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2020-12-27 02:52:47 UTC

I’m so sorry. I have no clue what that means! 😆

2020-12-27 02:52:53 UTC

No wars and you have my vote

2020-12-27 02:53:09 UTC

The constituents have beliefs the politicians have owners they do the bidding of their owners.

2020-12-27 02:53:20 UTC

ha. im missapropriating a bit, but i agree with what you said.

2020-12-27 02:53:25 UTC


2020-12-27 02:53:29 UTC

Not knowing based is pretty based tho imo 😂

2020-12-27 02:53:33 UTC

Civilian murder by mass bombing is cool? 🤔

2020-12-27 02:53:52 UTC


2020-12-27 02:53:52 UTC

And Trump paid her to say that

2020-12-27 02:54:04 UTC

So is locking people up for non-violent crimes.

2020-12-27 02:54:14 UTC

And ruining their lives

2020-12-27 02:54:33 UTC

Like i said, I was super critical of trump early in his term. But you cannot deny he gets a B- for last 2 years in office.

2020-12-27 02:54:34 UTC

Drones. Boats. Heat rays. Whatever he wanted

2020-12-27 02:54:50 UTC


2020-12-27 02:54:53 UTC

yea fuck that.

2020-12-27 02:55:43 UTC

It’s the non existent wars Trump started lol

2020-12-27 02:56:03 UTC

The wars on the industrial military complex

2020-12-27 02:56:10 UTC

the wars on china spies

2020-12-27 02:56:27 UTC

Before Trump there was nothing.

2020-12-27 02:56:39 UTC

i hated trump

2020-12-27 02:56:44 UTC

The Earth was like heaven.

2020-12-27 02:57:25 UTC

Tim pool is based.

2020-12-27 02:57:33 UTC

Add this to the list of things I appreciate about Trump. I appreciate him instituting operation warp speed. I appreciate him not getting us into any new wars. I appreciate what troops he did bring home. But then again there's a lot of things I don't appreciate.

2020-12-27 02:57:43 UTC

True but you should define it for @Livingstone

2020-12-27 02:58:11 UTC

Vaush even said Tim isnt a grifter. Which i thought was based.

2020-12-27 02:58:15 UTC


2020-12-27 02:58:48 UTC

What are the things you do not appreciate?

2020-12-27 02:59:00 UTC

I don’t be watching Vaush tho 😂

2020-12-27 02:59:01 UTC

I’m critical of any elected public figure. They are there for the people and only the people can hold them accountable. I have to have faith that people will perform their duties well but remember that they are human and can make mistakes.

2020-12-27 02:59:16 UTC

I don't like the Cheeto dust look? @meglide

2020-12-27 02:59:23 UTC

Hell no. I just saW A HIGHlight of him saying tim isnt a grifter

2020-12-27 02:59:40 UTC


2020-12-27 03:00:07 UTC

and same.

2020-12-27 03:00:28 UTC

People like vaush brainwash the Jameses and Dedkrakens of the world into believing critical thinking is the enemy of good.

2020-12-27 03:00:39 UTC

25 days till President Biden

2020-12-27 03:01:01 UTC

Critical thinking is a form of white supreeeeeeem and misogony. duh

2020-12-27 03:01:01 UTC

I don't appreciate the tariffs. I don't appreciate the uncontrolled deficit spending. I don't appreciate incessant tweeting. I don't appreciate the personal attacks. And I don't appreciate his whining about the election.

2020-12-27 03:01:22 UTC

excuse me? i dont speack commie.

2020-12-27 03:01:24 UTC


2020-12-27 03:01:50 UTC

Isn’t it wild that this has HUGE repercussions and it went so under the radar and was not publicized? That makes no sense to me. While Melania in the public says that her public cause is cyber bullying and cyber bully awareness, I firmly believe that her true cause is human trafficking.

2020-12-27 03:01:50 UTC

@Livingstone, you just advanced to level 5!

2020-12-27 03:01:52 UTC

I think the tariffs are terrific idea.

2020-12-27 03:02:35 UTC

The people like the brashness and the tweeting.

2020-12-27 03:02:36 UTC

omg how coudl you not appreciate the tarrifs. Low Propensity geo-politcs npc

2020-12-27 03:02:45 UTC

He's saying things that they wish that they could say..

2020-12-27 03:03:08 UTC

Tariffs don’t make economics sense, but a trade war is about establishing diplomatic rules. In a trade war tarrifs are a must.

2020-12-27 03:03:29 UTC

I think the whining about the election is way overdue.

2020-12-27 03:03:47 UTC

Do you dislike the tariffs on principle because you are against tariffs? Or are you against tariffs because he uses them to hold other countries accountable And to think that the country does not deserve the tariff?

2020-12-27 03:04:02 UTC

Commie 😂 how can you give Trumps covid response better than an F

2020-12-27 03:04:16 UTC

This is literally the talking points of someone who doesnt read policies. A walking CNN Chyron

2020-12-27 03:05:07 UTC

Half the covid deaths are fake, half the deaths from 1 Colorado county were gunshot wounds, Blaming trump was a liberal smoke screen and that argument is so fucking moot and garbage. You are just exposing ur self with that talking point my guy

2020-12-27 03:05:09 UTC

If you will accept any condition, you can’t negotiate. Hence why you need tariffs when negotiating during a trade war. That’s another common sense idea that never trumpets don’t get.

2020-12-27 03:05:10 UTC

Covid is a joke for most people.

2020-12-27 03:05:12 UTC

The way you win the presidency the first time is not the way you keep the presidency the second time. This is the lesson that Trump did not learn. once he was president he needed to act presidential. He needed to have others act as his attack dog and not do the attacking himself. He needed others to heap praise on him and not do the praising himself.

2020-12-27 03:05:22 UTC

Unfortunately, to me in my very uneducated opinion, can anything be done about deficit spending? It existed before Trump and it will exist after Trump. As for the tweeting just don’t have a Twitter. I made a Twitter in 2012 and I haven’t checked it since 2014.

2020-12-27 03:05:41 UTC

trumps respons to covid! ha Tell me how he did a poor job.\

2020-12-27 03:06:36 UTC

Not for the dead.

2020-12-27 03:06:37 UTC

I think @Maw in the 2nd and 3rd pictures clarified why they likely are the same. But close enough to be a person of interest for sure paired with his background.

2020-12-27 03:06:39 UTC

Just glad he's leaving. Byeeee

2020-12-27 03:06:48 UTC

GOD I hate when NPCs use that CNN tlaking point

2020-12-27 03:06:49 UTC

When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.

Benjamin Franklin

2020-12-27 03:07:08 UTC

You hide your emotions well Zulu 😂

2020-12-27 03:07:11 UTC

Mostly on principle. If there were some strategy to the tariffs then that might be a different story. But from what I gather there's no strategy whatsoever to anything that Trump does.

2020-12-27 03:07:14 UTC

So you have zero qualms with anything Trump did from the investigation?

2020-12-27 03:07:28 UTC

I think it's been more politicized than anything else.

2020-12-27 03:07:33 UTC

What did he do from the investigation?

2020-12-27 03:08:10 UTC

Dems defendedd China in every way. and framed the narrative around trump. They are protecting china

2020-12-27 03:08:14 UTC

Yeah guess who politicized it 😂

2020-12-27 03:08:14 UTC

I told you to stop using that picture to describe people in a negative connotation. @rip.lul

2020-12-27 03:08:29 UTC

Sorry dad. i deleted it.

2020-12-27 03:08:37 UTC

This is the identity politics the corporate Democrats love to engage in where very small fractions of the people are more important than the population at Large.

2020-12-27 03:09:02 UTC

Politicians politicized it.

2020-12-27 03:09:25 UTC

But these are part of the issues that he talked about when he ran the first time. He talked about how the economic recovery was really a bubble due to deficit spending and quantitative easing. How the Obama recovery was not a true recovery. That it left out the working people. Then when he became president all of a sudden deficits didn't matter and a continuation of the same recovery he took credit for.

2020-12-27 03:10:26 UTC

I think I have blocked almost all the NPCs. It’s like chatting in God mode 😂

2020-12-27 03:10:26 UTC

@Gypsy, you just advanced to level 16!

2020-12-27 03:10:35 UTC

This from the party of whining about Benghazi and Mexico gun running for a decade?

2020-12-27 03:10:44 UTC

I don’t get what the point is to advancing in levels on here.

2020-12-27 03:11:27 UTC

Let me give you a template. From Gruler himself.


2020-12-27 03:11:33 UTC

Here's one of the mistakes you make here trying to put some crap from the GOP on me and I think they're all a bunch of worthless fucks DNC and GOP alike just to be clear.

2020-12-27 03:11:43 UTC

That's true a real travel ban aimed at preventing disease would have been far superior.

2020-12-27 03:12:19 UTC

To think that you have any actual insight in the what's going on in these events is very naive.

2020-12-27 03:12:29 UTC

The world health org told trump bullshit and he believed them before realizing they are in bed with china

2020-12-27 03:12:46 UTC

It was politicized from the jump...

2020-12-27 03:12:48 UTC

Uh huh sure bud

2020-12-27 03:13:09 UTC

Yeah because trump said screw science it's about race

2020-12-27 03:13:14 UTC

We're also immersed in propaganda we couldn't see the truth of it killed us.

2020-12-27 03:13:28 UTC

Trump did 9/11!

2020-12-27 03:13:43 UTC

his response to 9/11 was atrocious

2020-12-27 03:13:58 UTC

Thing about science is it's never solved there are no facts and there is no truth.

2020-12-27 03:14:42 UTC

'Come on down to China town! COvid is no big deal'

2020-12-27 03:14:45 UTC

We had truths which were ignored

2020-12-27 03:14:55 UTC

I was not following politics four years go. I can’t have an opinion on the matter because I don’t have any facts and I have not done any research. Four years ago I was 22 and partying my ass off.

2020-12-27 03:15:05 UTC

Okay.. that's where politics come in.

2020-12-27 03:15:09 UTC

Cuomo and every dem mayor were by far way worse than trump. But ur in CNNs armpit

2020-12-27 03:15:33 UTC

Are we talking about the virus?

2020-12-27 03:15:35 UTC

Bannign flights to china is Xenophobic

2020-12-27 03:15:37 UTC


2020-12-27 03:15:38 UTC

CDC said not to wear masks

2020-12-27 03:15:44 UTC

Then they said to wear them

2020-12-27 03:15:47 UTC

In college?

2020-12-27 03:16:00 UTC

You know the masks do nothing?

2020-12-27 03:16:10 UTC


2020-12-27 03:16:17 UTC

You know that n95 and n100 masks have to be fit tested and worn properly to be effective?

2020-12-27 03:16:29 UTC

trump is such a fucing reeeeeee!,

2020-12-27 03:16:31 UTC

Token bans that spread disease for the purpose of attacking minorities is xenophobic. Following the science is not.

2020-12-27 03:16:37 UTC

It's all just a show@Dedkraken

2020-12-27 03:17:01 UTC

Covid comes to america; Trumps a [email protected]!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

2020-12-27 03:17:18 UTC

Yup. Then working to afford college, then back to college, then back to work to afford it. The partying only lasted one year. To expensive on trying to get a degree.

2020-12-27 03:17:19 UTC

Masks work fine Trump just burying the science to infect more people.

2020-12-27 03:17:21 UTC


2020-12-27 03:18:07 UTC

Respirators perhaps

2020-12-27 03:18:12 UTC

But not surgical masks.

2020-12-27 03:18:42 UTC

Degrees have been unfairly pushed on the masses.

2020-12-27 03:18:47 UTC

Cloth preferable not sugical. But all prevent some degree.

2020-12-27 03:18:59 UTC

The way people wear the respirators doesn't even meet a standard in an American workplace @Dedkraken

2020-12-27 03:19:05 UTC

Masks are reeeeeee

2020-12-27 03:19:10 UTC

If masks work, and if lockdowns work, then why are we still in lockdown? Why is everyone wearing a mask and people are still getting sick?

2020-12-27 03:19:36 UTC

I mean they already got caught covering up the science it's silly to keep pretending they dont work especially when we saw them work across the globe 😂

2020-12-27 03:19:40 UTC

You're speaking to my point... Those things do nothing.

2020-12-27 03:19:44 UTC

When I was 22 I voted for George Bush ... senior.

2020-12-27 03:19:44 UTC

It's all just make believe

2020-12-27 03:19:56 UTC

Trump supporters arent wearing masks.

2020-12-27 03:20:12 UTC

Coming from some unhinged authoritarians that want to tell you how to live your life. @Livingstone

2020-12-27 03:20:50 UTC

Theres a difference between countries with 95% mask use and countries where half of their citizens cant figure things out

2020-12-27 03:21:45 UTC

I think that a better statement is some trump supporters are not wearing masks. My dad is hella conservative and wears a mask but anecdotes are not evidence. I think that people probably wear masks unless they are actively protesting and trying to make a statement and not wear a mask in a situation where it would be publicized.

2020-12-27 03:21:56 UTC

It's not some strange coincidence no mask south Dakota failed exponentially harder than the rest of states

2020-12-27 03:23:44 UTC

Oh no it's only one way you have to think like the corporate Democrats are mandating

2020-12-27 03:26:33 UTC

Only surpassed by New York New Jersey and Massachusetts...

2020-12-27 03:27:03 UTC

Except not?

2020-12-27 03:27:06 UTC


2020-12-27 03:28:51 UTC

So South Dakota did not have a mask mandate. North Dakota did. It looks like South Dakota only has 200,000 more people/population whatever. Those numbers look pretty comparable to me.



2020-12-27 03:30:28 UTC

@Dedkraken the arguments are disingenuous and the covid thing has been used to manipulate people snd the economy.

2020-12-27 03:30:43 UTC

Both dakotas failed hard. Both are full of Trump supporters that dont take mask use seriously.

2020-12-27 03:30:45 UTC

For a difference of 200,000 people there is only a 500 total count difference and a death difference of 159

2020-12-27 03:31:09 UTC

So did New York.

2020-12-27 03:31:15 UTC

run all the comparisons you want right here:

2020-12-27 03:31:20 UTC

They are states full of empty fields and did worse tha densely packed cities.

2020-12-27 03:31:22 UTC

‘Trumps COVID response’ is a talking point of the low propensity voter

2020-12-27 03:31:29 UTC


2020-12-27 03:31:44 UTC

Cuomo, de Blasio any democrat alive etc

2020-12-27 03:31:56 UTC



2020-12-27 03:32:06 UTC

You expose ur self by using that argument

2020-12-27 03:32:25 UTC

So the Mandate went into affect in November. Let me see if there is a comparable state by population that had an earlier mandate.

2020-12-27 03:32:27 UTC

You prob believe China has 0 deaths

2020-12-27 03:33:42 UTC

If the UN says it's true?

2020-12-27 03:33:52 UTC

And China

2020-12-27 03:33:53 UTC

How can you not believe it????

2020-12-27 03:34:05 UTC

Just like China eliminated poverty

2020-12-27 03:34:35 UTC

I trust trying to completely.@rip.lul

2020-12-27 03:34:45 UTC


2020-12-27 03:34:47 UTC

If you have 1% of the population density and comparable covid numbers the state failed exponentially. All these empty rural red states did immensely worse. They should have barely been impacted at all. The common denominator is obvious. Look at Trump rallies.

2020-12-27 03:35:37 UTC

By that metric? But who knows what the proper metrics to delineate the situation actually are.

2020-12-27 03:35:55 UTC

Full faith in the new Democrat party.

2020-12-27 03:36:28 UTC

By the metric of more closely packed humans equals more virus? 🤦

2020-12-27 03:37:07 UTC


2020-12-27 03:37:10 UTC


2020-12-27 03:37:30 UTC

Dems covid response < Trumps COVID response

2020-12-27 03:38:08 UTC

‘If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brain.’

2020-12-27 03:39:27 UTC

Delaware is not empty pasture. They have had a mandate since April 28. It looks like it did help somewhat but they had a major holiday surge.


2020-12-27 03:39:53 UTC


2020-12-27 03:40:07 UTC


2020-12-27 03:40:29 UTC

Sorry. @Gypsy Churchill?

2020-12-27 03:40:38 UTC

Another guy, I think Alexander something.

2020-12-27 03:41:03 UTC

+@rip.lul someone connected those with the AT&T building.

2020-12-27 03:41:23 UTC

John adams I think

2020-12-27 03:41:27 UTC


2020-12-27 03:41:55 UTC

I saw the NSA building was in the frame, blurred out as well.

2020-12-27 03:42:03 UTC

I stand corrected, apparently it’s this French guy Anselme Polycarpe Batbie

People always think it was Churchill though

2020-12-27 03:43:00 UTC


2020-12-27 03:43:06 UTC

Same. I thought it was like. Misattributed to him. But that’s where my kind goes.

2020-12-27 03:43:26 UTC

I've disproven this before.

2020-12-27 03:43:33 UTC

It's why I showed the image I did.

2020-12-27 03:43:36 UTC

disproven how?

2020-12-27 03:43:40 UTC


2020-12-27 03:43:40 UTC

Ya nice.

2020-12-27 03:43:46 UTC

Showing you where the explosion happened.

2020-12-27 03:43:57 UTC

Via the movement of the debris.

2020-12-27 03:43:58 UTC

Population density def = highest rates

2020-12-27 03:44:15 UTC


2020-12-27 03:44:26 UTC

debris analysis via the ATF ... they have some experience with that kind of thing

2020-12-27 03:45:02 UTC

Yes, this is proving my point.

2020-12-27 03:45:10 UTC

As this is where he was parked in the RV.

2020-12-27 03:45:42 UTC

What you're looking at on the left in that video you posted is the parking garage.

2020-12-27 03:46:04 UTC

Meaning the AT&T building is on the left.

2020-12-27 03:46:06 UTC

Or you can just listen to the police scanner data above...

2020-12-27 03:46:12 UTC

Which is where the RV is parked.

2020-12-27 03:46:14 UTC

And they will tell you which side of the road the car was parked on.

2020-12-27 03:46:20 UTC

The RV

2020-12-27 03:46:27 UTC

Spoiler alert it's next to the AT&t building.

2020-12-27 03:46:34 UTC

Hopefully he’s not a fringe cosvervative

2020-12-27 03:46:37 UTC

I've already said this Bus. :V

2020-12-27 03:46:44 UTC

The optics will be great

2020-12-27 03:46:52 UTC

I know...

2020-12-27 03:47:00 UTC

I just put that out there in case someone needs more proof.

2020-12-27 03:47:11 UTC

They even talk about should they put the fire out in the RV.

2020-12-27 03:47:27 UTC

Somewhat interesting

2020-12-27 03:48:16 UTC

I think it’s good no one died. I mean that is the silver lining.
Except him of course.

2020-12-27 03:49:11 UTC

Honestly, this bombing looks like the works of fascist Trump

2020-12-27 03:49:19 UTC


2020-12-27 03:49:54 UTC

Oh wait a minute

2020-12-27 03:50:42 UTC

@Dedkraken what about the fact that people in New York were locked down before other states and longer than other states?

2020-12-27 03:51:45 UTC

Thank god the rinos and Obama increased our dependence on China.

2020-12-27 03:52:00 UTC

Trump is so dumb for trying to stop that

2020-12-27 03:52:05 UTC

People are going to come and no know your /s posting

2020-12-27 03:52:11 UTC

The quit claim deed he signed over the 25 of Nov said he was unmarried.

2020-12-27 03:52:34 UTC

Sure. Thought about that.

2020-12-27 03:52:56 UTC

5 out of 5 investment bankers think outsourcing American manufacturing to China is a terrific fucking idea

2020-12-27 03:53:03 UTC


2020-12-27 03:53:11 UTC


2020-12-27 03:53:32 UTC

And they will llet you know on all the media outlets that they own.

2020-12-27 03:53:35 UTC

Looks like the working class gonna learn to code

2020-12-27 03:53:45 UTC

AT&T owns CNN and all that shit

2020-12-27 03:53:54 UTC

Except all that's being outsourced too... So there's that.

2020-12-27 03:54:07 UTC

getting paid 600 or 2000 is so much better than being able to go to work and earn a living. Dependence on the government is so great. 🙂

2020-12-27 03:54:30 UTC

The first step in outsourcing is send everybody home so they can't say shit when you fire them@rip.lul

2020-12-27 03:55:13 UTC

What do you mean $600 in 9 months

2020-12-27 03:55:18 UTC

Yeah I figured that out down the line, thanks though!

2020-12-27 03:56:00 UTC

Oh yeah, $600 or $2000 in 9 months is so much better than a job in that time.

2020-12-27 03:56:22 UTC

That's a living wage for dead folks.

2020-12-27 03:57:25 UTC

On giuliani's podcast he's pushing some kind of insurance that locks your deed down so people can't falsify your signature and sign your house out from under you... I wonder if this is what happened to this guy?

2020-12-27 03:57:37 UTC

Then the scammers move it into an intermediate name then into some other name..

2020-12-27 03:57:42 UTC

Just a thought.

2020-12-27 03:58:32 UTC

Harsh violence for ppl like that

2020-12-27 04:00:43 UTC

It’s going on in the world of caregivers. It’s a huge scam. Someone will find an older that is not really mentally sound, have them sign over the house, and then sell it without the family finding out.

2020-12-27 04:01:00 UTC

Elder not older. Sorry y’all

2020-12-27 04:01:52 UTC


2020-12-27 04:03:22 UTC


2020-12-27 04:03:59 UTC

The LifeLock link above contains interesting information.

2020-12-27 04:07:52 UTC

Just a weird thought... Also apparently Tennessee is one of the only States or a state where someone can transfer a deed into an unknowing party's name.

2020-12-27 04:08:01 UTC

Which is kind of weird.

2020-12-27 04:10:21 UTC

Hmmm. That is strange.

2020-12-27 04:10:49 UTC

Which part?

2020-12-27 04:13:56 UTC

Well. One. I am from Tennessee. Two. I’m trying to figure out how this relates to the supposed bomber. He was from Cali. Did he file and do the transfer deed in TN? That or she is not an unknowing party. She had to’ve been informed.

2020-12-27 04:14:04 UTC

@Livingstone just to be clear I don't know if that's what happened to the bomber but it kind of made me wonder?

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