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2017-12-02 20:15:35 UTC

We need a TWP Total war night.

2017-12-02 20:15:43 UTC

Napoleon Total War is lit

2017-12-02 20:26:36 UTC

Never played it

2017-12-02 20:27:59 UTC

I would say an EU4 night would be fun, but everyone would be fighting over who gets to be Austria and Brandenburg

2017-12-02 20:28:03 UTC

I got rising stoem 2

2017-12-02 20:28:10 UTC

If anyones down for that

2017-12-02 20:28:15 UTC

Vicky2 night

2017-12-02 20:28:18 UTC

It's decided

2017-12-02 20:28:34 UTC



2017-12-02 20:34:58 UTC

Apparently a South African won Miss Universe this year

2017-12-02 20:35:25 UTC

A real one or a

2017-12-02 20:35:28 UTC

You know

2017-12-02 20:37:07 UTC

A human one

2017-12-02 20:38:20 UTC

Dibs on austria

2017-12-02 20:38:26 UTC

Does anyone here have full dlc

2017-12-02 20:38:33 UTC

In eu4 I mean

2017-12-02 20:39:15 UTC

Not full

2017-12-02 20:39:23 UTC

Just the core 3

2017-12-02 20:39:34 UTC

Same feelsbadman

2017-12-02 20:39:45 UTC

@Hadrian are we steam frendos

2017-12-02 20:39:54 UTC

I don't think so

2017-12-02 20:40:03 UTC


2017-12-02 20:40:17 UTC

So beautiful

2017-12-02 20:40:40 UTC

Add me up famalam

2017-12-02 20:44:02 UTC

Mine is slayeroflight725

2017-12-02 20:44:44 UTC

I'll add y'all when I'm home later

2017-12-02 20:45:17 UTC

Reminder: If you're not already using Bitcoin, you're wrong. Fix yourself. It isn't rocket science. If you think fiat money is going to continue to work for nationalists, you're already behind.

Get to work, goys.


2017-12-02 20:45:23 UTC

Also I had a monstrous Austria run going before the last patch broke it

2017-12-02 20:45:56 UTC


2017-12-02 20:46:03 UTC

Beans and Bullets, not internet money

2017-12-02 20:46:08 UTC

At a meet teaching people bitcoin right now

2017-12-02 20:46:16 UTC

my computer is too shit to mine bitcoin

2017-12-02 20:46:18 UTC

<@271816128093880321> That's why we broke it down Barney style.

2017-12-02 20:46:33 UTC

You don't have to mine Bitcoin to obtain Bitcoin.

2017-12-02 20:46:40 UTC

Read the damned document, people.

2017-12-02 20:47:39 UTC

Took me all of 2 hours to write that document. Don't let my 2 hours go to waste, gentlemen.

2017-12-02 20:48:37 UTC

I revoked the privilegia before 1600 and directly held everything from Rome to half of Turkey

2017-12-02 20:48:39 UTC

Also if anybody needs a quick small brained rundown on how to use bitcoin just pm me I can get you all setup when I'm not busy

2017-12-02 20:48:53 UTC

Not including Rome itself

2017-12-02 20:48:59 UTC

<@271816128093880321> there kinda can't be

2017-12-02 20:49:16 UTC

The way the "accounts" work, there's no form of moderation to shut them down

2017-12-02 20:49:44 UTC

They'll find a way to shut it down

2017-12-02 20:50:16 UTC

They literally can't through the bitcoin network itself

2017-12-02 20:53:18 UTC

Diffie-Hellman encryption is stronger than the Jew.

2017-12-02 20:59:45 UTC

@Jossur Surtrson Got it. Buying BTC once I get some matters attended to.

2017-12-02 21:02:52 UTC

You don't buy entire coins <@271816128093880321>

2017-12-02 21:04:08 UTC

My ape brain want rock to smash, not make believe money

2017-12-02 21:11:33 UTC

@Wojciech WAY ahead of you


2017-12-02 21:12:25 UTC

I feel all this peer pressure to do the bitcoin

2017-12-02 21:12:39 UTC

Time read words

2017-12-02 21:12:57 UTC

And use the 🧠

2017-12-02 21:13:01 UTC

TangoDown, we got an operator here?

2017-12-02 21:13:36 UTC

Lol keyboard operator delta ninja force

2017-12-02 21:13:42 UTC

this is happy cactus we got a delta niner in shakytown requesting backup over

2017-12-02 21:14:11 UTC


2017-12-02 21:14:16 UTC

roger doger. whick wack your spick spack on the niner

2017-12-02 21:14:27 UTC

Adjust and fire for effect

2017-12-02 21:15:47 UTC

Hmmm just brain not 👊

2017-12-02 21:15:56 UTC

Why not use both?

2017-12-02 21:18:48 UTC

Why do you guys post your faces online? sounds like a bad Idea

2017-12-02 21:19:12 UTC

Why not?

2017-12-02 21:19:50 UTC

you endanger your fellow white man

2017-12-02 21:21:08 UTC

Not really, yourself at most.

2017-12-02 21:22:41 UTC

How can you read Siege and show your face around?

2017-12-02 21:26:23 UTC


2017-12-02 21:28:17 UTC

I'm very pro-skullmask, it's just not my thing.

2017-12-02 21:29:10 UTC

What bad could come of it

2017-12-02 21:29:15 UTC


2017-12-02 21:29:23 UTC

If you hide behind a screen name you're just letting the jews cuck you tbh

2017-12-02 21:29:35 UTC

Ah I'm an amerimutt I can't go to jail for that

2017-12-02 21:29:42 UTC

getting assassinated

2017-12-02 21:29:52 UTC

Then you're a martyr

2017-12-02 21:29:52 UTC

Not sure if this nigga memeing.

2017-12-02 21:30:13 UTC

But I guess you arn't serious enough to do anything so you post selfies, lol

2017-12-02 21:30:18 UTC

You can only accomplish so much without showing your face

2017-12-02 21:30:36 UTC

Nigger you are in NRM discord, when do you see them ever wear skullmasks.

2017-12-02 21:30:42 UTC

You're not understanding SIEGE.

2017-12-02 21:30:55 UTC

Where can I get copies of the required reading?

2017-12-02 21:31:03 UTC

Siege and the turner diaries and such

2017-12-02 21:31:21 UTC

Getting a siege hard copy is weird

2017-12-02 21:31:21 UTC

@Fevs is a nigger

2017-12-02 21:31:23 UTC

I am in a lot of discords. and why are you calling me a nigger?

2017-12-02 21:31:25 UTC

I've only seen one site

2017-12-02 21:31:42 UTC

I've got the second edition with OKC bombing covers 😔 👌🏻

2017-12-02 21:31:49 UTC


2017-12-02 21:32:25 UTC

Only like a few hundred or so of those even exist, went for like 150e in eBay, got mine for 50e from a movement event, ever since I couldn't have put it down.

2017-12-02 21:33:32 UTC

@Kombat-Unit#0484 what's the situation with NRM in Finland?

2017-12-02 21:33:34 UTC

William Pierce had his own publishing group i believe, which he used to promote his books.

2017-12-02 21:33:40 UTC

What the fuck

2017-12-02 21:33:43 UTC

I can't tag you

2017-12-02 21:33:52 UTC

Just called him a nigger because if you say masks defines your seriousness you need to be called a nigger.

2017-12-02 21:33:55 UTC

I'm not an honorary 🅱️inn anymore

2017-12-02 21:34:38 UTC

We're appealing court decision. We're having a yuge demo with thousands in a few days, so will be interesting to see how it goes down.

2017-12-02 21:35:16 UTC

I doubt cops would be insane enough to just start gassing and clubbing thousands of people.

2017-12-02 21:36:13 UTC

Incredibly not. I missed two events that led to countrywide raids of participians with sheer luck.

2017-12-02 21:36:34 UTC

Not really, I have always been an open nazi and I'm employed by a friend so I'm pretty good.

2017-12-02 21:36:54 UTC

I was talked to by my high school counselor because of me being at cville 1

2017-12-02 21:37:14 UTC

But that's just because I was bragging to classmates about me being on the front page of reddit

2017-12-02 21:37:27 UTC

And you know, the state security doesn't even harass NRM members outside of random arrests, since they know we won't talk and letting out a peep means getting kicked out of organization, so they try to harass family members, significant others, etc.

2017-12-02 21:37:30 UTC

Fucking cops.

2017-12-02 21:37:40 UTC

I wish for more dead pigs for christmas.

2017-12-02 21:38:02 UTC

Do, I have been attending nazi demos like monthly for three years without a mask.

2017-12-02 21:38:32 UTC

I've gotten in more trouble having a mask than not having one tbh

2017-12-02 21:38:45 UTC

Never needed the reason to wear a mask. Seemed pointless.

2017-12-02 21:38:49 UTC

If you get arrested and you have a mask on you it complicayes things

2017-12-02 21:39:30 UTC

I mean, even antifas have my dox, cops most certainly all across Scandinavia. I have always intended to be an open nazi and never hide it, the only way I can live, so masks are like...why bother?

2017-12-02 21:40:56 UTC

I was doing a banner drop and got arrested while I had a mask

2017-12-02 21:43:21 UTC

Banner drop

2017-12-02 21:43:33 UTC

I was dangling things over a freeway at 1am

2017-12-02 21:43:36 UTC

Yeah, I think here they have some law that bans masks in certain circumstances. Wouldn't know for sure. Demos look better when you can show endless amount of aryans are willing to openly stand up for National Socialism.

2017-12-02 21:43:47 UTC

I respect what NA did really much, but they had a bit different tactic.

2017-12-02 21:43:53 UTC

Also I wasn't the one who planned it, if I were it would have went smoothly lul

2017-12-02 21:44:42 UTC

I don't think I have left the country in my adult life without being pulled out of the car and car getting searched for weapons for an hour.

2017-12-02 21:46:18 UTC

I don't know how it's there, but here the cops will complain if you attach it to the metal fence over a bridge or something, since it's gubmint property, but just hanging it should be cool. And 1AM? Sheit.

2017-12-02 21:46:57 UTC

We need clean people running for office. Mayors, city council. they get elected with hundreds of votes. imagine having a town and police, all goys.

2017-12-02 21:47:32 UTC

its how we got took and we can take it back.

2017-12-02 21:48:21 UTC

Fr. Johnson bringing the bantz. This brightened up my day


2017-12-02 21:48:45 UTC

Fr. Johnson brings some weapons-grade bantz

2017-12-02 21:48:49 UTC

what about climbing a billboard or putting up lectra-shave signs?

2017-12-02 21:50:38 UTC

How clean is clean in your opinion?

2017-12-02 21:51:26 UTC

Even if you could trick people into voting for their own benefit for once, couldn't the Jews just negate all your gains by kicking out the cryptonazis the moment they try to push for pro white policies?

2017-12-02 21:53:15 UTC

Is Matt Heimbach in this server?

2017-12-02 21:53:33 UTC

"Its common sense not to dangle things over a freeway" UNIRONICALLY THE EXACT WORDS OF THE COP

2017-12-02 21:53:44 UTC

Matt is in this server yeah

2017-12-02 21:54:06 UTC

does he go in voice chat?

2017-12-02 21:54:28 UTC

Nobody goes on voice chat lul

2017-12-02 21:54:35 UTC

Two days ago

2017-12-02 21:55:06 UTC

Have you seen @K Martin 's cat?

2017-12-02 21:55:32 UTC

Also @Fevs where was the banner drop at?

2017-12-02 21:55:58 UTC

@Flaxxer Beavercreek

2017-12-02 21:56:08 UTC

A city down here in the cool Dayton area

2017-12-02 21:57:07 UTC

It flopped. The cops made us pull them back up

2017-12-02 21:57:27 UTC

Southern Santa's challenger: Giant Ginger Nazi


2017-12-02 21:57:44 UTC

Jesus fuck he's big

2017-12-02 21:59:30 UTC

Post Selfies > Read Siege


2017-12-02 22:00:13 UTC

Frederick the Red Beard reincarnated.

2017-12-02 22:00:42 UTC

That guy Danish?

2017-12-02 22:01:04 UTC

Swede I think, that's from Göteborg demo.

2017-12-02 22:01:11 UTC

Excessive male selfies is a sign of narcissism

2017-12-02 22:01:17 UTC

Same thing.

2017-12-02 22:01:55 UTC

He reminds me a bit of me. Nordic height and red in beard.

2017-12-02 22:02:31 UTC

I don't know which I am more jealous of, beard or height.

2017-12-02 22:14:35 UTC


2017-12-02 22:26:29 UTC

So hopefully you'll see some pics of us today on social media

2017-12-02 22:29:28 UTC



2017-12-02 22:30:16 UTC

Hot take: Nationalist Front is communist and hates working class

2017-12-02 22:32:37 UTC


2017-12-02 22:43:33 UTC

Comrade Mattvey Heimbachsky has been uncovered

2017-12-02 22:44:33 UTC

Real Nazbol hours

2017-12-02 22:47:21 UTC

>Hates working class.

2017-12-02 22:47:43 UTC

>Openly National Socialist platform.

2017-12-02 22:49:07 UTC

I'm sure it's some Boomer "MUH National SOCIALISM. Check mate Nazi Commies"

2017-12-02 22:49:08 UTC

I'm sure Soble Thomas will one day find the nationalist project which is 100% devoid of any negative recriminations or loose ties with unfalsifiable negative recriminations.

2017-12-02 22:49:56 UTC

I feel bad for the League there. They're completely beyond redemption for merely working at arm's length with a project which is allegedly NazBol. That's harsh.

2017-12-02 22:52:45 UTC

I hope if we were NazBol we would at least be honest about it. You could stretch the parameters of natsoc or nazbol towards each other quite a bit to the point you're going on about semantics.

2017-12-02 22:56:19 UTC


2017-12-02 22:56:23 UTC

If your're not russian

2017-12-02 22:56:25 UTC

the nationalist front is the only group actully doing something and the only group willing to work with others

2017-12-02 22:56:25 UTC

you can't be NazBol

2017-12-02 22:56:50 UTC

I cant fucking stand these optic cucks that are cucking so hard they disavow anyone right of IE

2017-12-02 22:57:28 UTC

like ok jackasses how about we all just join the proud boys wear fred perry t shirts and get drunk and say "MAGA" 50 times a day

2017-12-02 23:04:41 UTC

Lol they are fake and gay.

2017-12-02 23:04:52 UTC

Time will prove this.

2017-12-02 23:04:52 UTC

We're fascists we're just not racist! Pay attention to us guys!

2017-12-02 23:05:12 UTC

Totally not racist

2017-12-02 23:05:24 UTC

That's American Blackshirt Party.

2017-12-02 23:05:46 UTC


2017-12-02 23:05:46 UTC


2017-12-02 23:05:47 UTC

All we want is peaceful ethnic cleansing

2017-12-02 23:06:07 UTC

Guess why nobody supports American Blackshirts?

2017-12-02 23:06:18 UTC

They're fake and gay.

2017-12-02 23:06:22 UTC

God, I still can't believe Spencer said that

2017-12-02 23:06:26 UTC

It's like a 1936 Italian-American cutural organization

2017-12-02 23:06:44 UTC


2017-12-02 23:07:36 UTC

ABP is led by a mixed homofascist.

2017-12-02 23:09:42 UTC

Goals tbh

2017-12-02 23:13:21 UTC

@ac Nah, they're just yet another faggot group who think fascism means liberal colorblindless and fucking racist nazis ruined it. If they read their own history, which they never wilol, they'd realize Mussolini was a hardcore racist and an antisemite.

2017-12-02 23:32:04 UTC


2017-12-02 23:32:14 UTC

They gotta go too.

2017-12-02 23:32:44 UTC

A traitor before an enemy.

2017-12-02 23:36:18 UTC


2017-12-02 23:36:30 UTC

I have become the ascended nipster.

2017-12-02 23:36:43 UTC

I will smoke this in public.

2017-12-02 23:41:32 UTC


2017-12-02 23:43:03 UTC


2017-12-02 23:43:31 UTC

Yeah great stuff.

2017-12-02 23:48:51 UTC

Every time someone says "TWP is nazbol" it gets dumber and dumber. There's some "Johnny otts" guy on jewbook who says it so often that it starts to come off like he might have some kind of personal gripe about it. People say it, but only ever put forth anectodal evidence taken out of context to back it up.

2017-12-02 23:49:22 UTC

Basically, no sickle and hammer, not Russian, not nazbol

2017-12-02 23:49:42 UTC

Nazbol is a meme more than anything

2017-12-02 23:49:53 UTC

At least in the west

2017-12-02 23:52:10 UTC

NazBol is a meme everywhere, the NazBol party even in Russia was founded by Limonov who used to write homosexual erotic fiction and even Dugin though he was too weird.

2017-12-02 23:56:11 UTC

It is a meme.

2017-12-02 23:56:23 UTC

So was Strasser.

2017-12-02 23:56:55 UTC

isnt it a bit of duginism too?

2017-12-02 23:57:01 UTC

never read his stuff

2017-12-02 23:57:02 UTC

He had good ideas but Hitler was Chad.

2017-12-02 23:57:22 UTC

Not much is translated.

2017-12-02 23:58:46 UTC

I have to give it to Strasser that at least they have coherent-ish ideology while I do not support it, while there are no written doctrines or ideologues of NazBolism.

2017-12-02 23:59:53 UTC

BAMN is America's Eiserne Front

2017-12-03 00:01:46 UTC

gay, useless and social democrat

2017-12-03 00:02:00 UTC

Strasser was nazbol

2017-12-03 00:02:07 UTC

No he was not.

2017-12-03 00:02:42 UTC

I mean.

2017-12-03 00:02:53 UTC

He was pink. Almost Red.

2017-12-03 00:03:13 UTC

Is Derrick Davis still a member of TWP?

2017-12-03 00:03:36 UTC

Yes. Did you just find out about his weird shit two years ago?

2017-12-03 00:04:03 UTC

He was reprimanded then and has since had a total change of heart and ethos.

2017-12-03 00:05:01 UTC

Yeah it sucks but the guy is doing great work today and it was his goth gf making him do it. Urging him on.

2017-12-03 00:05:08 UTC


2017-12-03 00:05:12 UTC

He was gay for puss.

2017-12-03 00:05:25 UTC

Again, there's no coherent NazBol ideology. Strasser was a Strasserist. Ustryalov and Niekisch are usually quotes as nazbol ideologues by people referring to themselves as Nazbols, but they weren't national bolsheviks or even bolsheviks but pure nationalists but wanted to use the reds to attack the common enemies of communism and nationalism. NazBol, if such thing existed, was a tactic rather than ideology. Thing is that Ustryalov and Niekisch were essentially promoting the same thing which can be summarized thusly: utilizing Bolshevism for National interests. Niekisch clearly expressed this in several clear cut statements, for instance “We are not communists, but for the sake of national salvation we are capable even of communism”, or : ""In the end “german bolshevism” would’ve simmered down to machiavelianism, utilizing which Germany would’ve been quite capable of gaining the upper hand over the West."" (Hitler Ein deutsches Verhängnis 1932)

2017-12-03 00:06:16 UTC

The spirit of a nationalized form of Bolshevism is basically what Strasser advocated. Yes we can get autistic but he was doing things they would have loved.

2017-12-03 00:06:41 UTC

We are all in white afghanistan mostly.

2017-12-03 00:06:46 UTC

30 hour drive.

2017-12-03 00:07:18 UTC

How can you tolerate Derrick Davis's behavior?

2017-12-03 00:07:30 UTC

He doesn't do it anymore.

2017-12-03 00:07:35 UTC

Doesn't it make your organization look bad?

2017-12-03 00:07:41 UTC

Of course.

2017-12-03 00:07:42 UTC

We dont. If we catch him doing it his ass is out.

2017-12-03 00:08:33 UTC

We have no tolerance on this stuff. We are about reforming those willing to be reformed. So was Hitler.

2017-12-03 00:08:41 UTC

We are all children of Weimerica.

2017-12-03 00:09:03 UTC

Hitler would gas the weebs

2017-12-03 00:09:41 UTC

We can pretend Hitler was this merciless monster all day but he loved his people and did a lot to reform a broken folk.

2017-12-03 00:09:56 UTC

Which we will have to do.

2017-12-03 00:10:00 UTC

No it isn't easy or cool.

2017-12-03 00:10:12 UTC

He would put Derrick Davis in a work camp

2017-12-03 00:10:28 UTC

I don't know of too many weebs here

2017-12-03 00:10:35 UTC

How many of us are sainted in our past?

2017-12-03 00:10:43 UTC

We get it today.

2017-12-03 00:10:47 UTC

That's what matters.

2017-12-03 00:12:35 UTC

Okay. Well if Himmler saw an anime he liked would that make him no longer valid or valuable as Himmler?

2017-12-03 00:13:06 UTC


2017-12-03 00:13:15 UTC

I grew up on Dragon Ball Z. Plz no hate

2017-12-03 00:13:18 UTC

because He would be influenced by weeb shit

2017-12-03 00:13:26 UTC

Stuff like this is so easy to say.

2017-12-03 00:13:30 UTC

And not live.

2017-12-03 00:13:38 UTC


2017-12-03 00:13:47 UTC

@everyone were done talking about Derrick. I promise Derrick has done more for this movement than most people in here. If you have a problem you can't take it up with an officer or fuck off.

2017-12-03 00:13:49 UTC

you struggle with little girl anime kitty porn?

2017-12-03 00:13:59 UTC

Every day like fuck fam.

2017-12-03 00:14:06 UTC

Was Derrick the crossdresser? Or who is Derrick?

2017-12-03 00:14:08 UTC

Yeah I know Tony.

2017-12-03 00:14:35 UTC

How is watching a cartoon anti-white?

2017-12-03 00:14:36 UTC

EĐƻØ9 not that I approve of crossdressing or anime but you've made like 20 posts and each one has been top cancer.

2017-12-03 00:14:52 UTC

Autism is our worst and greatest weapon... Jesus.

2017-12-03 00:15:05 UTC

"The abscess on the sick body of the weeb must be cut
open and squeezed until clear, red blood flows. And the
blood must be left to flow for a good, long time till the
body is purified..."
- Capt. Gerhard Rossbach, Berlin S.A.

2017-12-03 00:15:07 UTC

Never forget - from Heimbach himself.


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