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2021-01-12 18:27:12 UTC

That was....

2021-01-12 18:27:17 UTC


2021-01-12 18:27:21 UTC

What did the lady do?

2021-01-12 18:27:41 UTC

I didn't get that far into it

2021-01-12 18:28:07 UTC

she called him anti Semitic racist and that she was proud of what the supporters did

2021-01-12 18:28:27 UTC

Hell yeah!

2021-01-12 18:28:30 UTC

And that the supporters will burn down his house here and Pelosi house

2021-01-12 18:28:37 UTC

And her vineyards

2021-01-12 18:28:45 UTC


2021-01-12 18:29:31 UTC

Fuck around find out I guess.

2021-01-12 18:30:52 UTC

lol wow

2021-01-12 18:30:55 UTC

Idk what the general consensus is on that but idk about burning down houses. A good tar and feather though.

2021-01-12 18:31:19 UTC

Just my opinion.

2021-01-12 18:31:45 UTC

Damn wish I fucking recorded it!!!!

2021-01-12 18:32:36 UTC

It’s official — Fox News is dead to me

2021-01-12 18:33:13 UTC

Do any of you guys agree with the lady?

2021-01-12 18:33:53 UTC

Her passion is heard

2021-01-12 18:34:36 UTC

Good way to put it on here

2021-01-12 18:35:36 UTC

wait what about ntd news

2021-01-12 18:35:55 UTC

that the only news that i trust

2021-01-12 18:47:09 UTC

Found another video of it

2021-01-12 18:52:12 UTC


2021-01-12 18:52:50 UTC


2021-01-12 18:53:04 UTC

Schmer is such a large pile of watered down slushy fecal matter stuck between a dogs toes

2021-01-12 18:59:16 UTC

That smirk... he needs a certain object to push his presence into a nice long blissfully eternal sleep. He knows he’s wrong and a wrongdoer doesn’t stop wrongdoing until they literally can’t do wrong anymore.

2021-01-12 19:00:40 UTC

I just accepted a random FB friend request but then realized that it might’ve been a fake profile. 3 minutes time passed before I unfriended. Am I compromised?

2021-01-12 19:00:40 UTC

Same goes for any corrupt individual. They are out of control and lack every single semblance if a consciousness.

2021-01-12 19:00:56 UTC

Lol completely 😉

2021-01-12 19:01:02 UTC

Oh. Lol

2021-01-12 19:01:08 UTC


2021-01-12 19:01:25 UTC

I really need to pull my pictures then just take it down lol

2021-01-12 19:01:37 UTC

Or... at best deactivate

2021-01-12 19:02:09 UTC

I signed off and deleted Fuckheadbook back in November.

2021-01-12 19:02:41 UTC

Same with Instabullshitgram and Twittwater.

2021-01-12 19:03:18 UTC

Reddfuckit went bye bye too

2021-01-12 19:09:29 UTC

youtube is going to stay forever in my heart except for susan

2021-01-12 19:09:37 UTC

susan can leave youtube

2021-01-12 22:53:31 UTC

You'll see your problems multiplied
If you continually decide
To faithfully pursue
The policy of truth

2021-01-12 23:16:35 UTC

Damn. Pelosi showed up in the house today <:feelspandaman:612486006112780298>

2021-01-12 23:16:59 UTC

Thought she got low key arrested or something

2021-01-12 23:17:09 UTC

right. <sigh>

2021-01-12 23:17:44 UTC

What do people think they get out of straight lying

2021-01-13 00:11:21 UTC

you know i wonder what will happen if the government was truthful

2021-01-13 01:58:20 UTC

Hell would freeze over and time would stop probably.

2021-01-13 01:59:02 UTC

Was hoping pelosi was gone as rumored.

2021-01-13 02:01:06 UTC

Yeah... yesterday I called out my doubts. It’s disappointing she didn’t get swiped up.

2021-01-13 02:07:03 UTC

Honestly, I am starting to think there isn’t some master plan and the only ones that will save our country are those brave enough to unite and rise up.

2021-01-13 02:12:28 UTC

When are we going to draw the hard line? I think we need to now. Just my opinion. Trump said in one of his recent speeches if we don't fight evil it will prevail. Well I don't see much actual fighting of this evil other than talk and sharing stuff. I know this is scary talk but it might be a hard truth we have to accept. I personally have no idea how to fight it without some sort of violence other than shedding light on everything like we've been doing , after all sunlight is the best disinfectant, but we are so censored we can't get it out enough to other regular people. Call me crazy and ban me off here if you like but but I think we need to do more, thats all I can really say about it.

2021-01-13 02:12:52 UTC

And the China virus, she’s 80yrs old and not as healthy as DT.

2021-01-13 02:13:13 UTC

Don’t believe in people but believe in karma

2021-01-13 02:14:14 UTC

i bet most numbers of covid death is fake

2021-01-13 02:14:51 UTC

Have to be prepared first, can’t just fight without a plan. Need to be physically and intellectually trained. Our enemies are strong and well connected.

2021-01-13 02:15:51 UTC

In China too, better times 100x. There’s a big outbreak there now.🙌🏼

2021-01-13 02:15:57 UTC

Yeah, we have no plan and its pretty obvious to the other side, we are reacting not acting.

2021-01-13 02:16:59 UTC

No saying to act violent.

2021-01-13 02:18:23 UTC

I’m researching on the protests in 20th-21st century and see what we can learn from it as well as the CCP big data system (which I predict will the major tool the ACP use to contain and control us)

2021-01-13 02:19:16 UTC

We need another platform to talk about it and not get banned. This discord will get banned and we will ruin it for everyone on here.

2021-01-13 02:20:03 UTC

My take from the civic war of China, the moment you give up your guns, they would start coming for you. That’s what Biden is trying to do with the NRA

2021-01-13 02:20:26 UTC


2021-01-13 02:23:20 UTC

Agree. Guns go first then the rest of our freedom shortly after.

2021-01-13 02:23:55 UTC

Odysee is an alternative app that won't ban us i believe

2021-01-13 02:24:02 UTC

i bet they killed the people that had covid

2021-01-13 02:24:46 UTC

You know too much.😏😏😏

2021-01-13 02:27:01 UTC

List of known alternative sites for people that dont. (Odysee, Bitchute for site or Bitslide for the app, Rumble, Dlive, Signal)

2021-01-13 02:27:09 UTC

im bout become john wick for a sec

2021-01-13 02:27:28 UTC

rumble sueing youtube

2021-01-13 02:29:12 UTC

Ha thats awesome! What are they sueing for?

2021-01-13 02:43:01 UTC


2021-01-13 02:53:24 UTC


2021-01-13 02:57:19 UTC

I’ve stumbled upon some scary servers in discord — this is light weight

2021-01-13 02:58:18 UTC

Like... dox info obscure explicit content... yeah. What they do is show it for like one second then delete the link or content

2021-01-13 03:31:53 UTC

He really put reaper for his name tape <:facepalm:438877920753090560>

2021-01-13 03:34:04 UTC

If he ain’t Nicholas Irving he better be decorated with at least a few silver stars or a service cross <:facepalm:438877920753090560>

2021-01-13 03:35:01 UTC

LMAO is that his morning Dr.Pepper or his dip spit bottle?! <:Pepega:758640996015407115>

2021-01-13 03:37:58 UTC

I’ll feel like an idiot if his last name is actually reaper <:PepeLaugh:650060108793118737> and jokes aside they are doing a fine thing by protecting the castle doctrine

2021-01-13 03:39:31 UTC

Holy shit the other dude has an AK. Yeah.. I’m probably moving to TX

2021-01-13 03:42:56 UTC

Daaaamn AK dude just straight up told his name!! Balls of steeeel!!

2021-01-13 03:43:14 UTC


2021-01-13 03:43:25 UTC

From trash talk to envy

2021-01-13 04:57:10 UTC

They are targeting Telegram now.🤣 trying to piss off Europe too, gold star for these fascists.

2021-01-13 05:53:47 UTC
2021-01-13 05:54:07 UTC

Not breaking news but good reinforcement

2021-01-13 05:57:26 UTC

About to post some stuff. Take with a grain of salt please idk if they are real.

2021-01-13 05:58:00 UTC




2021-01-13 05:58:16 UTC











2021-01-13 06:26:21 UTC

It’d be nice, and maybe life will surprise us, but after so many letdowns, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was another lie.

2021-01-13 12:49:30 UTC


2021-01-13 13:14:21 UTC

<:Ree:429687643878719509> I don’t object to it but hearing that older rhetoric while I’ve already acknowledged it from a few weeks ago just some how tilts me the wrong way. Posting it on 11 Jan — which is recent. The regurgitation of this info should’ve been (from the poster NumberOnePal) introduced as a reminder/re-affirmation of the idea itself. But instead sounds like because “Some of you have gotten it right” — it sound like the poster will follow up with new information to *further* the idea but only regurgitates what was already said by many 🙄
Yet to those who haven’t heard this before and joining the fray — I guess what’s good for the goose is good for the gander <:feelsShrugMan:755701520909205506>

2021-01-13 13:16:18 UTC

Sorry-not-sorry. Just a little salty cuz I woke up and was hoping to hear updates to the situation <:Yikers:742545488607313930>

2021-01-13 14:14:11 UTC

I agree @Zeke

2021-01-13 14:24:07 UTC

I feel it.

2021-01-13 15:43:50 UTC

Honestly Sidney powell and all should keep quiet and do the work instead of shouting martial law on tv and social media and making Trump look like a army chief leading a coup

2021-01-13 15:44:06 UTC

Feeling u @Zeke

2021-01-13 15:46:20 UTC

I think they do that to confuse the other side but it does get old.

2021-01-13 15:48:06 UTC

i feel the same. now they are getting targeted by other companies and dominion. dominion tried to sue them just because i bet they found so much evidence of voter fraud and voter irregularities and they dont want to be expose but again they could of been quiet about it.

2021-01-13 15:49:04 UTC

it would of been more successful if they were quiet

2021-01-13 15:50:22 UTC

Dominion is done .... the fraud was discovered using their machines in 2018 .... they always knew that democrats were going to rig the election .... with soros money & China money all traitors are now so full they can’t move .... disgusting swamp

2021-01-13 15:50:41 UTC

I think Sydney and Rudy are too naive to think having the evidences means they will win for sure. So they kept pushing their agendas which lack proper platform to expose.

2021-01-13 15:51:09 UTC

Now they are portrayed as bunch of whackos

2021-01-13 15:52:08 UTC

Indeed UBSS 400million to buy in dominion, which is mostly owned by CCP.

2021-01-13 15:52:30 UTC

They behave like whakos on purpose .... it’s their personality they project which is useful to them .... but they were outplayed because both party establishment against trump .... in fact against the people

2021-01-13 15:52:57 UTC

there was foreign interference with italy, china, russia

2021-01-13 15:53:04 UTC

i bet there is more

2021-01-13 15:53:46 UTC

Yep. But this was the whale of all elections

2021-01-13 15:53:47 UTC

The DNI report said a lot about how deep this Swamp is.

2021-01-13 15:53:47 UTC

i want to switch all the people who actually want to come into this country with the ungrateful bastards and people who want to discourage this country

2021-01-13 15:54:21 UTC

A super great idea ..... how to kick idiots out is the issue

2021-01-13 15:54:52 UTC

and they will learn what is true socialism,communism, and marxism

2021-01-13 15:56:05 UTC

Guess I’ll be deported soon given the current witch hunt against Trump supporters or anyone who say a rational thing now.🤣

2021-01-13 15:56:07 UTC

people be dying to come into this country to have better life for their family

2021-01-13 15:57:36 UTC

does anyone understand my point is? like the people who like to destroy america as a whole and destroy what america is actually about

2021-01-13 16:08:13 UTC

Infiltration war and termite policy...Highly recommend a book called Unrestricted Warfare, Bannon talked about it before.

2021-01-13 16:35:18 UTC

Gotta love Jim Jordan - https://youtu.be/knyru7k-QW4

2021-01-13 16:38:11 UTC

I get it. I can only keep the faith so long. The thing is that something really does need to happen. The timeline keeps getting put out further and further and if January 20 comes and goes then I might just back out. Hang my head for four years and only focus on what I can change at the local level. The left has gone crazy and are calling for blood because they think they can get away with it. If something doesn’t happen then it’s not “they think” it’s they actually can. The issue is the language of the left. “Twitter Cleanse” “Scrubbing” this rhetoric sounds just like Nazi Germany and who is going to stop them if they control the House, the Senate, and the Presidency? People right of center are being removed from platforms and now there is no way 230 can happen. The right doesn’t control the media, has no platform that isn’t banning them meaning that information is not being shared and there is no way for it to get out there, so at this point I’m not feeling a win. Yes. I can see people floundering. Yes. I can hope that in a military tribunal all evidence can be presented. But no. I am not an endless fountain of faith. I don’t want a crumb, I don’t want a nibble. I want a fucking giant flaming event that is undeniable and must be covered on all forms of media.

2021-01-13 16:42:41 UTC

Honestly... if I were in Sydney’s and Rudy’s shoes, I’d be pissed too... MANY people are put in prison with far less affidavits and evidence. The courts refused to review the evidence. The democrats refused to even give an ear or a care. So yes, I completely see why they are speaking the way they are. When hitting brick wall after brick wall, you either have incompetence an/or intentional negligence. It looks less like incompetence and more like intentional negligence. So they stammer and call for unity from the right with what they say, because our country is careening down a hill and the people who are supposed to uphold the constitution aren’t doing a fucking thing to do so.

2021-01-13 16:45:12 UTC

That was supposed to go in General... oh well lol

2021-01-13 16:46:05 UTC

Or was it... idk

2021-01-13 16:46:20 UTC

Nope... it was meant for here

2021-01-13 17:04:52 UTC

I have been waiting for democracy in my home country (communism of course) for 30 years, still hoping and waiting today. Difference is I don’t give up and keep trying to find the methods and ways that would push the right button. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they don’t.

So please don’t give up! It’s ok to feel frustrated sometimes. There are still many things we can do on different levels. I could understand Trump’s dilemma, in fact I think he’s better served to set traps for democrats and just retire, building his own network (time to show our supports). It’s unfortunate that we are on the weak side but the crazier the left gets, the more people will wake up. The thing of communism is they are weak inside and like to fight each other.

The whole censorship has triggered Europe and Asia Pacific, honestly that’s their major user base too with over 2 billion population. (Bad at maths)

2021-01-13 17:28:28 UTC

If you guys are just milling about around the house (like me) then a set of Bluetooth headphones and this pod cast might fill the time: https://youtu.be/W4Qg-ew5h-Q

2021-01-13 17:29:31 UTC

He’s very ... um... long-spoken. But he sends positive vibes and the best thing for when I’m tasking around the house

2021-01-13 17:49:31 UTC


2021-01-13 17:51:24 UTC

Thank you, Zeke. Appreciate it man. It’s nice to have something to listen to during my pitter patter.

2021-01-13 19:38:34 UTC


2021-01-13 19:38:41 UTC

Please read and heed

2021-01-13 19:38:47 UTC

Don’t fuck this up

2021-01-13 19:39:09 UTC

Straight text message from the POTUS

2021-01-13 19:39:21 UTC

On my phone

2021-01-13 19:39:53 UTC

If you want text updates text 88022

2021-01-13 19:40:04 UTC

And text the word TRUMP

2021-01-13 19:51:55 UTC

CNN translation - Trump urges more violence.

2021-01-13 22:09:47 UTC


2021-01-14 00:59:39 UTC


2021-01-14 01:00:40 UTC


2021-01-14 01:01:06 UTC

Guess he spotted the hole in his wallet

2021-01-14 01:05:07 UTC

I don’t like to wish ill on others, but I do hope he feels that. This is a huge censorship issue. I ended my amazon prime account and am going through all the sites that I use for things and even if I haven’t used it in years I am deactivating my accounts.

2021-01-14 01:08:57 UTC

This is interesting

2021-01-14 01:13:49 UTC

I love that. I read it as hey. If we catch you with securities or investments in these companies.... Ya fucked.

2021-01-14 01:14:00 UTC

I am very good at misreading things tho.

2021-01-14 01:15:09 UTC

In my honest and humble opinion. That is a huge Eff You to anyone with bad Communist China Money.

2021-01-14 01:15:33 UTC

Yeah I totally took down my FB and Twitter and Instagram. Sad but o well. <:feelsShrugMan:755701520909205506>

2021-01-14 01:17:47 UTC


2021-01-14 01:18:44 UTC

Nancy Pelosi gunna fine members of Congress and deduct it directly from their salary

2021-01-14 01:18:52 UTC

For bypassing metal detectors

2021-01-14 01:19:15 UTC

Insider Paper
JUST IN: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene announced she will be “filing articles of impeachment on Joe Biden” on January 21. - Newsmax

2021-01-14 01:19:40 UTC

They got a couple other goodies re: Italy and two PMs that resigned

2021-01-14 01:41:27 UTC

Aaaand... congress is already putting something together to get rid of the electoral college

2021-01-14 01:41:53 UTC

H.J. Res 14

2021-01-14 01:50:47 UTC

Lol might as well go all in on the push for total control, right?

2021-01-14 01:59:50 UTC
2021-01-14 02:00:02 UTC

They interview her

2021-01-14 02:16:24 UTC

That would fit every requirements for impeachment: sickness, corruption, treason and the related 👍

2021-01-14 02:19:08 UTC

Ideally, yes. On the other hand, the democratic party just opened the door to Pandora’s box. The republicans will now use the same tactics to delay /forestall “important” democratic agendas — using the impeachment process as a tool

2021-01-14 02:20:19 UTC

Imagine having important dates to attend to but having to push them further out because you have to attend impeachment hearings <:PepeLaugh:650060108793118737>

2021-01-14 02:21:32 UTC

And if democrats can use hear-say from “an official source” without impunity then so can the republicans

2021-01-14 02:21:39 UTC

It’s game on

2021-01-14 03:19:38 UTC

Honestly, I’d 100% turn my back on the Republican Party if they went and pulled a petty move like using their tactics in a “fight-fire-with-fire” way. It would be childish and petulant to do so.

2021-01-14 03:32:30 UTC


2021-01-14 03:52:43 UTC

Well, if the outcome were to save face despite losing the preservation of our constitutional rights — then I’d rather we all act childish (petulant) and keep our freedom.

2021-01-14 03:52:59 UTC

I think some stuff should be thrown back in there face. But in the big picture it wouldn't do much. We have to do a little better.

2021-01-14 03:54:05 UTC


2021-01-14 04:06:12 UTC

I just think we need to keep doing better but be more ruthless.

2021-01-14 04:06:43 UTC

The Republicans need to grow a spine

2021-01-14 04:07:10 UTC

Would totally join the Texas army if possible! All hail Texas!

2021-01-14 04:08:01 UTC

First Mitch McConnell and his wife needs to go.

2021-01-14 04:10:59 UTC


2021-01-14 04:15:17 UTC

You can .... join the Texas state army ..... https://tmd.texas.gov/state-guard

2021-01-14 04:19:27 UTC

Wow they literally have their own military branch on top of Air Nat’l Guard and Army Nat’l Guard. <:blobmindblown:657725394182733840>

2021-01-14 04:19:44 UTC

I never knew this

2021-01-14 04:20:03 UTC

Texas is bad ass 😉

2021-01-14 04:21:14 UTC

Guys .... all states have their own army , some bigger than others

2021-01-14 04:21:29 UTC

Shhhh... gosh

2021-01-14 04:21:46 UTC

Texas. is. Bad. Ass... let it live

2021-01-14 04:21:50 UTC


2021-01-14 04:22:07 UTC

Lolz ok ok Texas is bad ass .....

2021-01-14 04:22:24 UTC

It should take over Mexico and separate from USA ....

2021-01-14 04:22:46 UTC

Ehh... no taking over anything lol

2021-01-14 04:23:49 UTC

@ICEY what state has their own separate military branch that ISNT Army or Air Force?? (Real question- not trolling)

2021-01-14 04:24:58 UTC

Texas Guard is not Army National Guard (state owned army by Governor of State unless war time then goes to POTUS)

2021-01-14 04:26:21 UTC

Texas is the only state that has its own solely dedicated army that is not controlled by the Federal government during times of war.

2021-01-14 04:27:04 UTC

See... three branches.. I never heard of this until just a moment ago. This is fucking awesome


2021-01-14 04:28:15 UTC

Omg <:facepalm:438877920753090560>

2021-01-14 04:28:25 UTC

Other states do have this

2021-01-14 04:28:32 UTC


2021-01-14 04:28:53 UTC

I’m fucking middle aged and just now knowing about this.... sad

2021-01-14 04:29:16 UTC

Just looked up California and they have it

2021-01-14 04:29:52 UTC

Lol thanks for shedding light

2021-01-14 04:38:03 UTC


2021-01-14 04:41:27 UTC

@everyone I swear stupidity is rampant in this country!


2021-01-14 04:44:27 UTC

He's subbed to MSNBC

2021-01-14 04:44:35 UTC


2021-01-14 04:45:05 UTC


2021-01-14 04:45:26 UTC

Here is another good one! I swear!


2021-01-14 04:50:14 UTC

100% That site is a good one

2021-01-14 04:50:43 UTC

Well that should have been your reply.

2021-01-14 04:51:12 UTC

I agree

2021-01-14 04:51:24 UTC

Wasn't thinking of it in the heat of the moment

2021-01-14 04:51:26 UTC


2021-01-14 04:57:19 UTC

I mean really how many lefty morons watch my channel?


2021-01-14 05:10:41 UTC

One day people will read the law, sadly today is not that day!


2021-01-14 05:17:07 UTC


2021-01-14 05:23:23 UTC

How, withing 20 years did we get from 15 year olds having the same or more sense than a 25 or 30 year old now, to whats going on today? Just sad.

2021-01-14 05:41:07 UTC

Honestly, the political situation in my mind. (As a younger person. 21.) Is getting to be just pathetic, from either side. It's been progressively degrading probably in the last decade that I can clearly see. If you look at what this country was SUPPOSED to be, compared to what it is, I wholeheartedly think the founders would be/are rolling in their graves.

2021-01-14 05:44:24 UTC

The rioting, the protesting, I don't care who it's from. That's not what this country is supposed to be about. We're supposed to be able to resolve those differences through free speech. Back when we opposed the British, we threw tea into a harbor. Now? We're burning down random businesses, desecrating monuments, using large-scale platforms to attack ideas and people in which the people who follow are hardly ever informed, but just decide their side by their biases.

2021-01-14 05:51:19 UTC

They are for sure ....

2021-01-14 05:52:38 UTC

Although.. I suppose it genuinely doesn't help my mindset that I feel that what we lack as a nation, and as a society now, compared to a few hundreds years ago.

2021-01-14 05:53:16 UTC

Time to rethink what we want as a country ....

2021-01-14 05:53:32 UTC

Someone should be figurtively/literally put to the sword for their beliefs. I don't say this in the meaning that you should be killed, but so that you actually need to know what you believe in and be able to stand up for yourself.

2021-01-14 05:53:56 UTC

Today? You hurt someones feelings? Social media. Canceling. Crying.

2021-01-14 05:54:13 UTC

Some time ago? You'd get into a fight, perhaps even to the death.

2021-01-14 05:55:14 UTC

I think it's just stupid that we've degraded that far as a society.

2021-01-14 06:13:29 UTC

We need to purge the Confederate flag

2021-01-14 06:14:05 UTC

They will only keep calling us racists if we continue doing racist things

2021-01-14 06:14:28 UTC

And when they can't call us racist, they lose

2021-01-14 06:14:57 UTC

I suggest a push for POC in the rep party

2021-01-14 06:15:07 UTC

Play with their rules

2021-01-14 06:18:19 UTC

Umm... UnclePatch... you forget one piece... we are racists for even existing. Nothing... I repeat nothing... will solve their insatiable desire to create division for this country. Only through division can they implement socialism/fascism/communism. It’s in their best interest to keep the false racist narrative alive, regardless of what someone sports.

2021-01-14 06:23:08 UTC

That's the point I'm saying

2021-01-14 06:23:20 UTC


2021-01-14 06:23:36 UTC

Georgia, a black man just won senate

2021-01-14 06:23:53 UTC

What's to stop a black Republican from doing the same?

2021-01-14 06:24:02 UTC

Show the people

2021-01-14 06:27:09 UTC

They won't call a poc racist, they'll make themselves look stupid by the standards they themselves have set

2021-01-14 06:27:30 UTC

There are many poc in the republican party... your concern doesn’t make sense. Sorry.

2021-01-14 06:28:09 UTC

Have you seen the Hodge Twins and Candace Owens? They are slandered at every turn because they are republican.

2021-01-14 06:28:42 UTC

The concern is the growth, sure trump brought in great numbers but they are negligent to dems and msm

2021-01-14 06:29:11 UTC

Any republican, regardless of color or sex is negligent to dems.

2021-01-14 06:29:26 UTC

Have to get some sleep. Have a good night.

2021-01-14 06:29:27 UTC

Notice how the left has a bunch of activism

2021-01-14 06:30:32 UTC

There is nothing stopping us from doing the same activism (no election fraud activism bullshit, nobody cares)

2021-01-14 06:41:02 UTC

They will call you racist even when you are not because u don’t agree doesn’t mean one should be racist .... just means we need not care because we know we aren’t racist

2021-01-14 06:42:32 UTC

Low information people see headlines and that decides their political alignment

2021-01-14 06:44:02 UTC

Okay cool, the vast majority of Republicans are white. By this alone they will deem you a racist.

2021-01-14 06:45:19 UTC

I reiterate.

2021-01-14 06:47:59 UTC

The pride movement didn't gain support overnight.
Civil rights movements didn't happen overnight.
Culture shifts didn't happen overnight.

The information warfare age that we live in, is our tool to achieve our goals. Hard years ahead.

2021-01-14 11:17:46 UTC

This what’s happening in Australia!!! Omg ! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bH2g2j2moSs

2021-01-14 13:02:22 UTC

Bruce Willis asked to leave Rite Aid store after refusing to wear a mask <:PepeLMFAO:430514273693728815>

2021-01-14 13:02:46 UTC

Aww damn. He apologized. <:facepalm:438877920753090560>

2021-01-14 13:04:32 UTC

yea i saw that. wonderful community outreach tho. I hear she's got an excellent Lawyer standing up for her

2021-01-14 13:11:44 UTC

They are forcing us to rethink government everywhere

2021-01-14 16:20:47 UTC

Lil sump’n for ya <:OH_peepoWink:728339488543342684>

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