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2020-12-10 21:03:06 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

dumb question, is this IRC?

2020-12-10 21:03:36 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

nm irc doesn't have voice

2020-12-10 21:05:06 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

i know that , but there are web-servers that act as irc clients. You would be on a web-site , bit it's actually irc

2020-12-10 21:21:41 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Blockchain patent | Secure Voting System | Augist 13th , 2020

2020-12-10 21:44:18 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2020-12-10 22:51:06 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2020-12-10 22:52:10 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

how many states have officially joined texas?

2020-12-10 22:52:25 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

i'm getting different numbers all the time

2020-12-10 22:52:32 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

is it 21?

2020-12-10 22:52:52 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2020-12-10 22:53:04 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

it's certainly not 6

2020-12-10 22:54:16 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

@Adelheid the number is increasing everyday , so it WAS 6. πŸ™‚

2020-12-10 22:58:11 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

From the Twitter account of Lin Wood : Brad Raffensperger @GaSecofState was scheduled to appear & testify tomorrow before GA House Committee about 11/3 election fraud.

He just backed out & cannot be subpoenaed unless special session is called. @BrianKempGA refuses to do so.

How convenient.

2020-12-10 22:59:01 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

@monkeyC How is that "not good" as you say?

2020-12-10 23:01:07 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

we cannot upload photos here? Only selected gifs and emojis?

2020-12-10 23:03:01 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Certainly outcome determinative

2020-12-10 23:03:09 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

the way it is stated

2020-12-10 23:03:15 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

i will read it

2020-12-10 23:10:19 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

I have shown proof here today about secure ballots. (if you scroll up, you will see my link to .gov website showing a patent. The question is "Was this SECURE BLOCKCHAIN ballot system in place THIS ELECTION?

2020-12-10 23:14:09 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

@monkeyC You may want to take a look at this. Have you seen it? @JDMOONAN Have you seen this?

2020-12-10 23:14:57 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

If this was set up in time for this election cycle , that would be something

2020-12-10 23:26:16 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

@Adelheid Did you see it now?

2020-12-10 23:27:00 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

@Adelheid i just reposted the link

2020-12-10 23:31:20 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

@Adelheid πŸ™‚

2020-12-10 23:46:17 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

@evilredyoshi How did you post that?

2020-12-10 23:46:36 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

do you need the app to post pictures?

2020-12-10 23:49:12 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

ahhh ok

2020-12-11 01:07:48 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

@Iol12 how r u

2020-12-11 01:08:08 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

doing ok

2020-12-11 01:08:24 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Bye Den

2020-12-11 02:21:39 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

@Iol12 Thanks , it's not my own tho

2020-12-11 02:22:14 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

CEO of Dominion just got subpoenaed to appear before SCOTUS!! | "That Executive Order signed in 2018 is looking more and more like it will be quite useful." |

2020-12-11 02:42:25 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Breaking Right now! 6 STATES are now asking to join Texas as PARTIES in the Supreme Court case to ensure Election Integrity. Many more have filed amicus briefs in support!

2020-12-11 04:34:58 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Add Alsaska | |

2020-12-11 18:57:09 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

#Corruption MI AG
is forbidding the evidence discovered in the forensic audit of the Dominion voting machines completed days ago from being released to the public.

Kindly pound her office with calls: 517.335.7622 | |

2020-12-11 21:53:03 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2020-12-11 22:25:31 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]

2020-12-12 03:00:04 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2020-12-14 01:00:00 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

I actually met Rudy Guliana around 2002 in nyc. I worked at an electronics store in lower manhattan. I sold him an mp3 player for his daughter

2020-12-17 23:28:31 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

can't read that

2020-12-18 03:22:36 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

yeah, could be nothing , or it could be something

2020-12-18 03:22:57 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

makes sense though

2020-12-18 03:30:11 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

There must be at least 2 people that overheard the yell or scream , but it doesn't matter to me if he whispered it. quite awful to say the least in my opinion

2020-12-18 03:30:27 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

lets see what ya got there

2020-12-20 23:29:26 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

"What is the Kraken, sir?"

"I think [Sidney] is actually talking about a code name for what will turn out to be one of the most remarkable operations in the history of our country."

2021-01-10 08:25:57 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]

2021-01-10 18:15:45 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

This guy claims Martial Law is emminent

2021-01-10 18:27:58 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

he's a troll. Focus

2021-01-10 18:29:58 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

ok, so Martial Law Eminent. This is from people high in governemt. next few days

2021-01-11 08:12:19 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

is it true that Trump signed the insurrection act?

2021-01-12 01:46:39 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

did the President give a speech?

2021-01-12 02:13:12 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

where are these "protests" being planned? Not on twitter , Certainly not on Parler!

2021-01-12 02:18:31 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Who has the laptops?

2021-01-12 02:22:53 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

what is fake?

2021-01-12 02:31:48 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

do you follow these 3! They are saying some tremendous things are going to take place. The media is going down! wow

2021-01-12 02:32:34 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

i don't know either , I guess we are about to find out.

2021-01-12 02:54:34 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant, it’s just they know so much that isn’t so.
- Ronald Reagan

ok, boomer

2021-01-12 20:29:09 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Trump just declassified all the Washington scandals. He is hiding at a military base. The attack at the capitol was antifa and BLM, mostly.
This is not in any of the news or social media.
This is why they are censoring everyone. They just DECLASSIFIED everything! Share it far & wide.
Here we go!
Wikileaks just dumped all of their files online. Everything from Hillary Clinton's emails, McCain's being guilty, Vegas shooting, Steve Jobs HIV letter, PedoPodesta, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Bilderberg, CIA agents arrested for rape, WHO pandemic. Happy Digging!
Here you go, please read and pass it on..... πŸ“·[](
These are Clinton’s emails: πŸ“·[](
Index file! πŸ“·[](

2021-01-12 20:41:10 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

the links in the message are bad, i re-copied them at the bottom

2021-01-12 20:42:48 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2021-01-12 20:42:57 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

clinton's emails are there

2021-01-12 22:50:03 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

my bad

2021-01-12 22:50:19 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

I'm constantly seeking the Truth. not about left or right

2021-01-12 22:50:21 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

You'll see your problems multiplied
If you continually decide
To faithfully pursue
The policy of truth

2021-01-12 22:50:38 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

- Depeche Mode

2021-01-12 22:51:04 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

This is the message we get from Big Media , Big Tech , and the rest

You'll see your problems multiplied
If you continually decide
To faithfully pursue
The policy of truth

right. <sigh>

What do people think they get out of straight lying

2021-01-12 23:47:06 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

what about mewe . com?

2021-01-14 07:39:23 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

This is more short and to the point

2021-01-14 23:50:36 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  
2021-01-16 04:05:47 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Biden will begin with a fresh account with zero followers and have to build up his following, they said.

2021-01-16 04:14:44 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2021-01-17 04:28:04 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

no it's from Wed

2021-01-17 05:05:55 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2021-01-17 08:12:05 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]

2021-01-17 08:13:06 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

This is Major if this is real!

2021-01-17 08:13:48 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

ok my bad

2021-01-17 08:15:39 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

ok, Trump declassified The spygate

2021-01-18 09:25:08 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]

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