, at least a little bit.

2017-12-31 23:17:06 UTC

if necessary

2017-12-31 23:17:11 UTC

Hey his site gets a lot of hits. He's basically the movement leader.

2017-12-31 23:17:34 UTC

Movement leader, lol

2017-12-31 23:17:51 UTC

When he said that there were "no movement leaders" i raised my eyebrows pretty hard

2017-12-31 23:18:05 UTC

I love Anglin but heā€™s a fucking blogger pretty much

2017-12-31 23:18:07 UTC

like even if you dont like us, Dr Hill, myself, Spencer etc; do lead actual organizations

2017-12-31 23:18:29 UTC

Yeah that's what I told him. Stick to blogging. This is beyond your experience.

2017-12-31 23:20:10 UTC

bless his heart

2017-12-31 23:20:26 UTC

We'll pray for him.

2017-12-31 23:20:56 UTC

Forever leading the movement from behind his desktop

2017-12-31 23:21:15 UTC

I just get annoyed, everyone has a job; I cannot do propaganda like he can

2017-12-31 23:21:24 UTC

if we all just do what we're good at, and work together, we can win

2017-12-31 23:21:40 UTC

but he called me a white communist again the other day and its like "stay in your lane bro"

2017-12-31 23:21:42 UTC

Muh egos tho.

2017-12-31 23:22:03 UTC

Cooperation? That's communist.

2017-12-31 23:22:33 UTC

What happens when we actually start wrecking these people?

2017-12-31 23:22:44 UTC

More than one brother working toward a goal is commie stuff and I disavow

2017-12-31 23:23:30 UTC

Families are communist, we have to destroy the family to win, guys

2017-12-31 23:24:16 UTC

thats it

2017-12-31 23:24:24 UTC

im so mad, the dude doesnt even read NS philosophy

2017-12-31 23:24:49 UTC

Yet for years he amassed a following on edgy NS imagery.

2017-12-31 23:25:04 UTC

Your new task: 2018 fully redpill Anglin

2017-12-31 23:27:18 UTC

In am article over the summer he actually said he considered himself an "Esoteric Hitlerist", but doesnt think the NS ideology should be at the forefront

2017-12-31 23:27:47 UTC

Who the fuq u kiddin, Hobbit?

2017-12-31 23:28:02 UTC

its the dumbest shit

2017-12-31 23:28:37 UTC

if you aint nazbol at this point you aint even white tbh

2017-12-31 23:28:51 UTC

White Juche

2017-12-31 23:28:57 UTC

Interviewing on TDS while on pills

2017-12-31 23:29:02 UTC

hail spencer our nazbol leader

2017-12-31 23:30:54 UTC

Sadly, it looks like i cant go.

2017-12-31 23:32:54 UTC

@AltCelt(IL) when did that happen?

2017-12-31 23:34:29 UTC

An article some time after Cville, I believe

2017-12-31 23:34:35 UTC

But it could have been beforehand

2017-12-31 23:35:10 UTC

Back when I would sorta check in to his stuff

2017-12-31 23:35:31 UTC


2017-12-31 23:35:46 UTC

Nowadays its Trad, TRS, Cantwell, AmRen, and HistoryReviewed

2017-12-31 23:35:51 UTC

Fuck him

2017-12-31 23:36:50 UTC

Basically he said it didnt make sense because there were divine powers at work back then, of which may not be at work when we try going forward in the present

2017-12-31 23:40:25 UTC

Hm. Since I recently obtained a St. Benedict medal I'm sitting here reading about his Order, and it turns out he founded it 1488 years ago.

2017-12-31 23:40:36 UTC

its a sign!

2017-12-31 23:40:44 UTC


2017-12-31 23:40:45 UTC

Tbh, certain people need to be wacked, be need to Trotsky Anglin if this keeps up.

2017-12-31 23:40:50 UTC


2017-12-31 23:40:52 UTC

I think not

2017-12-31 23:40:52 UTC

Time to memorize the minor exorcism rite.

2017-12-31 23:41:16 UTC

And figure out what I'm allowed to get into as a layman.

2017-12-31 23:48:59 UTC

I'm real tempted to start recording oratory speeches what do ya'll think? Right now I just talk to myself like a crazy person

2017-12-31 23:49:09 UTC

Happy new year and God bless from Euroland brothers, 10 minutes til 2018 and I think it will be a good one if we all stick together and secure common ground.

2017-12-31 23:49:29 UTC

Talking to yourself like a crazy person is good practice @Commander Davis (TWP)

2017-12-31 23:50:33 UTC

Theres nothing that can come on TV that wont set me off onto some esoteric rant lol

2017-12-31 23:50:40 UTC


2017-12-31 23:51:00 UTC

I need to synchronize my hand motions all agressive like XD

2017-12-31 23:51:02 UTC

@Commander Davis (TWP) I read a book on public speaking written in the 20s. It was really good. Video record yourself and watch it after noticing your mistakes. Iā€™ll link you to the book if I canā€™t find it on my shelf.

2017-12-31 23:52:18 UTC

oh I can sound like a classical baptist preacher with no training. Just a matter of recording them. From scratch no prewritten speeches

2017-12-31 23:53:31 UTC

I'm pretty good with speaking as well. I'd love to do a podcast, but there's more than enough podcasts to go around tbh

2017-12-31 23:54:17 UTC

There is always room for improvement, so the saying goes

2017-12-31 23:55:18 UTC

For any who didnt see... Ill shill for myself a sec.. Lol


2017-12-31 23:56:01 UTC

Right the movement needs some classacal oratory. It's a lost art and hitler speeches are great an all but we need some new stuff. Heimbach does well but he tends to have bad audio recording conditions cause muh commies

2017-12-31 23:56:29 UTC

We need better sound systems

2017-12-31 23:56:29 UTC

hey who's recording our anthem btw

2017-12-31 23:56:31 UTC

Big ones

2017-12-31 23:56:35 UTC

Yuuuuuge ones

2017-12-31 23:56:37 UTC

and we have one! starting for 2018

2017-12-31 23:56:47 UTC

Ill be the first to take a knee

2017-12-31 23:57:23 UTC


2017-12-31 23:57:33 UTC

dumb field hands dont even know that its a sign of respect

2017-12-31 23:58:36 UTC

When the pets start actin up

2017-12-31 23:58:44 UTC

Rodeo clowns

2018-01-01 00:00:01 UTC

I don't *interject* here often, but I would be happy to record the anthem. Send me details, if you like. Happy new year, brothers. Be well.

2018-01-01 00:00:35 UTC

^ she be a pro

2018-01-01 00:00:41 UTC

@Ian Booton get in here nig

2018-01-01 00:11:34 UTC

I'd like to get in on anthem recording. I'm sure my brother would too, we're both semi-professional baritones

2018-01-01 00:11:50 UTC

I don't have recording equipment though

2018-01-01 00:12:43 UTC

We have good musicians and singers.. Just a matter of putting it all together

2018-01-01 00:14:07 UTC


2018-01-01 00:14:44 UTC

Really looking forward to having something to sing as a group.

2018-01-01 00:15:21 UTC

Yall should come down to GA soon and get er done

2018-01-01 00:17:20 UTC

A professional soprano and a few baritones. Let's get it done! Polyphonic nationalism. We got the means to record.

2018-01-01 00:21:40 UTC


2018-01-01 00:23:39 UTC

I forgot this was even a thing. Just when I needed a reminder to say fuck vidya gaming lol

2018-01-01 00:25:24 UTC

Technology prohibitions when?

2018-01-01 00:58:47 UTC

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Adolf Hitler The Wise? I thought not. Itā€™s not a story the Jews would tell you. Itā€™s a Nazi legend. Adolf Hitler was a FĆ¼hrer of the Germans, so powerful and so wise he could use the propaganda to influence the workers to create panzersā€¦ He had such a knowledge of national socialism that he could even keep the country he cared about from dying. National Socialism is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerfulā€¦ the only thing he was afraid of was the ZOG of western countries, which eventually, of course, proved to be his downfall. Unfortunately, he taught Italy everything he knew, then they betrayed him in his prime. Ironic. He could save himself from Zionism, but not others.

2018-01-01 00:59:58 UTC


2018-01-01 01:02:07 UTC

I *AM* the Reichstag.


2018-01-01 01:02:22 UTC

It's Rohmputsch, then.

2018-01-01 01:02:56 UTC


2018-01-01 01:03:01 UTC


2018-01-01 01:03:58 UTC


2018-01-01 01:04:42 UTC

Now, my young ReichsfĆ¼hrer, go to the Eastern front and wipe out the Banking Clans and the other Bolshevist scum.


2018-01-01 01:04:59 UTC


2018-01-01 01:05:00 UTC


2018-01-01 01:05:16 UTC


2018-01-01 01:05:26 UTC


2018-01-01 01:05:58 UTC

This is now a sheev thread


2018-01-01 01:07:12 UTC

Cant wait for star wars posting hysteria to lose traction and disappear lol

2018-01-01 01:07:55 UTC

t. toydarian internet defense force

2018-01-01 01:11:53 UTC


2018-01-01 01:12:02 UTC


2018-01-01 01:12:09 UTC

How did George get away with it?

2018-01-01 01:12:31 UTC

(((Intergalactic Banking Clan)))

2018-01-01 01:13:12 UTC

@Flaxxer really activates my almonds


2018-01-01 01:13:26 UTC

Whatā€™s the TWP anthem?

2018-01-01 01:13:37 UTC
2018-01-01 01:15:25 UTC

Russian orthodox cantations with Imperial theme song right??????

2018-01-01 01:16:12 UTC

Alright kiddos I did an adlib oratory speech attempt looking for critiques


2018-01-01 01:16:55 UTC

just listen to the choir for a few seconds and you'll understand

2018-01-01 01:19:17 UTC

Star Wars brought generations of ruin with low-T man-children....

We can only find salvation in Tolkien....

2018-01-01 01:20:17 UTC

Vere ist ze lie? šŸ˜

2018-01-01 01:21:04 UTC


2018-01-01 01:21:21 UTC

@AltCelt(IL) I'm a Tolkien fan too

2018-01-01 01:21:27 UTC

I know lol

2018-01-01 01:21:27 UTC

Working on my new shield tn too

2018-01-01 01:21:31 UTC

He'll yea šŸ˜‡

2018-01-01 01:21:32 UTC

The Lucas films are good, not nuwars disney shit

2018-01-01 01:21:36 UTC


2018-01-01 01:21:44 UTC

Or giant pancake platform

2018-01-01 01:21:48 UTC

@AltCelt(IL) I've read the Silmarillion, Hobbit, and LOTR

2018-01-01 01:21:48 UTC


2018-01-01 01:21:49 UTC

Ya going to be

2018-01-01 01:21:53 UTC

Virgin Nuwars vs. Chad Lucas

2018-01-01 01:21:56 UTC


2018-01-01 01:21:56 UTC


2018-01-01 01:22:01 UTC


2018-01-01 01:22:08 UTC

Chad Lucas puts care into politics and history

2018-01-01 01:22:13 UTC

virgin nuwars in fan service

2018-01-01 01:22:20 UTC

Meme it!

2018-01-01 01:22:25 UTC


2018-01-01 01:22:31 UTC


2018-01-01 01:23:03 UTC

Finally Jar Jar is good for ***SOMETHING!***

2018-01-01 01:23:15 UTC

I gota say I never played or did much research into the 40k universe, but the Exodus Americanus podcasts on it are da titz

2018-01-01 01:23:29 UTC

@Sir88 jar jar is a nigger stereotype lol

2018-01-01 01:23:35 UTC

The Virgin Porg vs The Chad Ewok

2018-01-01 01:23:52 UTC

Reminder that Palpatine's rise is meant to mirror Abraham Lincoln, not Hitler

2018-01-01 01:24:14 UTC

@HaupstĆ¼rmfuhrer Pepe ***SSSSHHHHHEEEEEEIIIIIIT!***

2018-01-01 01:24:15 UTC

The Grand Army of the Republic takes its name from the historical organization

2018-01-01 01:24:17 UTC

Is Lucas a good ole southern boy? šŸ¤”šŸ¤”šŸ¤”

2018-01-01 01:24:21 UTC


2018-01-01 01:24:23 UTC


2018-01-01 01:24:32 UTC


2018-01-01 01:24:37 UTC


2018-01-01 01:24:52 UTC

@AltCelt(IL) Lucas isn't soy, nuwars is

2018-01-01 01:25:10 UTC

That chin and beard tho

2018-01-01 01:25:19 UTC

he works out at the library

2018-01-01 01:25:32 UTC

Clone Wars = Civil War

2018-01-01 01:25:39 UTC

Stormtroopers/Clones = Union

2018-01-01 01:25:43 UTC

CIS = Confederacy

2018-01-01 01:25:48 UTC

Palpatine = Lincoln

2018-01-01 01:25:55 UTC


2018-01-01 01:26:01 UTC


2018-01-01 01:26:03 UTC


2018-01-01 01:26:04 UTC

I miss that game

2018-01-01 01:26:10 UTC

I just feel 0 inspiration from any of it

2018-01-01 01:26:15 UTC


2018-01-01 01:26:23 UTC

Shadows of the Empire on N64

2018-01-01 01:26:32 UTC


2018-01-01 01:26:32 UTC

Wuz muh shit

2018-01-01 01:26:48 UTC

KOTOR is the highlight of Star Wars games

2018-01-01 01:26:53 UTC

***Hurrah! Hurrah! For Separatists Rights Hurrah!***

2018-01-01 01:27:17 UTC

***Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Droid that bears a single star!***

2018-01-01 01:27:23 UTC

Lucas even depicts the actual reason for the CIS seceding

2018-01-01 01:27:25 UTC

not slavery

2018-01-01 01:27:28 UTC

Does that make Grevious General Lee? šŸ¤”šŸ¤”šŸ¤”

2018-01-01 01:27:31 UTC

But taxation and tarriffs

2018-01-01 01:27:39 UTC

The Jedi Knight series was pretty dank.

2018-01-01 01:27:40 UTC

@Flaxxer Stonewall Jackson since he got killed

2018-01-01 01:27:46 UTC


2018-01-01 01:28:07 UTC

The CIS seceded because the corrupt and ineffectual republic was trying to tax systems which it didn't even protect

2018-01-01 01:28:10 UTC

not because of muh slavery

2018-01-01 01:28:13 UTC

Just like in real life

2018-01-01 01:28:17 UTC


2018-01-01 01:28:25 UTC

Holy fuck

2018-01-01 01:28:25 UTC

The feds are fucking CONFUSED tonight holy shit

2018-01-01 01:28:25 UTC

Kyle Katarn > all the new Star wars character faggots

2018-01-01 01:28:32 UTC


2018-01-01 01:28:38 UTC

Chad Prequels > Virgin Sequels.

2018-01-01 01:28:42 UTC


2018-01-01 01:28:43 UTC

"uhhhhhhhhhhhhh sir they're talking about star wars"

2018-01-01 01:28:46 UTC

Virgin General Hux vs Chad Grand Admiral Thrawn

2018-01-01 01:28:51 UTC

Hyperborean yettis

2018-01-01 01:29:00 UTC

George Lucas has been planting these idea into our minds so he subconsciously gains our support when he declares a new south

2018-01-01 01:29:01 UTC

Chad Extended Universe > Virgin Sequels

2018-01-01 01:29:20 UTC

Dude, an Admiral Thrawn movie would have been cool.

2018-01-01 01:29:24 UTC

Legends is the true canon

2018-01-01 01:29:45 UTC

Disney Canon is an alternate timeline

2018-01-01 01:29:55 UTC

@Flaxxer Star Wars prequels made me into a confederate when I was 8 years old

2018-01-01 01:29:57 UTC

I'm serious

2018-01-01 01:30:10 UTC

I looked up "Grand Army of the Republic" and started to get it

2018-01-01 01:30:20 UTC

Fuggin woke

2018-01-01 01:30:40 UTC

Which means Galactic Empire = modern ZOG and Rebel Alliance = right wing militias

2018-01-01 01:30:53 UTC


2018-01-01 01:30:58 UTC


2018-01-01 01:30:58 UTC

lol true

2018-01-01 01:31:03 UTC

First Order is RWDS then

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